Tons of removed back piercings

A bit over six months ago I shared a big play piercing photo by Maxwell Brand at All or Nothing in Atlanta, GA. I know a lot of time has passed, but I wanted to share the “after” photo (from the same day, not from now). I really think it’s a beautiful photo.

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9 thoughts on “Tons of removed back piercings

  1. WOW…..Shannon, I’m glad you like the pic. I had no idea you featured the original pic till now. I just want to show people that with a little extra prep it’s easy to do nice looking piercings, and take a nice photograph. It just makes it more enjoyable for everyone, especially the client. Plus, I want to help bring a positive image to Body Modification, and I feel that a well produced professional looking image really helps.

  2. holy wow. that’s very pretty and incredibly sexy, if you ask me. the original picture is quite impressive as well!!

  3. it’s not a viking tattoo. it’s an icelandic galdrastafur (or galdratákn). although such symbols are abundant in icelandic folklore and grimoires, they are to be found mainly in late or post-medieval sources. we don´t have any evidence, i think, to suggest that they were used in viking times. It is though possible that runic ligatures were used during viking times that later came to be developed into such more elaborate galdrastafir.

    lovely tattoo anyway!!

  4. Hi. This is galdrastafur from Iceland. This one is “Ægishjálmur”. It means literaly “[the most]powerful helmet”. People beleve that it protects its owner from all kinds of threat and danger. Ægishjálmur is the most powerful galdrastafur and has been used through the years in Iceland.

    I dont know if it is from viking era but it is quite possible. The viking used letters (rúnir) and it is possible that Ægishjálmur and other galdrastafir evolved from rúnir.

    The poem on her back is by Björk and reads:

    Vonin mín
    blessað brosið þitt
    vekur ljóð úr værð
    hvílist jörð
    hljóð í örmum snæs
    lokar augum blám
    litla stúlkan mín

    in english..

    My hope
    your blest smile
    rouses verse from sleep
    the earths rests
    silent in arms of snow
    lily white
    closes her blue eyes
    my little girl

    The poem is from the album Medulla (2004)

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