"Tracheotomy Beautification"

I love this traceotomy piercing (or beautification, as she puts it) by Missy Twohig at Karma Tattoo Studio in Erie, PA. It’s healed in this photo, and is certainly one of the most unique piercings I’ve ever seen!

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18 thoughts on “"Tracheotomy Beautification"

  1. it’s slightly weird. i know its a trach mark, but it looks like a navel on his neck, lol.

  2. That’s really neat. I love how many different ways people can own/beautify their body and enhance even perceived flaws. Awesome idea.

  3. my friend has a trache scar, and it looks JUST like a butterfly. so, she has decided that when she grows up, she shall get a butterfly tattoo

  4. on top of her scar, with her scar still visible or something. all i know is that it is going to be awsome…

  5. amanda -

    how could one possibly aspirate such a piercing?? it’s a scar from a tracheotomy tube. not a gaping hole.


  6. I think there are a couple people here who don’t know what a tracheostomy is.

    Basically instead of putting a breating tube into their lungs via the oral cavity, they make an incision right below the vocal cords and insert the tube that way, most the times because there is an obstruction in the upper oral cavity.

    I’m 99% sure that all trach incisions heal completely shut (there would be way too many risks otherwise) so she couldn’t aspirate that jewelry.

    on that note, that doesn’t look like a she. Otherwise “she” has a big adams apple! haha.

  7. Nobody called the person a ‘she’… ‘bodymodgirl’ was referring to her own friend.

    The person who appeared to not know that a tracheostomy scar completely heals shut probably thought this was a breathing stoma.

  8. “I love this traceotomy piercing (or beautification, as she puts it) …” thats what LeaveThePoliticsToMadmen is talking about Slinger.

  9. Actually, in

    “I love this traceotomy piercing (or beautification, as she puts it) …â€?

    the “she” refers to the artist who did the piercing – “Missy Twohig at Karma Tattoo Studio in Erie, PA”.

  10. Man, I LOVE Missy. I actually helped her post that picture on the site, and as soon as I saw it here, I called her right away. She was quite pleased :) She will be on IAM very shortly. Yay!

  11. I had my trach in 2001……I’ve been ‘self-concious’ of it ever since. Tonight I say to hell with it ……I’m looking for a tattoo to enhance it….thanks!

  12. I’m trying to cover up a tracheotomy scar why getting a flower tattooed I even bought a numbing spray I really need some professional advice and someone with experience covering up tracheotomy scars and their advise please email me back. Thank you

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