14 thoughts on “Viva La France!

  1. oh. if it’s french. but i see this is in argentina. i know shit about spanish. forgive me.

    but what a lovely scar.

  2. Actually, back in time, there was a tradition in France of cutting heads of people enjoying too much the fleur de lys (a fleur de lys was the symbol of the king).

    Anyway on the bodymod side of history, people who commited a crime against the king were branded with a fleur de lys …

  3. Could it not also be ‘forza firenze’? Since the city of Florence also uses a version of the fleur de lys as it’s symbol? Or maybe she’s just a Saints fan?

  4. I actually thought that was a brand…it looks shockingly similar to mine. It’s even in the same spot!

  5. Nice,
    maybe I’ll have all my boy scouts branded like that as an initiation… only kidding.

  6. well, in fact, the idea came cos the branding tradition on france in earlier centuries. she wanted it small on the arm…but because of branding properties we could not do it, so we switched to a big scar on the side of the hip. i’m glad many of ya liked it….njoy 😉

  7. HA. I bet if i wasn’t a quebecer i’d find that thing really attractive. But a life of living on the quebec/ontario border has made me taste bitter when is see the fleur de lys.

  8. I am actually getting the Fleur De Lys tattoed on my neck this month by fran the dragon lady. I have always liked the symbol and I think it is a timeless piece, however, I would like to see some minor changes to it.

  9. La flor de lis es el simbolo del Prioriato Sion, o mas conocidos como los Templars, un simbolo muy antiguo en el mundo que tiene muchos misterios!!

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