Recognize the BME cover shot?

As I post this, a photo of this being done is the current BME cover shot. That healed scar in the middle is intense! I wonder how the new ones will heal. Hibiscus cutting done by by Brian of Pure (NYC) for Canadian television (photo by Atom Moore).

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29 thoughts on “Recognize the BME cover shot?

  1. Just an update, Blair did the brand in the center of her chest. I’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying the photos!

  2. The brand is VERY sensitive, although I have little to no sensation in the very center of the brand. It was done by Blair one year ago while he was visiting New York. It’s supposed to be the Pisces symbol, but if you think it looks like roadkill, that’s cool, too.

  3. The show’s called Vanity Insanity. Also, there are pictures of the Blair doing the brand in his portfolio in the Scarification section of BME.

  4. I’m sorry – but I can’t say that I like her work. It’s a little too much for me to take in.

  5. the only reason i don’t like the brand is because i have a burn that looks similar and it doesn’t feel good at all.i can barely touch the thing because it hurts so bad.

    the flowers i really like!!!

  6. Shmylv, you have the hottest roadkill evar. I’m actually getting kinda hot right now for you…

  7. this is unrelated but i love Shmylv. she felt me up in the woods this weekend and gave me “happy rub” … her scars are fucking amazing.

  8. The flowers are beautiful. The center scar scares me- it looks like you can reach under the scar (or maybe its just the way the light hits it) But yeah, the flowers are very striking.

  9. Hehehe, yeah, actually, you can hook your finger under the scar. Yeah, it got that big.

  10. i cant believe how huge that scar got, that is absolutely crazy. i dont know if that would be considered keloiding or not, but do all of your scars get like that?

  11. I’ve never had a third degree burn before, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if I would normally scar like that from a burn. The chest tends to scar pretty heavily, which is apparent from the suspension scars on my chest. There are pictures on my IAM page that you can check out.

  12. The flowers are gorgeous. The center (Pisces) brand isn’t my cup of tea, but it’s very intriguing. I’m curious to know if that is considered a keloid or not and if it will remain that way.

    You’re one tough chick! ;)

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