Inverse Upper Lip Piercing

Interesting lip-tip piercing done using custom jewelry on Krista by Chris Holepunch at Akron Ink (formerly Pain Hate Pain Studios) in Akron, Ohio. I’m not sure if it’s going to have rejection issues because the inner lip is pretty soft, but I quite like “mystery piercings” like this that confuse people who haven’t been around much piercing.

5 thoughts on “Inverse Upper Lip Piercing

  1. Jeremiah and Chris at Akron Ink are always up for spending an incredible amount of time off the clock thinking about how to meet whatever the customer wants. Both are amazing piercers and awesome guys!

    Check it out for sure if you’re in the area.

  2. I got a pair of inverse lower lip piercings done this summer (that have healed quite happily so far). I’ll see if I have any pictures around.

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