26 thoughts on “Chest Hemostat Clamps Tattoo

  1. Heh — you say it’s unfinished, but I really like it just the way it is. Is that weird?

  2. i love this! i’ve been thinking about getting images of surgical equipment that i use at work, when i’m better at using it. i wonder if this girl is a surgeon or vet?

    i like it how it is, be interesting to see it when it’s finished. and hurrah for boobies 🙂

  3. she made a post about it on livejournal a couple days ago.
    the unfinished bit is to make the fade out from the stats more gradual and she isn’t a surgeon or vet… just likes the shape.

  4. I’d like to find a tattoo artist who can make me a whole half sleeve, either upper or lower portion of my arm, of nursing stuff. Its hard to make stetoscopes and name bands, and BP cuffs look “artsy” but i’m sure its possible to find an artist who can make it happen.

    I like the placement and the “static” around it, it really makes it pop, wonderful!

  5. There are several reasons I got clamps even though I do not work in the medical profession (I’m actually a waitress!)
    -first of all I like the shape and the way they seem to fit nicely where they are.
    -also one of my favourite artists, Saturno Butto uses a lot of images of surgical implements in his work and that certainly inspired me getting this
    -I’ve always had a bit of a morbid fascination with anatomy and surgery
    Hope this makes sense

  6. Just to be pedantic, since the clamp has no teeth and what appears to be a straight nose it’s not a hemostat. It’s most likely modeled after a needle driver. Needle drivers are handy for many things but grip WAY too tight to clamp vessels without utterly destoying the tissue. They are for holding needles while suturing.

    Regardless, that tat is just awesome.

  7. i agree on the needle driver comment as well..maybe it’s just me being picky…. but if you look at those hemostats from a function standpoint, there is no way they could open properly… the separation on the nose is facing the wrong direction.

    am i making any sense on this one to anybody else?

    either way, i love the concept, and it really looks nice!

  8. “if you look at those hemostats from a function standpoint, there is no way they could open properly… the separation on the nose is facing the wrong direction.”


  9. Ah well I don’t care: it’s a clamp of some kind and now I know what sort, thanks for that 🙂 Proof that looking on google image search for photos of things isn’t the most accurate.
    And… the clamps wouldn’t function in real life? Good job they’re a tattoo so they won’t have to, then!

  10. geez, a little pedantry and it turns into a full blown debate. I had no intention of thread hijacking on what is a beautiful, balanced and highly distinctive look.

    More than beautiful, it’s gorgeous. I wish I’d thought of it first, actually.

  11. also agreed… and very good comeback 🙂

    shoulda covered my ass on that one

  12. I really love this tat, and the chick who has it is adorable! (seen her in on of my tattoo magazines). I actually had the image up on my work station for a while.
    but anyways.. yeah loving this tattoo, and that dotted style, i just cant get enough of it!

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