19 thoughts on “Zipper Tattoo Over Scar

  1. I’m really curious to see what the rest of it looks like underneath those pants. Not to be pervy or anything. Just wondering if there’s a pull-tab on that zipper tattoo…

  2. I appreciate her modesty, but at the same time I would really like to see the rest of the tattoo. The story behind the scar must be interesting too.

  3. That’s something I’ve really considered to cover the fairly-large scar I have on my thigh (though, it’s not as big as that!), so I’m glad to see it can look pretty cool.

  4. Hmm…Perhaps for the 5″ scar on the outside of my right knee from when I fell on a nail embedded in a plank of wood…


  5. Awesomeness. I’m curious though, is it maybe two scars? Something about the angles makes me think it’s a surgery-related scar (or scars), anyway, it is the awesomeness.

  6. I think this is awesome…..I now have a 9 inch incision scar on my back and will definitely consider a zipper tatt once it heals up.

  7. I just donated a kidney and have a 4 inch scar above my navel. Something like this would be frickin sweet over my incision!!

  8. I had a scholiasts surgery when I was in highschool I have a scar from the top
    of my neck to the ball of my back, I wan to get a zipper from bottom to top.
    with a pull tab xoxo at the top, like its the costume I wear any ideas otherwise?

  9. Oh my god! This is one of my best friends, I saw this tattoo being done (the upper one, lower was completed after) This was done at trouble bound in st. john’s NL, CA in the middle of a snowstorm, 2005. The scars are from hip surgery when she was a baby. There is no pull tab because none of them looked right, due to the particularly large zipper. And I can’t believe that you have this picture, I nearly lost my mind when i saw it.

  10. That is awesome, i have a major scar that goes from the middle of my stomach to jsut above my privates and i have a zipper tattoo that is open and it looks like something is crawling out of it…I can send pics if you’d like, i jsut need to finish it off in a few months, so maybe after that i will…But that looks great…

  11. I love this! I have a scar that I want covered and I have been thinking about getting a dainty pink zipper over it. So thank you for posting this I was curious about how it would look over mine.

  12. when i was a baby i had dislocated hips like im guessing you had i too needed surgery on my left side and i’ve hated it for as long as i can remember until i started talking to my parents about tatoos and my friend had suggested a tattoo to kinda cover it up or make it look like it is being help together i love the idea but i dont know weather to open it up with the zipper. and i have 2 and i dont know if i should connect them or not. im 14 and my parents are cool with me getting it but the state we’re in wont allow minors to get tattoos so we might go to a surrounding state that lets minors get tattoos if they have parental/gardian consent

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