Fineline Scarification

You know, I made what could be interpretted as a disparaging remark about high detail tattooing when I posted the simple Russian branding earlier this week. So I wanted to make up for it and post this picture (by Big Rick) from the recent So Cal BME BBQ — this is Whitespace and gogo_savvy, who both have excellent examples of high quality high detail work.

30 thoughts on “Fineline Scarification

  1. just beautiful. my breath has been taken away. i also remember the two peices but seeing them again, just amazing.

    scarification isn’t my cup of tea and many times i dont like the results aesthetically, but these really open my eyes to what can be done

  2. Ooh, I met him at the East Coast BBQ, he’s very nice, and I love love LOVE his torso work (it’s on his back too, assumeing I’m thinking of the right person)

  3. wow. i remember seeing the chest piece, but i don’t think i have seen the guy’s piece…they are both amazing. the detail is crazy! …wow.

  4. Holy SHIT that healed beautifully. Add me to the growing list of “I want to touch them” 😀

  5. Just wanted to say..

    first off, Shannon in no way were your previous comments disparaging.. and im not saying that in your defence, im saying it because really, they were not. You did not discard fine-line scarification as not being anything but great, you simply stated your personal taste towards the chunkier, bolder lines. Nothing disparaging in that.

    Second, i LOVE that picture, mostly because of the obvious setting sun look to the picture, and you could almost FEEL the temperature to it, the smell of sunset in the woods.. i dunno, it came with a very warm feeling, and the sunset on the scars just made them pop so beautifully. Not to mention as others have said, its great to see two smiling faces to put to the scars themselves!

  6. Georgeous work… I knew I was scrolling through the pages for a reason – The one on the left is the most beautiful mod i’ve seen to date.

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