Didn’t I see that on a mug?

But now that I think about it, mugs are probably a good place to go for Garfield tattoo ideas! This one was put on by Cliff at Zebra Tattooz in Streestboro, Ohio.

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9 thoughts on “Didn’t I see that on a mug?

  1. For some reason, i really do not like popular or well-known cartoons and such as a tattoo. I find it evokes a kind of laziness, like they didn’t know what they wanted or they wanted something right away, so they just decided on a favorite character. Or maybe it IS straight off a mug. That to me is the worst kind of tattoo. I mean, if it was just a tribal, yeah it might also be just insignificant, but its not 100%, it mightve been self-designed.But seeing a cartoon like garfeild is like this really can’t mean anything, its something everyone knows (the character) and doesn’t mean anything special apart that he’s fat, lazy cat.

    This isn’t to say that that one is an ugly tattoo or anything. its well done and such, its just my personal opinion.

  2. I think for some people cartoons invoke a sense of playfulness, freedon and who they were as children and they do have emotional significance FOR THE WEARER. To say it CAN’T have significance is pretty… *looks for polite word*… more accurately, it can’t have significance for you.

  3. Any tattoo can have significance. And even if it does not that is no reason for you to be disrespectful LeaveThePoliticsToMadmen. Some people like cartoons and are happy to see them everyday.

  4. Flash tattoos can be significant as well. MOST people like the same things, MOST people find the same things funny, etc… So there are of course MANY tattoos that would be great for multiple people.

  5. If you would have noted that i wrote that i did not mean to be disrespectful, at all, and that it was simply my opinion. I was not being mean or negative, simply stating an opinion. Doesn’t mean it has no significance or that it isnt unique or that its badly done, again, its just an opinion about how i feel about cartoons. Lighten up people. and read with both eyes open.

  6. Don’t worry. I didn’t think it was anything other than your opinion LTPTM. So I am going to put my own up in here. Ugh! Garfield evokes lots of childhood memories but when I saw the familiar chubby cat my eyes glazed over. As a kid my whole family used to read the strip. As an adult with, I think, somewhat more graduated taste, reading the cartoons now I find them a bit banal. Like peanuts in later years, they just aren’t quite as funny. But to each their own ink.

    And is it just me or do the eyes look bloodshot?

  7. I’m fairly sure it’s because the eyes were left uncolored. The skin all around the tattoo is red and irritated so of course the blank skin in the eyes would be red and irritated too. Garfield needs to get himself some visine. If I’m seeing things and I’m wrong about that, sorry!

  8. the eyes are white with a bit of blood still in them from being freshly done (in the pic the tattoos 1 min. old). the customer collects cartoon tattoos and has 14 so far. 34 years i have been doing this and one things for sure. give the customer what they want and do a good job. everyone has a reason for a certain tattoo and some might be very private ones. z at zebra tattooz

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