Happy Birthday

“I had just turned twenty-one,” writes Siobhan Vicious, “and I already had a beer in my hand.” Hey, I’m Canadian, so I can say the same thing, but replace twenty-one with fourteen. Tattoo by Tom at Renaissance in Buffalo, NY. There’s probably something pathologically wrong with me that I think a person is more attractive with a beer or a joint in their hand. Seriously. Probably not a healthy fetish.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. I second that notion, Shannon. Something about substance use (abuse?) is a turn on, at least when it is an attractive modded female that is.

    Maybe it’s just because I haven’t had a sexy smoking partner in far too long. Shucks.

  2. The red-eye is perfect. With her stare being as penetrating as it is, I could only see the beer because you pointed it out.

  3. Shannon, for someone who promotes all sorts of sexy weirdness (your mileage may vary) and says he doesn’t have a problem with anything that doesn’t involve unthinking proscription, you sure deprecate your own fetishes a lot. Mmm…sexy substance users.

    Of course, now I’m wondering if I think that too, or if I just noticed it cause she’s hot anyway and/or you said it was hot.

  4. what can i say? it was a pretty good weekend all around, haha. and i’m not gonna lie, i was pretty stoked to see that i’m on here. thanks again!

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