BME Heart Logo Tattoo

So I have to apologize in advance to Toolie if she appears in any dirty, dirty dreams… I don’t think I could ever be a professional tattoo artist because I think I like seeing art I’ve made on other people a little too much. Not very professional! If it’s any consolation though, I don’t remember my dreams, so the depravity will have to stay silent.

14 thoughts on “BME Heart Logo Tattoo

  1. Is that scarification on her calf? I want to see what it is. I can’t tell from the angle in this picture.

  2. Yes it’s a branding done by MONTE. I’ll post a pic of it in my gallery, I can’t believe I haven’t already…

  3. Quit the weed for a month, and those dreams’ll come back to ya! 🙂

    I never remember my dreams except for the one month I take off from weed a year. After a couple of weeks I remember my dreams every single morning.

  4. i would like to kiss the tatoo, than rover with the mouth to this sweet cheeks and arround to the front between the legs, wouhhh!

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