Biggest Nostril Piercings in the World?

I’m going to make the claim that Pauly Unstoppable has not only the largest nostril piercings of anyone living in Indiana, but I’d say in Western culture as a whole, and I’m also going to claim that he has the largest nostril piercings of any living person.

What do you think? Know anyone bigger? Pauly’s are currently 1 1/8″ each, done in ebony with nice inlays, made to match the large plugs he wears in his ears.

I recently (BMEfest) got to see them in person and they look amazing. His nose is an entirely new shape, and it’s quite stunning… and whether you like the look or not I hope you agree that he deserves a lot of credit for the courage to go ahead and choose an aesthetic that’s radically outside the mainstream.

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91 thoughts on “Biggest Nostril Piercings in the World?

  1. There are tribes in Nepal that stretch the nostils, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them go this large… they generally hang out around 5/8″, from what I can tell. I’d really like to see these without jewelry in them!

  2. It`s awesome but the only trouble i find that might happen…

    how you gonna blow your nose ? ;)

    love that nose seriously

  3. He looks amazing. I am wondering however about how he stretched his labret into an oval. I can’t find any information about the process. Email adress is [email protected] if pauly or anyone else wants to enlighten me

  4. Pauly’s nostrils are one of the most beautiful things I have seen on bme/iam. His mods are stunning in general. Keep showing/stretching those amazing nostrils foo!

  5. Very impressive with the nostrils but also the ears and all of the piercings and ink !!! Well done – we await the continuing progression.

  6. those are badass.
    i’d like to see them without plugs. that’d be super cool.

  7. Paul’s nostrils are definately big !! Some friends of mine recently went to Northern India to a tribe called the Apatani. The women there have massive nostril piercings. My dear friend Derek (One of the 3 that went to Northern India) recently took a picture of himself with an elder Apatani lady with nostrils roughly about 1 1/2″ inches. If im not mistakened, I believe that the Apatani women & a tribe or two in New Guinea are pretty much the only living tribes that still display this type of nostril modification.
    Keep up the great work Paul =)

    Best Regards,

  8. my boyfriend’s nose is amazing.
    i love you paul.
    in person his nose looks even better.
    its gorgeous

  9. I love his face tattoos! They’re splendid.

    His ear and nose jewelry is nifty too.

    Cool guy, I’d guess from the comments and the looks of ‘im!

  10. that’s awesome! i personally wouldn’t do such a thing-i hate my nose-but on him it looks nice…i want his ears!

  11. That is absolutely beutiful! My favorite part is the tip of his nose. It looks like it’s starting to invert!

  12. off topic, but you and rachel looked awesome in the movie. I yelled, “holy shit, it’s shannon!” and i got goofy looks.

    that is all.

  13. thats my good friend pauly…we talk a lot about your straches every day i believe im your best friend from Brazil hahahha…wait to you come here soon …
    your nose is really amazing!!!

  14. i agree with the Pauly interview!

    but I love all his mods, nostrils certainly included! Are they stretched from the beginning or are there scalpels/dermal punches involved?

  15. wow thats absolutely gorgeous…id love to see the front view so i could really see how altered his nose it…looks great though. simply beautiful.

  16. I think his nose is one of the most amazing modifications I have ever seen – just gorgeous.

    I haven’t been looking at modblog comments for a while because I’ve been so disheartened by all the pointless bitchy remarks. It’s truly lovely to see that there are only nice comments here about this man :)

  17. i love how the size of the plugs has completely reshaped the shape of his nose!
    definitely an awesome way of transforming the human body!
    i give mad props:)

  18. A fellow A.L.F supporter and owner of killer modifications to boot! Can’t get more perfect than that. Love the contrast on the plugs.

    Rock on brotha :D

  19. actually greg if you look closely known of this women appear to have nostrils past an inch……..i am totally aware of this tribe and have been for some time……they were what inspired me as well

    sadly the practice is dying out were the younger generation is no longer practicing it….the influence of baptist missionaries in the area

    not that it matters anyway……its not a contest

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  22. if you look at pauls nose with the current 1 1/4″ plugs ,youll see that the plugs are a little bigger than half the distance from his bridge to the tip of his nose. look at pictures of apatani women and i doubt youll see one where the plug is as big a percentage of nose size as that,and most of them seem to be about 1/3 of the height.just on proportion of nose height id say pauls plugs are larger than any apatani pictures i can find .i think its unlikely that apatanui exceed 1″ with their nosttrils.and when you add in that these are very small women ,well below the height of a western man(paul), their plugs look deceptively large to us .
    but as paul says ,this snt a competition ,and im certainly not minimising the glory of the apatani ladies.

  23. any one of these mods on their own would be amazing, but to have all of them together and how they compliment each other is mind blowing, it really looks great. On another note picking crusties and boogs out of your nose must be alot easier now

  24. Pauly, I’m a BIG fan of yours. All your mods are truly tribal.

    As far as the biggest nostrils in the world… I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as you have seen in other posts, the Apatani tribe in Arunchal Pradesh, Northern India, still possess the largest nostril plugs on the planet. Some of their plugs measure two to three inches in diameter as evidenced by this photo:

    That said, the Apatani tradition of nose plugs is dying out and given time, Pauly, you will be king!

    Pauly, have you considered a larger lip plug… or maybe two? You would look awesome with an upper and lower lip disk. You could start with Lobi sized plugs (a tribe in Africa, which wore 1 to 2 inch plugs in both lips) and then move up to Sara Kaba sized plates (my favorite tribe in Africa, whose lip plate measure up to 1 foot or more). All of these tribes can be found in the following Yahoo Groups: (Lip plates group)

    Even more tribal body mod groups can be found at: in the LINKS section under: “TRIBAL BODY MODIFICATION & ADORNMENTâ€?

    It’s always nice to see where some of these traditions started.

    Thanks Pauly for keeping them alive!

    Eric Stevens
    Tribal Groups Owner

  25. like i have said many times

    i know of this tribe

    and are very much what made me want to start stretching my nostrils

    i still have yet to see photo evidence of nostrils past about an inch

    your link isnt working

    though i dont care anyway…..i am doing it for me not for a contest or glory or whatever

    on another note i am currently at 1 3/8 and am working for 1 1/2 now

    eric if you have some photos of the tribe with nostrils that big if you could send them to me at [email protected] i would apprecitate it…..and it you or anyone has any questions or whatever they can be directed there as well

  26. that posted sounded sort of short haha and wasnt suppose to

    i would like to see the photos though

    i know that in the modern world mine would be the largest

    and just like with bear and his ears his are the largest in the modern world but its hard to account for the tribal world

  27. dude. it is so fucking wierd how pauly gets praised for his huge nostrils(which by the way are FUCKIN’ AWESONE) and freakboy got alot of shit for his temp. wolverine claws(also awesome). i think the mindless should be taken into a field and shot. but hey thats just me

  28. I hate to think this is all I can think of but.. If pauly did do drugs, imagine all the ways he could sniff them. He could make a straw design that looks like the water slide in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

  29. What I would give to nibble on those ears… but yeah, the nostrils are pretty fuckin righteous. This is my favorit pic of him mainly because of the jewelry and I really like his hair.

  30. I absolutely love the ears and the nostrils. The only problem I have with his scalpeled labret – or any scalpeled labret for that matter – is that it forces the mouth into a somewhat permanent “sad” look, and I would like to think that anyone who has the courage – and the willpower – to stretch their ears and nostrils to greater and greater sizes should have a look of satisfaction about themselves . . . a look of pride and confidence.
    Other than that, I like everything else he’s done, and I hope he continues stretching his ears and nostrils. It’ll be interesting to see if there is a limit to just how large the human earlobe and nostril will stretch. I hope there isn’t.

  31. maybe we will just have to redefine what a look of pride and confidence is like,because i think that thats exactly what paul has.
    as he should

    and speaking of labrets ,its immaterial whether its stretched from a piercing or scalpeled,the “sad mouth ” comes from the height of the lips get bigger in the next couple of years ,we will just have to stop associating the mouth shape with sadness

  32. Them’s great holes, but what’s even CUTER is the way his nose looks like a little bum-bum!

    Did he foresee this occurring, or was it a “happy accident”?

    BIG props to permanent facial mutilation!

    THAT takes gorilla balls!



  34. armylad…what the hell are you doing on this website? this is supposed to be a website to help bring people together, not criticize people for following their beliefs and reams in the world of modification

  35. Armylad your the kid of person that is so insecure about themselfs that you have to judge other people to give you a false sense of supperiority, its people like you that are the racists, killers, and rapists of this wolrd (i dont only mean that in a litteral sense). People like you are destroying this world, i know for a fact that paully would have nothing bad to say about you and would act kindly towards you, even though you would only show ignorance in return. Please try directing your comments toward yourself next time.
    Paully keep doing your thing, this world would be so much better if it were full of kind, caring, unselfconcious people like you. I have nothing but respect and admiration for you paully!

  36. do you reckon you could take ALL your plugs an piercings out then take a pic for us to see?!


  37. Hi,

    Its fantastic. I have been wanting to do that thing you have done with your sack for years. What do you reckon is the best way to start? I was wondering about plugs in the cheeks as no one else seems to have done it.


  38. Hi again,

    Other thing I mean’t to say was do you see a limit on what sizes you’ll take things to? personally I want to get thing as large as possible….

  39. Is it actually possible to stretch your nose or does it have to be punched,
    im currently trying to stick a 3mm taper through my nose and it hurts :(
    but ive been told that if i try to stretch it ill collapse my nose

  40. Could some one PLEASE gimmie a link so i can learn morea bout this “Bear Big Ears” dude. I’ve found next to nothing on the net anywhere!! thanks =]

  41. Very different. How’s he going to feel when he is 50? Just curious. I don’t relly care one way or the other about this. If he is looking for attention in public , he will get it.

  42. That is freakin’ AWESOME.

    I just had my nose stretched, and I’m talking TIINY stretch here and it was excruciating. The fact that you’ve managed to go so far with yours is VERY impressive.

    Truly amazing mod job. You’re an inspiration man.

  43. Please give me infomtion on how to stretch my nose. What gauges do i go up by and how often? Also the same questions for my lip. Many thanks, Ryan


  44. :-) Thank you Pauly for inspiring my boyfriend in some respects, his nose is currently 7/16 and he is stretching bigger after they settle down.

    P.S. We love your entire chin, tattoo, lip plate, everything :-)

  45. His nostrils are lame.

    It’s a classic case of being extreme just to be extreme. No tribal roots or even celebration in that…just standing out to stand out.

    That’s my opinion….

  46. Wow excellent, pauly. I love em. Your an inspiration to many. Would love to meet you in person.

  47. Wow he has so much courage to do that, im scared to even get my tongue done !! Good on you Pauly !!

  48. The Tea Party has a picture of this guy on FB saying he needs public assistance because he cannot get a job. I’d love to refute that!!!

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