Big Sexy Lips

Lip inflation, care of Inkboy75 in Long Beach, California.

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17 thoughts on “Big Sexy Lips

  1. is it just me, or is that dude like majorly sexy in a Justin Timberlake type way? Ahh my boy band fetish of the late 90′s, it’s all comin’ back.

  2. is funny, looking carefully this guy is not really handsome (at least for my taste), but the combination of aviators+blood+shaved head+badly shaved beard+really cute nose+big lips makes it just… wow!

  3. I’m looking at this wondering what’s cool about doing it this way. Why not use something more lasting like Restylane or even collagen? Given the context and angle of approach, I’m assuming this is a saline injection.

  4. Sunday, that’s exactly what I’m asking. I do this kind of thing daily in my practice but it’s with longer lasting stuff than saline. Was the motivation a temporary or event showpiece? Was it about the act not about the appearance? This is the very thing that I’m curious about.

  5. well, in inkboy75s pictures on his IAM page, under the picture it says “just playin”, so I guess that answers that.

  6. moddoctor – Many people like making temporary changes to their body. If that wasn’t the case, we’d never enjoy costume parties, and all our makeup would be tattooed on.

    Maybe you fall into the same category as me (almost 100% interested exclusively in permanent changes), but it’s definitely not the norm. Most people in this world enjoy changing their appearance on a regular basis I think.

  7. Shannon, see, that’s exactly what I was asking about. What was the motivation in this individual case. I wasn’t judging but asking. One of the great joys of text only communications is that all kinds of tones and intent get read into things. I wasn’t judging the act but asking, “why do it this way?” A simple, “Because it looked cool at the time.” or “I just wanted big lips for the evening.” is really adequate. I suspected but didn’t know that there might have been interest in alternatives that held up longer.

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