First Microdermals in Place

Check out these new “microdermals” (jewelry by JD) by John at Scarab in Syracuse, NY. My feeling is that transdermals, at least the current “labret clover” technology, have too low a success rate, so I’m very interested in dermal anchors like these (which even if they don’t have a higher success rate in the end, at least are easy to remove, unlikely to go toxic, and don’t leave a major scar).

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14 thoughts on “First Microdermals in Place

  1. I’ve been interested in dermal anchors for some time. To date, I’ve not seen anything that either lasts or can be reliably reproduced. Now, all that microdermal needs is some threads so you can put cool beads on it.

  2. I got dermal anchors done down in Colorado Springs shortly after they got started (by the guy who created them no less) and I had a horrible time. And trust me, I did everything he told me. First of all, he did them crooked. Secondly, they didn’t anchor like they were supposed to. Thirdly, I had to have them physically cut out of my body because of the jewelry design. Not only that, but the jewelry was gnarly as all hell. I still have scars after 6 months, but most people don’t really notice (they were temple anchors). Anywho, the point I’m trying to make is that even if it sounds good, it doesn’t always work out. And don’t trust someone just because they “invented a new technique.”

  3. Smallfry – Please send me pictures and information so I can follow it up here and/or on BME/Risks.

    I don’t want to comment on the originator specifically, but it’s true as a general statement what you’re saying — just because someone can come up with an idea doesn’t mean they can do it perfectly.

  4. I installed a first gen a couple of months ago that has healed really well and a 2nd gen (like the one in the pic) about 3 weeks ago and it has healed beautifully.

    The install is relatively simple and the fact that the ends can be changed is awesome

  5. The end is 14 gauge. Any 14 gauge end from a good supplier like industrial Strength or Anatometal will screw onto it. When I get a healed pic of liz’s chest I’ll send in a photo of the actual piece as well

  6. My friend and I just had some from Industrial Strength installed a few days ago. They are a completely different jewelry design than the ones from Colorodo that were discussed in the news article a while back. The install was super simple, and although it is early into the healing, neither of us have had issues with any soreness or irritation.

  7. this is me! It is just over a week old now and it feels great. we even installed a great CZ gem with prongs so I have sweet chest bling.
    John also did a transdermal (on my wrist, there are pics in the gallerys) as well, that is about a year and a half old and I’ve never had any problems. it healed completely in 4-5mons.
    John just put a second microdermal behind the transdermal yesterday. It also looks/feels great.
    This is the least painful, quickest mod I’ve ever had. Thank god.

  8. I got my microdermal about 7 weeks ago…I love it and havnt had any real problems…but I have noticed after a few snags it sits to the left- not flush. I dont want to get it removed…but is there any way to train it back straight? Its my daimond on my wrist and its not so hot crooked-please help

  9. i have had my microdermals on my chest for nearly 4 months and i just had the top on reject. Has any one else had this problem

  10. well I got 4 micros on my hips about two months ago and I haven’t had any problem with them the ones on the right side are completely healed but th ones on the left I cought them on my sheets when I was sleeping and riped one completely out and I was kinda drunk so stupid me put it back in right there but its fine it healed up but the other one sits crooked and one day I just pushed on it really hard and now its straight haha but its healing fine and they all look good now.

  11. i just got a dermal on my chest. and i really love it. but im just confused on how you would remove them if you chose not to keep it.

  12. It can be taken out by weaving it around if you’re lucky but if not best bet is to get your piercer to cut it out with a scalpel.

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