Six Year Old Tattoo Artist

Earlier this month I posted a nine year old tattoo artist, and I’ve posted about young “artists” before that as well, but I wanted to share these two photos from Spirytus who got tattooed by his six year old daughter Nadia on his 29th birthday, a red heart and her name on his knee. When she was four she also tattooed a cat with whiskers on him.

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130 thoughts on “Six Year Old Tattoo Artist

  1. Im the father of the nine year old girl tattooing eirlier in modblog. looks as if our two girls are gonna have to start a shop together.

    Glad to see that I am not the only parent out there that feels this is the best way to preserve our childrens art.

    Keep up the good parenting. And pissing off all the conservitive ones.

    Steve Bennett

  2. aw! that’s so cute!

    i love how the fathers of these young ladies are promoting creativity, safety, and being a woman in the tattoo industry…. also, how they’re using art as being a tool for bonding between them and their daughters. kudos to you all! :)

  3. That is really sweet, definitly more meaniful than a simple dawing, and worth a million hugs…

  4. Okay… while I acknowledge that the adult is a professional and all, the child is not. That’s far too dangerous for a child, or is it ok where you come from for kids to play with needles?

    Also, the tattoo is ugly, and you’re gonna be stuck with it there forever. How’s the girl going to feel when she’s older and her Dad is wearing shorts that show her kiddy-scrawl on his knee.

    Let me think… drawing on the walls is off limits, but on your parents is okay? Just nuts.

  5. Wow… Someone has issues…

    1. Of course a six year old can handle needles in the context of a tattoo machine. How in the world is this “dangerous”? It’s about ten thousand times more dangerous to let a six year old ride in an automobile. Maybe I’m getting old, but when I was six living in the country, most kids were perfectly comfortable carving/whittling wood with a knife, which is FAR more dangerous.

    2. You must have pretty low self-esteem or a pretty messed up view of childhood development if you believe people should be ashamed that when they were six year olds they didn’t have all the artistic skills of an adult. Most people and certainly most parents value that progression and want to memorialize it.

    3. It’s a very sad reflection on your relationship with your own parents that you don’t recognize the value of this bond.

    Anyway, I’m sorry you had such a terrible childhood, but don’t try and attack someone who’s clearly doing their best to be a good parent and involve their child in their life in a positive, safe, and productive manner where they can learn and feel respected.

  6. Anyway, I’m sorry you had such a terrible childhood,

    Breeder bingo much?

    Of course, Shannon always jumps all over anyone who dares criticize anything a body-modder does, no matter how ugly, stupid, or dangerous.

  7. Hahaha, “your bad childhood is the reason you think kids playing with needles is stupid” comment, for the win!

  8. I think the tat idea is kinda sweet, and I can see where it might hold appeal to a parent who’s heavily into bodymodding.

    And even with that in mind, I think Shannon is /way/ overreacting and conducting herself in a very poor manner, and stooping to attacks so stereotypical, that if there was a Godwin’s Law about parenthood and childrearing, she didn’t just break it, she shot its mother and raped its dog and drowned its kittens and spraypainted lime-green graffeti on it.

  9. You know what? I’m not going to apologize for calling out people who come here SPECIFICALLY to ignorantly attack a child. It’s sick.

    For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, this entry was linked from an anti-child blog, which is why the kid is being attacked.

  10. \\ You know what? I’m not going to apologize for calling out people who come here SPECIFICALLY to ignorantly attack a child. It’s sick. //

    How is giving an opinion that isn’t a “happy glowing review” a “[SPECIFIC]” “[ignorant]” “attack”? It seems to me that it is just an opinion that you do not like.

    Then you turn around to play internet psychiatrist? Even a real psychiatrist wouldn’t make such a diagnosis without speaking to someone in person for quite a long time. Tsk tsk…

    Alas, there is no “anti-child blog” to which this link is on. I find it sad you would think to judge those people that way simply because you don’t understand why some people choose not to have children. It is because of that sort of judging they face everyday that they go to those communities to speak with each other.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking people so harshly without knowing any of them, simply because they do not share your opinions. :-(

  11. “Pastor”, I think you know perfectly well where the incoming link is, since you followed it. I think you also know perfectly well that the insults in this blog and the one I’m talking about levelled at the “breeder idiot” or whatever term you guys want to use has very little to do with legitimate commentary, but instead about venting your anger at a child.

    If you want a psychiatric assessment that gives a different reason for spewing hatred at children and those who have them, I certainly encourage you to get one.

    No one here has a problem with you choosing not to have children. The problem arises when you choose to come here and ignorantly attack children and their parents over something that you don’t understand. Keep it on your anti-breeder forums instead.

  12. That is not only a beautiful tattoo and something I would wear with pride, but it’s a really awesome way to memorialize your child.

    Not to get back on track or anything… go back to your arguing now.

  13. This is absolutely rediculous. A child should be playing balls and dolls NOT with needles. I’ve got some tattoos myself, but none of them placed by a kid! One should only be tattooed by professional tattoo-ers!!!

  14. If the parent is ok with having a tatoo, that is his own decision. However, i think there is a big chance that this whole issue will encourage the child to have the desire for tatoos her/himself. Adding that up to the fact that the parent is OK with tatoos, that might result in the child getting a tatoo someday before being able to see the full consequences of his/her action. With other words, bad idea~


  15. Although comment 14 by Stawberi may be a bit misinformed or shortsighted even, why does Shanon go on about an attack on a child? (at six she wouldn’t probably be able to read it..)
    And it seems to me that the subsequent postings about the subject is lacking the tollerance to other views as well (namely the views of Shanon)
    This blog is about modding your body, in other terms: expressing yourselves, isn’t it?
    So I will: I HAVE NO TATOE! (try flaming on that)

    Oh by the way the malivolent link by which a got here is:
    It’s a news site which says about this link that “kids shouldnt get tatoes and certainly not put them on other people” (it’s dutch)
    And since I do not agree, I clicked it.. (dont get angry Shanon)

  16. Just keep it simple; A few basic rules in bringing up children :
    1. You don’t bring them in touch with alcohol.
    2. You keep them away from porn.
    3. You don’t let them drive cars.
    4. You teach them good values.
    I’m amazed by the amount of people thinking that it’s perfectly normal to let children place tatoos on their parents bodys. Come on, get real, it’s NOT.

  17. Trie to find another way to let your child save her drawings.
    It is your life and your way of raising your child, but don’t count on others to agree with that manner.

  18. 28: Are you suggesting there is something wrong with having tattoos?

    29: Many six year olds are able to read.

    30: Again, there’s nothing wrong with tattoos, and there’s nothing wrong with a tattoo artist sharing what they do with their kid. It’s not porn or bad values or anything else on your list.

  19. And 28, I don’t think it’s at all unreasable FOR TATTOOS AND TATTOO CULTURE TO BE DEFENDED ON A BLOG THAT IS OBVIOUSLY A PRO-TATTOO BLOG. Sheesh. Why not go to a bicycling blog and start telling parents they shouldn’t get their kids bikes. After all, that’s thousands of times more dangerous.

    This isn’t about some radical defence of “my” opinion. That’s like say “you’re being a racist because you don’t like the KKK”. It’s ludicrous and a logical fallacy.

  20. Ummm… Shannon, I wasn’t attacking the child. Nowhere in my comment did I say anything bad about the little girl in question. She’s obviously very competent and very enthusiastic about her father’s work.

    My intention isn’t to be offensive or anything like that. I was just voicing my opinion that in any rational, civilised community, letting a child of only six years old use a needle on another person would be considered unsafe, and even negligent. Is it even legal?

    Whatever happened to teaching kids with a skewer and a grapefruit?

  21. I think it is a beautiful tattoo.
    I don’t think the girl will be traumatised (not because of this, at least).
    I’d be a proud father with a tattoo like that.

  22. I cant fathom what could be considered untoward about allowing a child to tattoo. I am assuming the person in question has a problem with tattoos in general since this is no more harmful to her development than letting her sign her name in wet cement. Also close to permanent and as innocuous. What, if I allow my child to cut my hair is that also considered damaging to her psyche and abusive as a parent in some way? It too would be modifying my person creatively. It’s just plain odd to see a problem with this. I find it beautiful and family affirming.

  23. I think the main problem is trhat people just can’t get their head around the idea. Keep asking ‘why not?’ and eventually they’ll come up with their basic argument: ‘It’s weird!’
    Would I let my kid tattoo me? No way. But is it bad parenting to let a daughter or son do this? I can’t see why it should be. Just make sure they are not going to tattoo their friends just for the heck of it.

  24. It really doesn’t matter wheither i think tere is anything wrong with tatoos or not. What I’m saying is simply that children shouldn’t be encouraged about having a totoo when they are still under 18.

    You can not compare tatoos with cutting your hair or signing your name on wet cement. Your hair will grow and you wont carry the cement with you for the rest of your life. What i mean by the full consequences of having a tatoo is the fact that only a tatoo cannot be removed without painfull and expensive procedures. So if someone is going to choose to place a tatoo, he or she better be mature enough to make the choice.

    Once again, my comment was not about wheither i like tatoos or not, nor about me trying to say its dangerous to have tatoos in genral. Its simply my opinion that children should not be encouraged to do anything which is permenant on their body while they are not mature yet. For the same reason i would not encourage what young chinese girls do with their feet or young African girls of some tribes do with their necks.
    However, if you like to feel attacked on having tattoos in general, be my guest.

  25. Shanon what’s wrong whit porn?
    And I like bicycles… tring tring..
    And I dont have a tattoo because I am CHICKEN!
    My mother is a hamster and smells of elderberry..

  26. from my first post:
    “i think there is a big chance that this whole issue will encourage the child to have the desire for tatoos her/himself.”

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  28. Given that she cant legally get a tattoo until she is an adult and presumably able to make decisions, what would it matter if it did encourage her to get tattooed in the future? By the way, if you are gonna come to a body modification site and complain about tattoos, you might take notice of how the word is spelled to not come across and wholly ignorant.

  29. I think it’s horrible!!! That people let this happen!!! Where is the world going to???

    But, I have to admit, the 6 year old girl seems to pleaseure.
    See the look on het face…
    And she is little proffesional, see the gloves!!!

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  31. What’s wrong with this? The parent’s happy. It’s like…. It’s like having a photo of your kid just permanent and on you. Which makes it so much better.

  32. Fantast, this is what is up with most of the general society, most of you people think that people under 18 are “kids” and can’t think. I am under 18 and i daresay i went through life than most generic adults out there. So what if we made a wrong choice in tattoos? We just get over it.

    “For the same reason i would not encourage what young chinese girls do” By that line you’re telling me that your mindset’s pretty conservative and old. What the hell’s wrong with you? If you’re talking about feet-binding… You should realise it’s 2006 and that feet-binding’s no more a “Fashion”. Don’t you dare shoot me back on this coz i’m chinese and i know.

  33. I love it, for people into tats, it’s really the perfect way to have a permanent way to keep a child’s drawing. I’m sure the comments regarding the “ugliness” of the tattoo come from people who either don’t have kids or don’t really understand what the tat means to the person getting it. And that’s ok, you don’t have to get it. It’s not for you. I’m sure there are things you have, wear or even parts of you that are permanent that others consider “ugly”.

  34. “I think it’s horrible!!! That people let this happen!!! Where is the world going to???”


    I just read that one and had to comment again. Little kids get molested, raped and killed every day. Those sick bastards are let go, usually in a matter of months, occasionally in a matter of years. When they get out they do it again. Research shows that pedophiles reoffend and often hurt 100 children or more before even getting caught the first time.


    Find something else to get pissed about.

    There are a lot of things wrong with our country and world. This is not at all anything to be bitching about.

  35. no mamen solamente su papa se dejaria tauar, si el pedo no es agarra una maquina y pintar en una piel el pedo es saber tatuar que no mamen

  36. They’re bonding, hes teaching her his trade, I think its a terribly sweet thing that they will cherish forever.

  37. ok,that’s really cool,she have talent but is also kinda of sick :s !
    little girl dont start your life wih a future like this,i mean is okay,but dont do it

  38. I stumbled upon this site looking for a tattoo idea for a friend who wants a tattoo to represent “letting go” so I’m in a strange territory here. I don’t have any tattoos and my body is in it’s original form. (‘cept for a little botox and gravity taking it’s toll on other parts.) I think the tattoo is quite adorable. I hope the child grows up to be a true artist (Her work, while child-like, has a quality that seems very artistically sophisticated) and I KNOW the dad will wear this ink with pride. So what’s the problem?? I’ll tell you what the problem is: Shannon is an enormously arrogant person who likes to hear herself talk….or read her own writing. Shannon, you are an irritant in an otherwise enjoyable string of comments. Why can’t you just make your point and move on with things? The more you post the more unattractive you become.

  39. Is she any good? Does she have a permanent tattoo on here own body or plan on having one in the next few years?

  40. There is something quite disturbing about handing your 6 year old daughter a tattoo gun and letting her rip. The cuteness of the image is not what bothers me; it is the indoctrination into American trash culture at her age that makes me shudder. To most of us clean skinned folks out here, a tattoo is still a sign of irresponsibility, impulsiveness and lower class origins.

    By the time she has grown up into young adulthood tattoos may no longer be so cool-they might even be passé or the mark of an older generation. Kids don’t traditionally like anything their parents covet…

    Before you all rush to condemn my comments, think about why you feel so strongly about being tattooed.

  41. Sonny: are you really using something as common as a tattoo to classify people? Are you really saying that putting anything on yourself is an automatic sign of “lower class origins,” “irresponsibility,” and “impulsiveness?” Why are all of these necessarily true? Of course not. Tattoos are done by countless (I don’t have an exact statistic) around the world, all of these people are “lower class,” “irresponsible,” and “impulsive?” This man has probably been getting tattoos for years himself, he has had this daughter for at least six years, and I extremely doubt she will be getting a tattoo before she’s of legal age, so what’s the problem?

    And why are you so hateful as to label people in such terrible ways without even knowing them at all? I don’t look at someone and judge them by the way they dress or look, especially not in such vague ways as tattoos, and never in a degrading manner. Just because someone looks different than you is no reason to hate them.

    Really, grow up.

    And really, at do basic research on the site, especially if you’re reading and posting comments.

    Also, while you may have freedom of speech in “real life”, that doesn’t necessarily apply to the internet. Learn what community you’re in, and keep all hateful speech about said community to yourself.


  42. I just don’t get how everyone can be so outraged by this?

    What’s the difference between my mom framing a picture I drew when I was 6, and this guy getting this tattoo.

    I’m pretty sure my mom isn’t going to get mad at me one day, and burn my drawing, as well as I’m sure this guy isn’t going to regret his tattoo.

    Not everything with sentimental value is conventionally beautiful.

  43. Ok, I will admit this picture made me go “WHAT?!” But it is actually interesting seeing a 6 year old tattoo her father, and wether you agree or not I can’t see her father being stupid about it. He probably talked to her and showed her how to do it. So they spent some time together and she got to experience a little of what daddy does so what?
    I have had negative comments made towards me for having 2 young kids and snakes and reptiles in my house, so am i a bad parent just because someone doesn’t agree?…! If anything my 2 year old tells people who come over what each reptile is and tells people to be gentle when touching them……cant be a bad thing…….so what if this father let her tattoo him, its something he will cherish and be something she will always remember and will make for great conversation when she gets older.
    she tattooed him, he didnt tattoo her. If she got the tattoo then my opinion would be the complete opposite. Sometimes sheltering kids will make them lash out and be even more rebelious… my husband is the result of an uptight up bringing and man does he make up for it now….hahaha the little girl is having some quality with daddy…….not the norm…but who cares. she looks happy and so does he. I am sure they talked about it a lot and he has explained his job…. dont think he just threw a needle at her and said,”go for it!” haha

  44. I think that it is a really great idea that he let her Tattoo him….It’s a really good way to bond with the parent….And as the last comment said I’m pretty sure he didn’t just hand the needle to her….I don’t think any parent would be that dumb to do that….At least I hope not….But yeah I wish my father would have let me do that so that way I can look back and it can tell me how good of a relationship we really had….And we still do….But yeah it’s a great idea and I’m pretty sure he shows that tattoo off with a big smile on my face I know I would….

  45. I think it’s a really nice gesture. Tattoos are obviously really important to the father, so he gets a memory and something he likes. The young girl gets to spend time with her dad (something I never had). Yet it’s in a responsible way. There would be the father and at least another adult in the room. She wouldn’t be at risk of getting something done she will regret because she will be of the legal age and mentality to choose. If it leads her to ‘trash’ culture… that’s her choice when she’s older. If she doesn’t want to be a uptight, bigheaded, prude then Sonny… I say good on her. And what’s a conservative twat like you doing on this blog anyways?

    anywho back to the matter.
    it’s cute.
    won’t damage the girl.
    and the father has something to remember.


  46. I highly doubt she would get a tattoo at a young age, considering (I’m assuming) her father is a tattooist. Besides, why are you even arguing about her getting a tattoo. She’s the artist, not the customer.
    I think this is a great idea and would love a tattoo done by my child or to be able to say I gave my father a tattoo when I was 6.

  47. I think this is a good idea and it is something your child can see when she gets older that she made. It will always be there like she is always with you, I mean plus she made it. Good idea

  48. I personally think that is awsome. Its a way of perserving ones love for their child.

  49. I think this is a wonderful idea! I mean, it’s obvious that she’s being supervised, and likely they had her draw the picture beforehand, so she’s not just hacking away at her father.
    Leave Shannon alone, I doubt most of the nay-sayers are as informed as he is =D
    Go, girl-artist, go!

  50. to the person earlier who called his daughters work scrawl.and asked how shes gonna feel when shes older and she sees it

    i thinks shes gonna go god father loves me..

    and who would want their kid to do a perfect piece?
    every hint of character it contains is a look back on the inniocence and beauty of his child

    let the man have that
    and go cry to someone else

  51. I think the art by the girl is absolutelty beautiful.

    It is obvious that her father showed her the proper and HYGENIC way to apply a tattoo which is phenominal on his part. I agree it may not be the best idea for every child in every home but I live in a family with a tattoo artist and my son is 4. HE ABSOLUTELY KNOWS WITHOUT QUESTION that to touch daddy’s tattoo equipment is NOT PERMISSIBLE. Let’s all be honest and real…. that little girl wouldn’t be able to get the equipment together on her own anyhow. It took me a few tries when my husband asked me to tattoo him. Not even if she did it once in her life to give her daddy a VERY SPECIAL and PERSONAL reminder of how much he obviously LOVED HER and she him. The idea wasn’t for one of those prize-winning detailed works. It was a very intimate thing… particularly on the father’s part. This little girl probably won’t grow up to be a tattoo artist. But if she does it’s one step on the long road to learning the art. All the critics of it being dangerous need to think about how they taught their kids to ride bikes…. and god knows in an unsupervised situation that would be neglectful by any parent. We need to grow up because we are adults here and realize life is dangerous. That’s why we as adults SUPERVISE OUR CHILDREN and make sure they do things and approach life in a safe and positive way. Kudos for the man, his love, and his ensuring that if his daughter did something like giving a tattoo it would be done safely and properly.

  52. I like it!! I think its what tattoos are all about, you doing to your body what you want!! And i’d love to think of having something so special on me forever!!
    That little girl is obviously very much loved and of course they are being safe, check the gloves!! Its not some idiot just handing a needle to a kid!!
    I find it very heart warming, if everyone loved their kids like that it’d be a much nicer world for us all.

  53. Great to see artistic expression in one so young. It’s nice to know that in todays world of art classes being lost to budget cuts in our schools that this youngster is allowed to experience such a creative activity. As the other posts stated, this is being done in a safe manner with supervision and full support of her father. Nadia, great work!!

    Walter A. Ganieany

  54. People shouldn’t be shocked by this and immediately brand it ‘wrong’, just because it’s unconventional. The fact of the matter is; it is a symbol of her relationship with her Father. Just because she is 6 years old and it’s not perfect linework or a masterpeice of tattoo art does take away from this fact (although I’m aware this is the topic least on people’s minds here) How much is her Father going to enjoy having that tattoo on his body? And how proud is the girl going to be of that?
    More importantly, if the tattoo was done in the correct sterile environment, it shouldn’t matter that she’s 6 years old and using a needle. Young children deserve more credit! You might not remember what it was like to be so young (I certainly don’t), but this equate to giving a chainsaw to a newborn. Ouch :-P

  55. What is so wrong about letting a child tattoo their parent? Obviously it is all right with her dad, so why is everyone making such a big deal out of it?

    fathom – Even if this is ‘encouraging the child to get a tattoo’, she won’t be able to get one until it is legal, and since her father has tattoos himself, she will probaly know more about the long term concenquences of tattooing then someone who grew up without a parent with tattoos.

    The girl isn’t “playing with needles”. She is under her father’s close supervision and i’m sure he walked her through the proper safety proccations. She ISN’T’ running around with a bunch of hyperdermic needles clutched in her hands, she is using a tattoo gun under close supervision. Every child is diffrent, and it obviously takes a mature and well manored child to me able to handle such equitment. Obviously her father knows his daughter can handle it, and who better to judge? He is the one being tattoed after all.

    I think the tattoo is adorable and it will be treasured for years to come. wonderful job, Nadia!

    Shannon, i’d like to see a picture of the cat with wiskers. :)

  56. Hmmmm, from my own experience working with one of the world’s leading female tattoo artists, and knowing her children quite well… Just because someone may apply a tattoo on a loved one before the tattooist is of legal age, it does not mean that person will continue persuing the art of tattoos. In fact if nothing else this child will most likely grow up with an understanding of cross-contamination and bloodborne illness safety long before her other friends. She will probably be more cautious of unsafe sex as well simply because of the blood-safety teaching her father undoubtedly preaches to her like religion. If anything she will be more accepting of people of varying colors, traditions, ideals. Her viewpoints on the world will probably shape the collective consciousness of our societal evolution. She (and other children like her) will be the generation that takes care of many of us when we are older and retiring. She is our future and she is being looked after, loved and nurtured. Can we say the same for other children? Around the world? In our own backyards?

    As a modification artist, a small business owner, and a parent… I think it is ridiculous for someone else to judge from a picture how tragic a child’s life will be. Absurd to place your misguided beliefs about what it takes to be normal and successful in society. And I can’t fathom the audacity it takes to make you think your opinion even matters to the child or parent of the child. Especialy when most of the people posting negative feedback on here admit to not having or wanting children of their own.

    A child tattooing her father in a controlled and safe setting is far less dangerous for her and her father than allowing your children (or yourself) to eat prepared fast food. I guarantee that child has a better understanding of how to avoid spreading germs than the kid who is cooking your unhealthy food with the same dirty hands he just touched your germ-ridden money with. Guess what people, if the needle is new, the kid is wearing gloves, and the reciient is a biological donor of the same dna already flowing through that child…. the odds of this act being unsafe are less than the odds of you catching something at your local health department. I know… I’ve trained health inspectors… be very afraid. And for those of you ignorant to tattooing (there’s usually three “t”s in the word if you are American), the needle does not even penetrate very far. And a better way of viewing it would be thinking of several safety pins or bug pins grouped together. It isn’t a long hypodermic like you would get for dental anaesthesia… it’s a group of pins… like the bug pins little kids display captured insect carcasses with in shadow boxes. So now are you not going to let them mount bugs either? Because the likelihood of something happening from that is much greater than from a tattoo grouping.

    Odds are dad did most of the set-up for this tattoo anyway. Odds are the novelty will probably wear off soon too and she’ll persue being a lawyer or pastor or something else you approve of. That’s the funny part of it all.

    You know what else is funny? Most of you opinionated people seem to think Shanon is a female. What if you found out he was a male and the creator of this website? Would your aggression towards his opinions change any? In any case it is funny how quickly you all jumped to the “she is opininated” “she is a slut bitch” comments….

    Brett Perkins

  57. Has anyone realised that Shannon is actually a GUY? Really, loves, you aren’t too observant are you?

    But you should be forgiven. That tattoo is a hideous distraction.

    There is a HUGE gap between sentimental art and just plain doodling.

    This is some damn irresponsible parenting. And if anyone replies to this; don’t give me shit about child abuse and whatever else. This is disgusting in it’s context, not as a generalisation, so try to think of a better constructed argument.

    It takes time to become a tattoo artist, and that’s for an adult. She’s six. She doesn’t know what she’s doing nor would she fully realise the implications and permanence of her actions.

    Furthermore, I doubt that any six year old would refuse something like this; thus the father is exploiting her naivety a little, wouldn’t you agree?

    As for the tattoo itself, the placement is ridiculous and it’s just ugly. No matter how much I loved children; I would never raise one to six and ask them to ink me.

    Crayon pictures of a girl holding her Dad’s hand. That’s adorable. Not this.

    Family bonding? Wouldn’t it be better for the girl to grow up a little and have a little more understanding of the concept before doing something so atrocious? It would still be equal in sentimental value; just a lot more responsible.

    It seems to be the guy is just scared of loosing the bond.

  58. how is it possible that these people can be so upset? it’s alittle girl making her daddy proud! i told my dad one day i would have a respectable motorcycle, and this last weekend that day came thru, i got a motorcycle…does that make me lower class also? my dad is a biker, he has only one(1) tattoo, it is a family image, i have a similar tatoo of the same thing, my mom also has a tattoo that is of the same thing, all phoenixes(sp), also told my mom one day when i was about 4 years old that one day i wanted a tattoo, and what i wanted.. i was wathcing her and another man get their tattoos touched up, she told me when i was old enough to decide for myself i could get it, at 16 i recieved my first tattoo, the same image i wanted at 4.. it is an ankh and anubis, drawn from the ring she was wearing that day, so i have bonded with both of my parents in “lower class,irresponsible, and impulsive ways” that were WELL thought out! why are you so upset?? do u let ur child dye it’s hair? wear trendy fashionable clothes?recieve acrylic nails, no matter what age, even wear lipstick, make up or lip GLOSS??? thats more irrational and irresponisble.. look at what christina aguilara and britney spears has done to the “little girls” of my generation, they are all hoochie wanna be gangsters that wear too little clothign and shake their assets that were PAID FOR just like a tattoo… obviously she took her time LEARNING the ins and outs of tatooing and she WORKED HARD on the tatoo.. look at the lines where the gun strayed.. she poured her heart and love into this tatoo.. DEAL WITH IT!!! her parents didnt mind and feel that they are raising her.. let htem raise her! be OPENMINDED ON THIS SITE DUMBASS!!! and shut ur mouth if u dontlike somehting… IT”S NOT YOUR CHOICE!!!

  59. also GREAT JOB NADIA!!! YOU MADE YOU”RE DADDY PROUD!!! not many people can say that! *claps heartily* congratulations!

  60. I personally find it hilarious that so many people have such a deep seeded issue with father/daughter bonding, yet we take it with a grain of salt when Steve-O gets a retchid tattoo of a “smiley face” in the back of a jeep going 50 down an unpaved road on a safari. Telll me what the tattoo means to him – “I made a few thousand dollars on this ugly thing?” It’s self disprespect, but it’s acceptable. Why? Because he’s old enough to vote, look and porn and go to war.
    But when another man wants something unconventional, yet deeply meaningful (and isn’t it only unconventional because a six year old did it?) he is an “unfit parent”, crazy and everything else in between that this blog as brought upon him.
    It’s what the man WANTED. Isn’t that a good enough reason for this to be an “acceptable situation”?

    I am however, going to play devil’s advocate and pose the question:
    What happens when the girl thinks that she IS fit to do this on anyone else? Please keep in mind that professional tattoo guns are not the only way to leave your mark on someone. What if she goes with what MANY middle school children do and cut themselves and fill it with pen ink, or partakes in doing this to another child? Is it still ok that she learned? Sometimes all it takes is “Guess what my dad taught me!” … and that can escalate into anything. Peer pressure is the most influential and horrible monster that any child can be exposed to.

  61. It’s amazing how many people got offended by this.
    As you can see quite clearly in the picture, the child is being VERY CLOSELY supervised. It’s like having a mechanic’s daughter help tighten screws or pass tools. Everything is obviously clean, proper hygeine is being tended to.
    I really don’t understand why people think it’s so risky for the girl? It’s not likely that she’s going to hurt herself.

    As for the sentimentality…it’s absolutely lovely. I personally wouldn’t get it done, I don’t want m body to be a canvas for my children in that way, I’d rather have their names and handprints tattooed on me. Despite this, it is still a very lovely show of love on both parties, something to cherish and talk about in the years to come.

  62. I am so glad there are parents out there that let their kids do this, they are the future generation of tatooists.

    so what if the tattoo isnt perfect, they’re only kids and i think its so cute and sentimental to whomever gets the tattoo.

    i say we need more parents like this!!

  63. The beauty is the imperfection. I think that this is one of the most beautiful and meaningful tattoos I’ve seen. Your horrible if you think that this father is going to regret this. The love he has for his daughter is everlasting. As far is safety is concerned what exactly do you think the child is going to do? She’s not going to accidently stab herself in the eye with the needle. Children understand the concept of danger.

    And how do you justify going on someone’s own blog and criticisizing them? It’s Shannon’s blog so she can post whatever she damn well pleases and if your that against this tattoo I suggest you look up the word sentimental in the dictionary.

  64. This is so sweet it almost makes me cry. If I were that guy, I would feel special beyond words if my 6-year-old child took so much effort to learn my art and tattoo me. This is incredible.

  65. I think this is really cute; I’ve seen something similar before: a little girl wrote her name and the tattoo artist copied it onto the paper they use to get the image traceable on the skin (not sure what the paper’s called…). That way, that artist was using the needle, but the image was still the daughter’s handwriting (a little safer).

    I’m lacking tattoos, and stumbled upon this while looking for ideas…as I’m planning on getting my first soon, and I’m shocked at how horrible some people consider tattoos to be. I think they’re a wonderful way of expressing yourself artistically and in a permanent manner. What’s so wrong with expressing yourself? If you have to be trashy to express yourself…it’s only because “upper class” people are too stiff to do it.

  66. more power to them, I think it’s awesome
    I wish my father and mother took the time out for me and let me do that (or something like) then you could look back and be “ya, I was a kid once”
    anyways my two cense take it or leave it..

  67. … this forum is funny as… I think it’s cute, go kid!!! I’m ok with a daughter tattooing her tattoo artist father he’s right there to help her… I’m piercing my little sisters ears next month (she’ll be eigth, she wants them done and her mum is ok with it too)… Is that ok with every one? As pay back she wants to pierce mine and I’m ok with that (her mum isn’t)… is that ok with Strawberi?

  68. Hah! thats me being tattooed by my little girl! Thanx for your response everyone, and I didnt really think u will like that. Anyway shes really happy and she wants to tattoo me every time she’s in the studio ;)

  69. oh well its me again, it seems that it upset somebody out there, well, thats not irresponsible parenting my friend, lets try not to be hypocrites, I do not really care anyway its just weird some people try to tell me whats good parenting and whats not. My daughter just cant wait when she can tattoo me again, and I bloody proud of her work. Will post u some pix if I get more ink from her :)

  70. kali.. good for u for broadening her mind and world! keep encouraging her art work!!!
    i applaud u for ur GREAT parenting!

  71. Agro!

    Well, i like the tattoo, i think its cute and shows the kid shes loved =)
    I got a tattoo when i was 18 and i love it, and i plan on getting more. However im not brave enough to let my kids tattoo me now =S
    I dont think its dangerous. Whats she going to do? slip and tattoo herself? Doubt it.
    Even so, thats the parents job to judge, people can bring up their kids how they wish, isnt that the idea? free will and all that?

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  73. hey congrats for the little girl keep with it my little girl is tryin it out as well she is 10 no matter what they say on here u did a great job and i think it is great that the little girl had that experience GOOD STUFF

  74. thats cute. and i recon if shes doing it properly then you should let her. it will be a really nice peice of art for her father to have so yeh…
    shame on you people thinking its wrong.

  75. Everyone who is arguing over this probably has children and can only imagine the worst, allowing their children to play with “needles” is something they probably cringe at. I admit, when I read the headline, my mouth dropped. I do have a son. But then when I saw the picture, I smiled. The girl looks happy and the drawing is a beautiful way for her to express her love for her father. Obviously, they have a good relationship. She knows her father trusts her, to allow her to do this, and the father can look at his body every day and smile, knowing how much his daughter loves him. Pictures rip, get old and yellow, and we don’t get to look at them every day and remind ourselves of how much our children mean to us. But this will allow the father to do that… And anyway, all these people need to learn to write in English!!!

  76. of course it looks dodgy u gimp shes fucking six but its a sweet way to remember your child b4 they grow up 2 fast and if u want to do it do it , the guy who said tattoos show impulsivness irresponsibility and lower class origins needs his fuckin head checked . im 19 and have been dying to get a tattoo for years but hav allways been aware of the permency of a tattoo and have only now after about 4 years of thinkin decided properly on a design , as has already been said 2 the da is passing his knowledge of his trade onto his kid which is natural and sweet , how could her dad not wear it with pride, im not sure her ma would be as happy about the needle ting tho

  77. wow… I am shocked at a few of these comments… such as….one here from Sept 9th 06… how dare someone say a childs art is UGLY… all art done by children is BEAUTIFUL>… I love the pictures that my kids draw… I have 3 kids and they are 11,9,and 2 and if i had the equipment I would have NO problem having them immortalize a piece of art on my body… ANY ONE WHO SAYS A CHILDS WORK IS UGLY IS IN FACT THE UGLY ONE AND REALLY HAS SOME SERIOUS ISSUES TO DEAL WITH….. OBVIOUSLY YOUR PARENTS DIDN’T MAKE YOU FEEL SPECIAL WHEN YOU DID SOMETHING AWESOME LIKE DRAW THEM A PICTURE THEY COULDN’T FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL IT WAS… I LOVE THOSE FROM MY KIDS…

  78. this tattoo was done a year ago, and as today is my 30th birthday, my daughter Nadia asked me if I want another birthday tattoo from her :) I tell ya she’s bloody good at drawings and art and nobodys gonna tell me its ugly, hah, so now one year on I can say it was a great thing Im happy Nadia’s more than happy, and probably you’ll see some more art from her soon ;) (well not THAT soon anyway)

  79. This is pure love.
    And in no way can it be ugly, its beautiful.
    I would certainly be proud of that.

  80. hey i dont know if i know you or your little girl but she looks like me i am a girl too. but i am 9 years old and i dont know if she is nine or not but anyways hi and i did some tattoos on my babysitter,some dude,my dad, and i did a other one on Pete. ok then bye.
    ps. my name is Nadia too yay email me back at

  81. kai so basicly i think its cute.. but personally.. i wouldnt let a 6 year old tattoo me
    i understand she is his daughter and the value it might hold but i dont think kids that young should be tattooing

    like the 9 year old plainly pointed out it just leads to pointless tattooes
    she tattooed her babysitter??? what special meaning does that hold??
    my parents both have tattoos and i have wanted to do tattoos and get them since i was little. ive worked at it 11 years, and these children are tattooing before me??! can you say JEALOUS??! i wasnt tattooing people when i was 9! and in case any of you were wondering, yes, legally you are suppoced to have a certificate to legally tattoo others. but does that stop people? look at all those home made tattoo guns. so no. really, it doesnt matter.
    the father is obviously experienced and knows what he was doing.. but at the same time it doesnt make it right or “safe”
    now dont get me wrong im not saying that its unsafe by all means, if i had a child i would love for them to tattoo me… but when they were alittle bit older.
    perhaps 12 or 13 because at least then they grasp the serious-ness of it.
    personal opinion please dont bite my head off or anything.

  82. Yeah the tat’s pretty cute, but i wouldn’t let a 6 year old tatoo me, just incase something happened to me.
    On the parenting, lettingyour kid play with needles thing. i think it’s fine, so long as it’s well supervised and the child has been taught to do it properly.
    I think it’s a nice way of remembering your kids drawings, way better than a drawing held up with a fridge magnet!

  83. To All Who Think This Is Cute:
    I’m a Tattoo artist who trained for 2 years under a world class,well known tattoo artist. I’m also a mother of one. At one point I wound up tattooing in my house to build my portfolio and earn some extra cash. I had a room specifically for tattooing and even a waiting room. It was a clean and sterile enviroment and I use every precaution to ensure my home,family and clients were safe. I tattooed only close friends and wouldn’t allow strangers into my home. My family always comes first.
    My son (age 4-5 at the time) was not allowed into these rooms at all without permission. Occasionally his father would bring him in to quietly watch the tattoo process. he was so fasinated and proud of Mommy. He is a well behaved boy and never touched anything. My husband and I felt it was safe.
    When my husband decided that he no longer loved me and wanted a divorce (for reasons I will never know). He truely turned against me during the divorce process and at one point even kidnapped our son for a week. He wanted to hurt me by taking my son from me and used my tattooing in our home against me in court to attempt to gain custody. It almost worked. I had to fight for almost 2 years and prove to the courts that I was indeed a good mother. He called the IRS and the health department. He stole photographs and supplies making it impossible for me to find a job in a shop. I was afraid to tattoo for a living (ligitamatly in a shop) because of the stereotyping I was receiving in court on a monthly basis.
    I bet if I had ever let my son tattoo me in my old “home studio” I would have definatly lost custody.
    I wish I could let my highly artist son tattoo me….but I am petrified.
    My ex finally settled down his fight and accepted my offer of joint custody….mainly because I had alot of dirt on his latest live-in girlfriend…not to mention the inflating court costs were killing him.
    I currently work as a manager in a local farm market and at a hobby/craft store. I draw, paint murals and do henna constantly. I will never abandon my dream of tattooing for a living. I work at my drawing constantly. I’m slowly saving my money to eventually open my own shop. I hope I can share my dreams with my son and he will see what it is to be driven and ambitous and never give up. In the meantime I’m hoping to find a job in a GOOD shop with the few photos I have left of my work….which is proving to be difficult….until then,…does anyone out there want to buy some apples or want lilacs painted on their bathroom walls or perhaps I could interest someone in having a henna party? lol!
    I caution anyone with children against tattooing around them. The health risks are high and your enemies can use it against you.
    Here to stay,
    Kimm Moon

    If you would like to contact me about this story(or have a job offer in my town!) please email me at:

    [email protected]

    last words: Karma is a bitch

  84. I think this is amazing!! I am currently almost 6 months pregnant and was just searching for some good idea’s on ‘baby tattoos’. I found this and love it!!
    I now have the idea when my son is around that age, I am going to do the same.
    Well, I’ll get him to draw it on paper first, because I am not a tattoo artist, and then I will take it to my artist and have HIM tattoo it on me…
    But I love it! :)

  85. I can see were the negative responses are coming…

    I myself think it’s cute.
    The child is obviously around it a lot so she knows what she’s doing…

    It would be a memory thing.

    Yes, she could just draw that on her father and he could do it himself.
    but, ahhh whatever it’s their life(ves).

  86. Man dat iS not cute or adorable yall get all mad about letting an adult do a tattoo but it’s cute and adorable when a six year old does it and she can barely write! Come on now dats a big mistake! Yall be talking about it’s bad getting a tattoo but when yall see this yall change yall say the opposite. Come on now a tattoo artist needs to have waaaaayyy more skills than a six year old. Yall need to use yall brains and go back to school. THINK BEFORE YOU GET A BAD TATTOO AND CHOOSE A GOOD TATTOO ARTIST INSTEAD OF A LITTLE GIRL IN KINERGARDEN!!! Now whenn you get old it will come out looking like a cynder block!

  87. i love that everyone who comes here for the first time presumes shannon is a girl! haha
    also i think its ridiculous some of the comments people are leaving,
    everyone has the right to their own thoughts on this but why come here and try and aggravate people?
    this community is about open mindedness and understanding.
    if this is what this guy wants on his body thats great, if you think its pad parenting then thats just your idea of parenting. no need to share it.

    i love the idea and the sentimental value of it.


    For real. How stupid do you have to be to go to the playground over a tattoo shop? I mean, he could have gone to the middle school at least. But to be honest, it’s definitely cheaper. All it costs is a candy bar and a few sweet Pokemon cards.

    …I hope to god this person wasn’t serious, but something makes me think otherwise…

  89. i really like this tattoo. kids do things far more dangerous on the playground everyday. and the sooner she taught a safe way to do things, in an open and loving environment, regardless of the activity, the better off she will be in the long run.

  90. I had to skip past most of the comments, the diatribe was getting old.

    1. I think Zerstoerte was right.. it is funny that people keep referring to Shannon as a girl. HA!

    2. I think it’s a great tattoo, one he can wear proudly! :)

  91. I love how some of the people on here refer to shannon as a female when spewing their crimespeak. Good stuff. I effing love this idea. I would love to have my kid tattoo me, if it werent still lodged within my testes. But, in the event it wins the national swimming tournament, and grows up enough to draw badly, I would like to do the same thing. Its a good bonding experience, seems like it would boost the kids self-esteem, like “yay I just created this and daddy loves it enough to color himself with it. Im the rockingest toddler on the block!” No more of this bickering dudes and darlings. Wheres the love?

  92. My problem here is with the people badmouthing the tattoo. there right letting a child handle needles isnt safe. But its the art of the child herself drawing the picture on her father that gives it the love and symbolism. It wouldnt “feel” the same if you got an artist to trace, it may be better, or safer but not as close to the heart and loving.

  93. Also i know this is off-topic, but im not a fan of genital mods such as subscisions, inflations and all tha but i dnt go on the the articles and post crap comments blasting the stuff, if they want to do it let them just dont gve them shit for it if you don’t like it then dont look. and if you do at least appreciate something about it.

  94. First I have to say this is an absolutly wonderful idea. The father is sharing his passion with hs daughter, the bond that results must be amazing and who knows, she may grow up to be a great tattoo artist. Secondly in response to the idea that a six year old doing a tattoo will encourage her to want a tattoo herself- I was transfixed by tattoos by that age, whats so bad about that? How can anyone get so pissed and offended by this when there a lot worse things happeneing to children today?

  95. Seriously this is not a big deal to let a young child tattoo you. First off,because there is technically danger in letting your kid handle a tattooing machine, im sure that the parents have gone over ‘safety’ with the child. More so for their kid than themselves.
    Second off, I dont know how many of you have actually talked to kids that have tattooed parents before, but most of them will tell you that as much fun as it was to get to tattoo, they didnt enjoy it alot. The machines are heavy, their arms and hands get sore. They get bored of it. They get tired. Most kids that tattoo their parents do it for the parents, not for themselves obviously, and after the first time most of them arnt begging to do it again.
    Most people I bet that are so against this are most likely with out children of their own, and the people that say its encouraging the child to have tattoos, if anything its encouraging the child to be accepting of everyone no matter how they choose to modify themselves. And if you still think its a bad example for kids, why then by being a parent and just having tattoos let alone your child tattooing you, would that not be a bad example?

  96. 30: I wasn’t going to touch this at all–and I’m only posting here once and then I’m not planning on returning (I was browsing sites about young tattooists)

    Your list.. if you have children–you’ve probably realized by now if a child WANTS to do something–the child will. The more you keep them away the more they want to break the rules. That doesn’t mean give them alcohol and drugs and porn… it means raise them in the way that they are meant to go.. and they will make their mistakes and learn from what they are taught and see. There’s nothing wrong with encouragement. This is all simply for a chld to experience it. This is her father she is tattooing–who is watching her every move and helping her, making sure to talk to her and educate her… you don’t have to get a tattoo from a kid–none of you. BUT if you had a child.. maybe you’d realize how memorable this would be for a child/parent relationship. It’s touching… lovely… and encouraging.. this doesn’t mean they will begin a career this young–it just opens up their minds… makes them feel ‘on top of the world’.

    Argue with what I’ve said–doesn’t matter to me… I haven’t put anyone down… I’ve made a comment..

  97. I have to say. This man getting the tattoo has OBVIOUS experience with them before – he’s covered, chances are he knows the risks and has gone over safety issues with his daughter beforehand. He probably had her practising on paper or some shit first off.
    And to those of you saying that this will increase her want for a tattoo you are probably right, BUT again, he is obviously experienced- he wont let her get any stupid shit she was desperate for when she was 15, he’d tell her that a tattoo is forever and should be something to cherish. Not a memorial to your favourite band at that moment in time.
    If anything, this is probably the way to go if you want a tattoo, she’ll grow up educated in what they are and what can go wrong – she’ll probably go to a decent artist when she’s 18, not some shitty mall parlor.
    It’s a beautiful idea, and an excellent way to cherish your kids childhood.
    I get it, a kid playing with a tattoo machine is a bit like WTF but again, he’s probably gone through safety issues. You’ve gotta look at it from all angles before you make comments, and for those saying the tattoo’s ugly?
    GROW UP. There are PLENTY of hideous tats out there without any meaning, this is full of it, in a few years he’ll look back and love that it’s ‘hideous’ because it’ll be his way of seeing his little girl as a little girl again. It’ll never be ugly in his eyes because its his kid, it’ll always be beautiful.
    Kudos to both of them.

  98. Woops he’s obviously not covered my minds not working [linking to old pictures.] But I’m sure he has some experience, no one without any would leap for their 6 year old daughter to do it.
    Most of my point still stands.

  99. Hi,
    I absolutely love the tattoo and the memories that will stay with it. I’m 42 and just recently allowed my 16 year old to tattoo me (a very small dove) and have never felt prouder. However, I’m now told its against the law so I’m confused. She’s been tattooing on skins for about a year, follows stringent health and safety guidance, uses disposables etc… I personally can’t see the problem with it. Any ideas? I can’t see any UK laws on what age you need to be to tattoo.

  100. that is awsome, i love it, i have a few tats and was thinking about getting my 4 year old to draw on a piece of paper then stencil the pic up and tat it on myself. after seeeing this so many thought go through my head… i dont think i would be completly comfotable letting het do it to me that young but if she grew up to be an artist or interested in tats, id let het have a stab (excuse the pun lol) i guess all i have left that id like to add is that i would be very proud to wear that if i were steve… NEVER CONFORM ….. lol

  101. ps just because he has a tat gun and gloves doesent mean he is expierienced. im going to asume he is… the risks would have been gone trough im sure . handling a tat gun is not as dangerous as it looks and sounds. Lifestyle choices lol you cannot win

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  103. I’m glad to see someone else who likes Sonny with a chance as much as I do, GradyZora is my favorite character on the show. Thanks for this post, I enjoyed reading it!

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