BME stickers for studios experiment

Update:Just click the “Gimme Free Stuff” button on your left!

NOTE: I’ll start this up again soon, but I’ve got a big batch to do manually (I’ll put up an automated form shortly).

So I’m running a BME promotion experiment right now. I printed up a couple thousand (I think) clear vinyl BME Heart stickers (there are more on the way too). But these are only for studios, although they can of course give them away. If you want one (or want to send some to your favorite studio), click this email link: [email protected] (please be sure to completely fill out the form).

Don’t worry, if you’re not part of a piercing or tattoo studio’s staff, all you have to do is have them sent to your favorite studio. If you don’t have a personal relationship, use this as an excuse to go and introduce yourself and tell them about the stickers.

Oh, and I really should keep surprises under wrap, but I have another set of free stickers (they should be here in two weeks) that you can get either by linking to BME or ModBlog, or just sending an SASE (Rebekah from Modified News may help out with that because she’s in the USA so SASE’s would be cheaper).

37 thoughts on “BME stickers for studios experiment

  1. I really have been waiting for some cool vinyl stickers to come out for a while. My bike tank is BEGGING for a calm logo.

    Anyhow, email sent – can’t wait to stick one onto the shop front window.

  2. I use Yahoo mail, so the mailto: link doesn’t work and I can’t get to the form. Can you post the form elsewhere so it can be copied and pasted? Thanks!

  3. Saturnia,
    Email to:[email protected]
    Subject: BME Heart Stickers Please!

    Include in the body (main text) th e following:

    Studio name:

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  4. love ‘em… makes me wish i had my own studio… does my bedroom count as my studio since i work from it doing tattoos…?

  5. What about Europe? Will you send em here? 🙂 I wouldnt mind (reas os “love to get”) getting a few stickers, theyl compliment my new macbook hopefully! 😀

  6. I as well have jumped on the linking bandwagon.
    I posted my url on the other entry, the one with the buttons.
    I wish I had a cooler website than myspace to link from…hahaha!

    Sidenote. Are there any cool buttons for linking right to bme?

  7. Good morning! 🙂 well long story short I was hosting a site on my own webspace for these other people but i just changed it around…just a teeny bit!…they never paid me even though they said they would. Anywho why not show my appreciation to all at BME and ModBlog.
    I may try and make a few nice buttons/banners for em if thats ok? 🙂

  8. Damnit! I love that sticker but I have no studio or any favorit ones since my town is so small. = (

    Any way I can get one anyhow? Please?:)

  9. Shannon, have you got a picture of that heart design? I’ve completely fallen in love with it and I’d love to get it tattooed on me.

    Also, I added your link to my lj userinfo. 😀

  10. Shannon, i’m in canada so for the second set should i just sent a SASE to you to get the sticker?

    Or where should i send it?

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