White Ink Chestpiece

Thanks to Shoshannah for sending in this picture of her white ink tattoo (fresh in the photo) — it really reminds me of the Nazca Lines in Peru. The tattoo was done by Wu Lun in a hutong (like an alley or narrow street) in Ho Hai, Beijing, China. This is Shoshannah’s first tattoo and she’s planning to go back to Wu Lun for more — all in white ink.

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20 thoughts on “White Ink Chestpiece

  1. i want a big white scorpoin just above my knee, but I’m pretty white on my own…is it true that the white ink doesn’t last that long?…

    this one is nice

  2. oh, man. the alleys around hohai are probably the sketchiest place to get a tattoo. she’s very brave.

  3. If you had asked me, at first glance I would have said that was a (albeit white instead of pink) scarification piece. Though I suppose it looks that way because it’s fresh. Still, cool effect and very awesome piece.

  4. It looks great, I too thought it was a scarification. I want one of the birds from the nazca lines myself. Having seen them in person, I am amazed by their mystery… plus they are a symbol of my roots. I plan on getting all of them on my back, we’ll see…

  5. I thought it was scarification at first glance. It’s a little pink, but that makes sense if it’s fresh. Very pretty. I want a couple of white tattoos myself, but I can’t find any tattoo artists around here who would/could do it properly.

  6. I’d like to echo mpatshi’s request for advice: do white ink tattoos last as long, even if it was kept out of the sun pretty much all the time?

    (My location is kind of out in the sticks, otherwise I’d be asking the nearest tatto artist…)

  7. I pretty much NEVER wear sunscreen. The white ink on my forehead is still solid, and I have white ink on my wrists that’s now over ten years old and still just fine.

  8. Im going in for a thick outline of a heart on my left wrist in white ink. i love the effect, and it isnt very noticeable, especially for a wrist piece which works good for me, im going to be using the tattoo as a cover up of old scars.
    anyone know of any tattoo places in bloomington, indiana that could and would do a white piece?

  9. I had some ink done by Artist Wu Lun in October 2006. I can definitely recommend him if you want to get a tattoo in Beijing. He is a talented artist and follows the all the required hygene procedures. Chris “Kiwasian” Young, Wellington, New Zealand.

  10. white tattoos are a stupid waste of time, energy and money. get a real tattoo

  11. I’m in S.A, and wanting a small white tat for years, just about no tattoo artists want to do a white tattoo, still searching though. Was wondering too, if the colour of the ‘prep lines’ will have an effect on the end result colour of the white tattoo, or will they have to do it freehand.

  12. TM
    they are suppose to do a blood line. If they leave the stencil on the dye from the line will mix with the white ink and then your stuck with a white tattoow with colored smears here and there. I want a white tattoo but cant find anyplace that does them either


  13. yesss that is what happened to my white peace sign tattoo. they now it has 3 black blobs in it!! i think it would have been much cooler if i got it thicker, because it doesnt’ show up enough. i probably should get it redone

  14. this is so incredibly awesome. ive wanted to get the nazca whale on my stomach forever now and i still havent gotten around to it yet…

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