Microdermal Closeup Photos

I’ve posted a few of these microdermals and dermal anchors lately. For those of you not up on the technology, it’s sort of half way between transdermal implants and single point pocketing. The strong advantage over transdermal implants is their non-invasive nature — no secondary incisions, sutures, or special tools are needed. Here’s a gorgeous titanium and blue opal example, outside and inside the body by James Wisniewski at Body Electric in Hollywood, CA.

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  1. Wow, I was fair bit off hey. ^_^

    Can’t wait till more artists are using these in Australia, I think Piercing Pete is the only one I know playing with them here.

  2. I did one of these on a morning news show in Los Angeles called Good Day LA. It was an easy procedure and it looked good after too!

  3. The mico dermals are so easy to do!!
    It’s a simple press then angle remove and insert jewelry.

    It only takes 2-4 seconds to complete.

    Yes the rise is 3/32 and they are made by Industrial Strength.

  4. I’m so excited by these. I know a few people here in Arizona playing with them and they’re healing nicely from what I understand.

  5. I still can’t tell how well these would hold up because i can’t tell how the place where the two different materials attach. IN a reasonable situation the post should stay together, but what if it doesn’t?

  6. what do you mean by this starspring?
    the base and shaft that exits through the tissue, are all one piece. Its not like a traditional 3 piece labret with a disc, shaft and visible end.
    I had my doubts at first about them, after putting in the first set and pulling up on the ends, I could see that base piece going nowhere.

  7. I dont see why these are the new trendy magnet implants. Has anyone thought about the same complications most are getting from transdermals now.Seems like most are having them removed. How hard will it be to get these out once they heal in. Plus how soon before someone creates cheaper versions and you find them at hot topic made out of tin for 10$ . I want to see one healed then removed .i am curious to see how they go about it with minimal scarring done

  8. I have been curious about dermal anchors, but I have not heard about any studios does this procedure near me until now. I’m very excited about this!

  9. We’re just finally getting a chance to play with these. Things are super promising.

  10. thats my back! I got one above each back dimple on my lower back. it hardly hurt at all, and there was minimal next day soarness. they arent bloody or scabby or bruised. they look and feel great. i love them!

  11. James Wisniewski – How does it heal? Is it like a fistula? I’m trying to get my head around it. Is it like popping in DF plugs or something?

  12. I’m becoming very curious about these. Don’t think it’s anything I’ll be wanting any time in the near future, but it’s definately something I think I’ll be wanting in a little while.

  13. Instigator: It would be an Incomplete Fistula since it is still a pocket of scar tissue encapsulating the jewelry, but it only has one exit/entry point. Scar and fibrous tissue connect the dermis to the subdermis through the small holes in the base of the piece, acting like the legs on a traditional transdermal implant.
    Its a simple matter of manipulating the jewelry and tissue to work the smaller end piece into place, so I guess you can compare it to inserting a double flared eyelet into a piercing

  14. i think they look so pretty, i might have to find a nice studio thatll do one for me.
    does anyone know anywhere in england that does them?

  15. I just got one of these on the outside of my eye at “Slave to the Needle,” in Seattle and so far it seems to be starting off the healing process well. I will have to admit that it was a bit of a bitch (painful) to put in the jewlery.

  16. Can anyone tell me what the usual healing time is and what is the commonly perscribed aftercare. My shop is currently doing surface piercings on clients that meet a strict criteria but these microdermals seem to be the answer to those who dont have the skin for a traditional surface barbell type piercing. I would assume that the usual sea salt soaks and anti-bacterial soap method would be the one of choice, as usual, but any light on this would be awsome!

  17. I have a microdermal 14g underneath my left eye, traditionally where the anti-eyebrow piercing would go. I love it! i would say that the pain is a little harsher than that of a regular piercing, but its bearable.

  18. Got 2 on my forehead right above my eyebrows…they heal quick and are comfortable as for going in .It was a breeze and less painful than a rergular piercing….

  19. i love mine!! but can anyone tell me where to get new jewellery for them?? im in wales, and other than my piercer (who can only get a few by the sounds of it) i haven’t found anything… even online.

  20. I had one of these done on Monday and I love it! easy and hasn’t once gotten in the way of life…its on my left wrist. More please!

  21. I had one done on Sunday at the Colchester tattoo Convention (UK) and I found that it hurt less than any other piercing I’ve had done, and was over in a matter of seconds.

    I’ve heard a lot of controversy about them but so far I’ve had no adverse affects, and it looks sweet as hell sitting in the centre of my biohazard tattoo on the nape of my neck.

  22. I have a mocrodermal I have had for over a year and it was one of the least painful ‘peircings’ i have ever gotten.

    I got my at Puncture Body Peircing, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

    Karl did a really good job and I have never had any trouble with it.

  23. Hi, Im from Australia and just wondering if any aussies out there have had a microdermal piercing? Im thinking of getting my sternum done and was also wondering the approximate cost for something like this.

  24. hey peoples im from Australia and really really want six microdermal pierrcings done in an arrangment on my chest, at the moment i have three surface piercings one on my sternum and two on an angle just above my sternum one. they are growing out! and i heard that microdermal piercings are permanent so if you have any goss let me know! ! !

  25. hey is there any places in Australia that do microdermal piercings i want to get six in an arrangment on my chest SOOO badly want them, im from Adelaide Australia is there any close by?

  26. I am getting one of these next week on my sternum. first of all, i was going to get just a regular sternum surface piercing but couldn’t because my skin was too tight or something. but now after all that, i am so happy that i am going with the microdermal, i cannot wait to get it done!!

  27. HAirhouse warehouse do them in adelaide , $80 each, been doing them for bout 4-5 months now. iv had all my 14 piercings done with them and they r brilliant to go to.. 100% recommended!!

  28. I got this done yesterday…
    Really happy with it and didn’t hurt half as much as other piercings… =]

  29. i had one done last week, and to be honest, it hurt like a mother
    looks gorgeous though 🙂

  30. got one done today at nirvana piercing studio in glasgow (if anyone from scotland is looking for a place to get one) just below my sternum, was told that if it was directly above or on the bone the skin wouldn’t give enough and would mean added risk of rejetion/infection, but really happy with it, dressing comes off when i wake up, quite looking forward to seein how it heals.

    i was told that the success rate is totally amazing with these compared to surface piercings and that (contrary to what i believed) they won’t necessarily grow out, not much pain for a lot of gain in my eyes. oh and i was told if i knock it out or it somehow runs away from my body as long as i keep my jewelry i can get it re-done for nothin’ so that’s always a bonus!

  31. I left a comment on March 6th saying i got one done and it didn’t hurt…
    Well, i got 2 more and holy mother of God they hurt like hell!!
    Didn’t help that both had to be done twice coz they weren’t going in properly…
    Ouchy :[

  32. Pierced n Proud in Lincoln England now do microdermals. Jon the piercer is a great guy and I’ve got one in my chest. Go for it.

  33. I got a microdermal piercing today on my chest 🙂 It’s jewelled and looks pretty sweet. Got it done at The Piercing Bodz in Chester; Carl is the most respectable piercer I know…

  34. Hey!
    I’m from NSW, northern Beaches region, australia, and I’m totally at a loss as to if any places around her do these?
    if anyone has information that’d help!

  35. Hello,
    I got mine done in june 2008. I really like it, but I couldn’t see how the piercer put it in because I had to lay down and Im curious as to how to take it out and put it back in properly. Can someone clearly explain it to me please?


  36. When microdermals are left in and allowed to heal correctly you shouldnt be able to take them out. Most of the jewelry allows for you to change the top but scar tissue should form around the foot/anchor so it’s not meant to take in and out.

  37. I got one done in my ring finger is like my wedding ring looks owsome especially
    how does it shines looks like a Movado dot on my ring finger the microdermal
    size is 14g3/32 R top 4mm. i dont know but in the finger it hurst like hell especially
    they have to put it twice becuase the person bended twice dame it hurst more
    than my eyebrow piercing but like i say it looks owsome..go get one.

  38. I had one in the middle of my back, and still have one in the middle of my middle finger. I rolled on the one in my back a bit few many times because of the sports i do, and it started to come out slightly. I had it fixed, and then it happened again, and i had it fixed again. it eventually pushed it self out… i woke up one morning and it was gone, and found it in my bed later that day.
    The one in my finger i hit on things all the time and its very annoying. I plan on having it removed soon or hope it will maybe fall out like the other one because it has completely not healed due to the sports and fact that its on my hand.

    although these 2 micro dermals havn’t worked out that well for me, i love microdermals and highly recommend them for everybody esp. if considering a surfice piercing. (ive had horrible experiences with those so… microdermals are the way to go! 🙂 )

    …i dont recommend getting them on the fingers though. its right on the bone, and takes ages to heal because you put your hands in all kinds of places for it to catch on… aka your pockets, putting on shirts, your seat belt in your car… you really dont realize how many times your fingers brush up against things until it hurts everytime you do it.

    I will probably get some more after i finish college sports, or in another area that won’t be effected by it.
    It really is the new trend in body mod and, depending on area, isn’t that painful.

    if i get the one in my finger removed i will def let yall know how it goes.. im kinda nurves about it cause it hurt like a bitch on my finger… i almost fainted!!! ..and i have had just about everything pierced (PA, nips, tongue, surface on my nape, all kinds of ears and lots of stretchings), and have never fainted in my life.

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