Single-Knee Suspension

I believe the “official” name for this style of suspension is the unifalkner. Or maybe the solochuck. I can’t remember. Either way, thanks to MUTE-ONE and xLostHopex at Cut Throat Tattoo in Milwaukee, WI for these shots. Cutting down from one knee must not only put on a great show, but be a pretty good lat workout too.

6 thoughts on “Single-Knee Suspension

  1. Hehehe, the lighting in the third pic makes it look like the guy is wearing pantyhose(or stockings, or whatever). Dunno what it says about me that my thoughts on the matter was “pantyhose, while suspending from his knees? that sounds unhygienic.”, and not “pantyhose? but…that’s a guy, isn’t it?”……

  2. Yes it is a guy. No, he is not wearing panty hose. And they are all cut downs. The center pic is of me from a show we did last May in milwaukee.

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