How they do it in Russia?

What, your studio doesn’t give you something to bite down on when you’re getting your septum pierced. Sheesh. Get out of the stone ages and go visit Vlad at TT Studio in Moscow.

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25 thoughts on “How they do it in Russia?

  1. Oh God. That’s one of the areas to be pierced that just makes me wince, for some reason, when I think about the pain. I’d need a gag/thing to bite on, I’m sure.

    For some reason, I quite like the photo, though.

  2. maybe they put that to keep the people from moving their face when they get pierced… accidents can happen if the person on the table suddenly jumps

  3. That’s not getting your septum pierced, that’s getting your septum punched, and I’d bring my own leather gag to bite down, personally. *owie*

  4. Ausmoz – oh) what an awful thought! of couse it was cleaned. and nobody used that before me) this gag was just hanging in the studio to frighten clients)

  5. i’m glad the girl wrote in saying it was a joke, otherwise i’d just assume she had the pain tolerance of a two year old.

  6. i shed one single little tiny tear when i got my septum pierced but not from pain… i wonder how it feels when it gets dermal punched though… hmm? the stretching was painful but it’s still not straight, might dermal punch it straight , we’ll see… sure that i’ll need something to bite on then as well ;)

  7. i’ve had my septum pierced at 12g and later redone with a ~6g punch. they both hurt about the same with the punch just resulting in more blood. also, i had 4g holes punched in my conches originally. they weren’t as big as i hoped once i had them in my ears, so i had them redone at 00g. the 00g didn’t hurt any more than the 4g.

  8. I had my septum punched at a 4 gauge and the healing pain was alot worse than the actuall punch now when I had my conches punched holy shit I don’t know why but it was the most intense pain I’ve been through

  9. You need to remember that pain is different for different people.

    Ive been branded 11 times (cautery) and split my tongue. I could go through it all again without batting an eyelid. Ask me to get any part of my ear cartilage pierced and ill run away screaming.

    Different people can take different things.

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