Transdermal and subdermal implants

OK, I really do have to go to bed (trying to force an early night), but someone was asking me earlier about people with both transdermal implants and subdermal implants in their heads, so let me post Greg’s super cool looking work by Steve Truitt. The material in this case for the subdermals is carved Teflon.

29 thoughts on “Transdermal and subdermal implants

  1. Wow that’s awesome.
    It kind of reminds me of the lizard people from that movie Super Mario Bros.
    They were bald too, I think.


  2. One of these days something heavy and solid is going to fall on his head and that ‘s just going to fucking hurt.

    Looks cool, but the number of time I bang my head (or my daughter bangs hers into mine) make it too impractical.

  3. VeganZombie,I was wondering the same thing. Has to be interesting the first couple of times till you get use to shaving with them.

  4. It looks very cool. I want to get a subdermal myself, was looking into it and some people are now saying that teflon can be cancerous, can anyone clear this up for me?
    Il love you long time if you do 🙂

  5. Wilburt – Compounds used in the production of PTFE have been said to be carcinogenic. Does anyone have links regarding the finished product?

    I’m happy to have PTFE beads until definitive evidence that they are likely to cause cock-tumours comes out 😉


  6. True, there are toxic chemicals used in the production of PTFE. However, well-produced, high-quality PTFE has all of those additives removed from the final product, which is considered to be biologically inert.

    You know the saying, “You get what you pay for”? Well, a lot of times, raw materials (metals, polymers, etc.) from countries without strict regulatory standards are not true to their certifications. This is the norm of how many companies do business (in all sorts of industries) and are able to sell crap for super cheap.

  7. wow, both those sub and trans-dermals look like they’ve been there his whole life…they just look natural, somehow. Great stuff.

  8. seeing this totally made my day. i second all the praise that has been given.

  9. I dunno, for some reason the first thing that came to mind was a modded Locke. It’s time for the new season of Lost to start.

  10. the first thing i thought of was also how he keeps his head shaved

    best i can come up with is
    -bald by nature
    -perm. hair removal

    because theres no way he could get a razor, wax, or hair remover cream close enough without irritateing the piercings

    but besides that, i love it! 🙂
    i think he should be the default answer when asked how we’ll feel about our mods when we’re __ years old

  11. That’s not shaved, you’d see it. Judging by his face and guessing his age, it doesn’t seem all that unlikely that he’s gone naturally bald.

    But damn, that’s really cool. course, wearing a hat is right out. 😉

  12. Whoever said that PTFE has carcinogenic compounds.. i think that’s only for poorly processed silicone and PTFE. There such things as biologically compatible materials like PTFE/teflon/silicone. The only problem is you just have to trust the company you get it from, because as someone mentioned.. there is really no way to be positive it was well processed for biocompatibility.

    .. now, i have a question. When I was just about 16 years old, a music videoclip came out by the band Alien Ant Farm. It was called “Smooth Criminal”.
    In the clip, there’s this bald guy with what LOOKS like a row of transdermals (just like this guy) on his head, however, instead of spikes, it was like, these utensils.. fork, knife.. spoon.. everything. Its been a while since i have seen the video, but surely SOMEONE must know about it.. i always wondered if they were REAL and he had some cool screw-on utensils for them.

    Anybody know what im talking about and if they are real? Shannon, any idea?

  13. i’m thinking of getting implants myself one day.. =]
    -although not quite as extreme.

    that’s a good use of a bald head though!
    nice blank, shiny canvas- very cool ^^

  14. im realy interested in implants but wondering if you can get calcium implants so you can grow your’e own horns

  15. oh gos that is sexy (sarcastic) im in love with piercings and subdermal implants but thats disgusting

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