Nipple Disappears Under Tattoo

The thing that strikes me about this nipple tattoo by DTM at Amazing Grace Body Arts in Geneva, NY, is that it’s sort of like a permanent pasty… It actualy kind of freaks me out (which is weird) in a way because it gives the illusion that the nipple is missing. And I like nipples I guess.

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36 thoughts on “Nipple Disappears Under Tattoo

  1. OMFG. That poor nipple! *looks under keyboard*. The fuck did it go?

    Awesome cover-up tho (is that a dodgy heart I can see?).

    I actually had to look a couple times to see ‘where’ the nipple/areola actually were. Wonder how well the line-work will hold on the actual nipple.

  2. I have a strong desire to touch that. I know it will feel the same, but I’m still curious.

  3. Wow, I feel the same way. I just want to touch it and make sure it really is there.

  4. i had always thought that tattooing over the nipple was a big no-no. most chest piece tattoos i’ve ever seen have always made room for the nipple. any insight on that??

  5. question: does ink in the areola and nipple itself disperse over time, or does it stay relatively well if placed properly?

  6. you make room for the nipple because it hurts to tattoo over :P

    also, so you can find it later on. ^^ case in point.

  7. Its really cool but nipples are the best part of the boob! It is unusual and unique enough though. musta pinched alright :D

  8. yeah I am deff going to have to go over the whole of the piece one more time after it heals….
    But towards the end she was getting a little antsy..
    other than that the lines for the nipples had to be gone over twice.. and I noticed that the female nipple or at least in her case bled more than the 2 sets of male nipplesIve gone over

  9. yes it is very pretty, but ow, ow! nipples are senstive. so no one randomly go purple nurlping people, they may have just gotten tattooed! (at least that’s my excuse : P)

  10. infants are not colorblind. not the higher percentage of them anyways. just had to correct that.

    I can’t even PINCH my nipple, let alone have it be stabbed over and over with a tattoo machine.. i’d be jumpin’ out of my chair and screamin’! wow.kudos to her for putting up with all that and it coming looking absolutely perfect.

  11. i cant even BEGIN to imagine how much that hurt. women are built for pain. that is simply amazing. haha i’ve been tattooed *near* my nipple and i came out of the chair a little…

  12. it looks great i want mine done did it hurt
    can you let me no if it hurt and how long did it take
    email me if you can
    thank you jade

  13. This message is for Shanon: Could you please open a dedicated chest, breast and nipple gallery on your website and move all related pics over to this gallery? -THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!!!

  14. i know the pain girl! i’ve got both my nips done over with red hearts! wasn’t it a bitch?

  15. What a work of art, but couldn’t it be on her buttocks? Nipples are so beautiful.

  16. That’s so cute. I want to touch it as well.
    (with my lips)Tattoos are so smooth Yumm

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