Fingernail Removal

Fingernail modification (permanent removal, relocation, and so on) is covered in BME/extreme, but it is one of the rarest and least frequently updated sections on the site… I was quite pleased to recieve this and a few other pictures from a priest (I think) who’s nearly completely removed his nails.

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56 thoughts on “Fingernail Removal

  1. O.o my little toe’s toenail looks like that O.o but just cut the nail short because i think it looks cool

  2. I wonder how dextrous he is with his fingers without the backing support of the nail. It makes his fingers look almost cartoonish, I like it.

  3. Julia everyone always says I am a freak because my little toenail is also like that. Glad to know I am in good company :)

  4. My fingernails don’t cover the tips of my fingers anymore. They’re about 1/4 inch back from the tips now. It’s from excessive nail biting when I was younger (and now, even…)


  5. Sorry. I will forever think of that line in Stephen King’s the Stand where he talks about the man’s finger nails peeling back “like wet decals”. Glad he likes his fingers that way. I couldn’t deal with it myself as I use my fingernails so much in my work. to each his own.

  6. Wow I never knew people did this. I got a toenail permanently removed by a doctor when I was younger and now theres a hunk of dry skin over the dead nailbed that almost looks like a nail anyway. Do you think thats likely to happen in this case, or so other people have more success with this than I do?

  7. what i can’t get over is the fact that Shannon said he was a priest!
    i wonder what the Catholic church would say if one of their priests was into such an extreme bodmod?

  8. Interesting look. Not sure if it’s one I’d want for myself, but kudos to him if it works for him :)

  9. Obsidian,

    My grandmother is missing a fingernail, and you can see a little crease where the nailbed is, but her skin doesn’t look like a nail to me.

  10. This is pretty neat but fingernail removal seems like it would really hurt and not so much in the good way. I guess it’s a little unusual to me because I like fingernails, but hate toenails. Regardless, it’s a good job.

  11. my cousin’s nails look kinda like that…well,ok,he has nails but they don’t go anywhere near the tips because he’s bitten them down so much.

    i never realised you could remove your nails whole nail came off once but it grew back:/

  12. Sade, to get mine removed permanently the doctor injected (I think, its been a long time I don’t really remember) something in the nailbed to kill it. I don’t know if that is the only way of doing it or not though

  13. What method is this guy using, Shannon? I don’t think I’ve seen results like that before.

    I still really want mine done. All of them. Fingers and toes.

  14. As an esthetician I find this so disturbing. Fingernails are there for for a reason. If he’s happy cool. It’s just not something I would ever want to or be able to do.

  15. i find this pretty creepy to look at, but only because i think of the pain that must have been associated with it. to me, pain under my fingernails is the worst feeling in the world. i second kanga43′s request for methods?

    to audente who said it looks cartoonish, i totally agree. looks like how i imagine popeye’s fingers would look!

  16. this doesn’t shock me or anything…but this is definitelyone of those things that just “squicks” me out. more power to him. but *shudder*

    (i think it’s because i had a scary busdriver in 1st grade and he was missing a thumbnail…that’s not why he was scary, but i always see him when i see something like this. he was really fucking frightening.)

  17. that makes me feel a little ill, but thats cause im crazy squeemish.
    and are priests allowed to smoke? i know theres nothing saying they specifically cant but its never something ive heard of a priest doing.

  18. Whoa, fingernail-removal. There was a new article on BME when I first came by ages ago and that one freaked me out like nothing else since then. Funny how different people react, I still get all squirmish when I see this particular modification, while others appeareantly go for it and/or like the aestetics.

    Good that we are all different. :)

  19. I personally have a thing about hand pain, so this is a bit oogy to look at, but it’s cool at the same time. I just wonder if this mod makes it a little tougher to use the fingers?

    I definately third on wanting to know the method used for this though.

  20. I’m curious to see the “during” pics. How exactly does one go about removing one’s fingernails, anyway?

    *shudder* I’m picturing vice grips. Oh jesus….

  21. I have a very mixed reaction to this.. On the one hand it makes me squirm uncomfortably in my chair… Losing my finger nails really freaks me out..
    On the other hand I find this incredibly intriguing and interesting…

  22. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble here, but the photo is of this girl who has bitten her nails for so many years that this is what they look like now. I’ve seen this photo on other nailbiting websites. This is not a guy. I’ll get you her name soon. Anyhoo, it does look very cool when a girl bites her nails down that low. They just usually don’t swell up like that. Does anyone know how to semi-remove a nail, like at the halfway down point?

  23. The woman in the photo holding the cigarette, her name is Catherine Simon. She has her own webpage on Yahoo [email protected] She’s not a priest. But, she does bite her nails really bad.

  24. OK – to each his own I always say. I would like to know WHY anyone would want their nails, finger or toe, removed. Anyone?

  25. Yeah, would you actually be able to play guitar with fingers like that?I’ve got a really painful 4th fingernail which digs in every time I put pressure on frets. Completely removing them seems like a good idea.

  26. It´s quite extreme short, but in overall, I love it when girl bite her nails, it´s sexy for me.

  27. My moms fingers look like that because she bites her fingernails to oblivion.
    I can’t understand how she even manages to bite them, being soooooo short :S
    Freakish pinky toes? yes, i have them also. My toenails isn’t even one mm ^^

  28. I have looked @ this a # of times, and I think this will be a future trend; the less nail the better anyway!

  29. Thanx for your comments , I’m not a man but a 47 years old female my nail is Catherine and I bite my finger and toenails compulsively , I use clippers, knives and sometimes cutter to make’ em so short
    I love biting my nails you can see pics of my bitten nails on flickr my nickname is ultranailbiter

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