Circle23 Strikes Again

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Facial play piercing c/o sosadlyfucked:

6 thoughts on “Circle23 Strikes Again

  1. Ow. Those forehead hematomas will take a while to clear up, but then, I suppose that’s part of the point of facial play piercings. Without the risk of visible marks it’s just not the same. There’s something really intriguing about the lip stitching with the needles, though.

  2. Oh, they won’t take any time at all. Foreheads heal VERY fast. I doubt it would be that visible a few days later, and I doubt there’d be a hematoma or bruising at all…

  3. I think that the left temple is looking pretty swollen suggesting a hematoma but the lighting is bad. Agreed, though that it will heal fairly quickly, just look lumpy for a bit.

  4. I don’t see a “hematoma” or any ecchymosis… lets just stick to “bruises” instead.

    All you can see is the skin taut over the needles in her forehead, same with the ones on her left temple… its not swelling, its the needle underneath.

    Truthfully, if it was swelling, it would be much larger and not so smooth/round, and would probly not be visible here.

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