This Star Trek tattoo makes me very happy!

I don’t know if it’s the dude’s supersmile, or just because I’m literally watching Star Trek as I write this, but I’m a big fan of this. It’s by Shad at Traditional Tattoo in San Louis Obispo, CA. Live long and prosper!

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18 thoughts on “This Star Trek tattoo makes me very happy!

  1. It makes me sad that they’re so expensive… But I guess there’s always the internet. Heh.

  2. Man… am I the only one that thinks Matt Damon playing Kirk in the new movie is more than a bit.. odd?

  3. I’m not bashing Shad at all but my boyfriend got some work done at Traditional and they weren’t very friendly. Shad wasn’t the one who did the work though. My good friend got work done by Shad and said he was really nice. His portfolio looks awesome I must say. If you are down in this area go to Mothership tattoo and piercing…and ask for Johnny.

  4. >> Jael – I feel the same way. I posted a thread on TrekBBS asking who had which DVD sets, and I was amazed by how many people had EVERYTHING. You might want to check out the “Fan Collective” DVD sets, which each have a theme spanning all the series. The best one in my opinion is the Time Travel set, which includes gems like City on the Edge of Forever, Yesterday’s Enterprise, and Trials and Tribble-ations.

    >> biggy – TOTAL rumor. Not very likely to happen. They are going to get Shatner’s approval first, and he was surprised to hear from the press that Damon was in the running. Not likely at all, not at this juncture.

    Love the tattoo in the entry, but what was probably supposed to be “shine” came out looking like they missed a spot!

  5. @etoile: I have the Borg Fan Collective set and am really happy with it. It’s a great way to get a Trek fix without spending upwards of a thousand bucks for all the shows.

    And yeah, I really love this tattoo! I’ve always wanted to get the stylized solar system image which was the mission patch for the Genesis Project from ST III: The Search for Spock. Haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I think I will some day.

  6. In response to the “missed a spot” comment, the tattoo is in darkness in this picture and literally 5 minutes old. It healed quite nicely, and the white used for the formation of the spot and various other highlights came back through. It looks exactly as it’s supposed to. People @ work found out about the tattoo, and now they call me “Spock”.

    Live Long and Prosper, Trek fans.

  7. They call you Spock, even though that is not the science officers’ insignia. For the record, I’ve had this exact tattoo idea in my head for several years and have just never gotten it done. And yes, I am also in lust.

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  9. LOVE IT. Getting something similar for my 30th birthday later this year can’t wait, I’ll post a picture for you

  10. i love this tat, its more detailed then alot of the ones that i have seen, witch dose not say much for the other guys.
    i am looking for a good photo of a borg node implant for a tattoo on the back of my leg. i have been looking for hours and is the hardest imije i have ever had to find.
    i want the one that usualy pops up first when assimilated.

    if anyone has one or has a photo. please let me know . [email protected]

    really looking forward to getting this tat.

  11. I was thinking of getting the same tattoo in the same spot my self but as a female I am afraid it may hurt. My others have not but that is a sensitive area. I love it!

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