Amazing Suspension Rigging

Thanks to Bena for this photo of a gorgeous rigging job (one of many) done at the recent Oslo Wings of Desire suscon. It may not involve nuts, but it’s much prettier than BME/HARD-style suspensions.

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42 thoughts on “Amazing Suspension Rigging

  1. i really appreciate your subtle upselling of BMEHard/fuckingExtreme.

    son-of-a-bitch… that’s intense.

    of course the oslo pic is amazing.

  2. Woah.

    I’d like to see the full series of this suspension, I can’t even start to think about where they began…

  3. It was really cool watching that being done. The boys was very calm during hooking even if the hooks in the head was hard to insert.
    When up one of the boys actually passed out.

  4. Good heavens, that’s gorgeous. And sexy.

    In the BME-Hard picture you link to, exactly what is the guy’s dick doing? It seems to start too far out from his body… I guess that’s because all of his genitals are being pulled?

  5. such a beautiful picture wow!

    i am a little confused as to how they got up but it really doesn’t matter.

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  7. complete aggreance with sinophile. it is ironic, i watched hellraiser 2 last night (the only one i CAN watch)

    whenever i see something like this, i ask “what would pinhead do to enjoy this?”

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  9. hello i am the 17 year old boy on the picture… if there is any questions about the sus, just ask.

  10. They were standing on a table while being rigged, the table was later remowed…. Thats how it happened!

  11. @’per magnus’: oh yes, I`d like to ask a few questions – please supply some contact info…
    …awesome suspension….

  12. That’s one of the few things that make me remotely proud of this country… heh, good work guys ^_^

  13. I haven’t seen an image that’s had an impact on me like that in a long time. Breath taking and beautiful!

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  16. I just saw a similar suspension today, but it was only one person, with 28 hooks. Same style as above, but with 8 front, 8 back, 6 each leg(3 inner, 3 outer per leg), the innner ones were used to corset the legs then pulled tight by the outer hooks. (I believe the artist said 30 so I may have forgotten where two of the hooks were.) It was at the Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo in San Antonio. My wife is a tattooist (She’s at Ace Tattoos in San Antonio, TX). I’m just a collector fine skin art myself. I plan to try suspension soon.

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