18 thoughts on “Waterfall Suspension

  1. that looks absolutely magical – i love watching the progression of suspension innovations that are chronicled here! hanging outside in nature seems so perfect, i’m a big fan of the tree suspensions too but the ones involving a body of water are particularly appealing to me… the first picture that ever made me want to exerience suspension for myself was the picture of the person hanging from the simple bamboo tripod out by the ocean (i think it was the suspension team in hawaii, folks from maui maybe?). i think this idea is truly amazing, i’d love to see a bigger rig adapted to the zipline so you could go out over the waterfall horizontally, it sounds like heaven to be able to dangle over the falls that way!!

  2. Wow.. I’ve always considered doing a suspension, but never wanted to do it inside.. This is so inspiring..

  3. that is so breathtakingly beautiful. i think i might have to include a trip to us in my travel wishlist, just so i can do something with ascension suspension. awesome guys, so awesome.

  4. Stunning.

    This is what I’d love to do. Just absolutely magical.

    I love the diversity of the suspesions that these guys do. Since viewing this blog I seriously want to do an outside ‘in-the-nature’ suspension. It seems so natural and.. right.

  5. I love it when suspension are made in the presence of mother nature:)…these are beautifull pictures and I can imagines it was quit the experience hangin over the waterfall…even the noise of the water must’ve been perfect!

  6. That is so beautiful. As if a suspension is not enough to have your mind and heart cleared a bit, but having it done in nature, above such breath-taking beauty, must be unbelievble.

    Oh man, now I wan’t a suspension over a waterfall, too.

  7. Tom, who is hanging, is from Ascention, the crew that actually coordinated all this is ROP.

  8. Actually Tom is from TSD, this was after the ROP BBQ in Mass. Emrys, Evan, Zid, and Jeff from ROP did the rigging, and I did the piercing.

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