11 thoughts on “It looks like that hurt…

  1. hey, i remember seeing the healing progress shots of his chest implants. weird that i can’t recognize someone because of their facial features, but mods completely give it away.

  2. Jay is likely the /best/ piercer in Winnipeg – so if you ever find yourself in need of a mod that small-ish prairie town, i’d look him up.

  3. Those aren’t piercings, well they are… but they’re dermal punches, hence the look of twisted agony in the first picture. I’m not too sure what gauge he had them done at though.

    And his implants are pretty cool, unfortunately they healed crooked and aren’t in a straight line down the center of his chest like they were suppose to be.

  4. large gauge nostrils are totally hot, i think. i contemplate these all the time, to be honest.

    i like how in the first picture it totally looks like dudley is straddling him for better leverage, but i think that white is just a sheet, and not his pants.

    it really looks like it’s his pants tho, and it makes me laugh. hehe.

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