16 thoughts on “Christofranken Walkenstein

  1. Haha, yes, Chris needs to adorn more people. The man, the legend!

    Still deciding which image of his I’m going to put on myself, never thought that one would look good, but damn, quite effectful when doing it in that color scale 🙂

  2. whoa…

    is it wrong that the actual picture of christopher is scarier than the tattoo?

    ..bit too old for a close-up there, walky. haha

  3. Christopher Walken rocks.

    “I wore that uncomfortable hunk of metal up my ass for 5 years” Haha. I like regualr Walken better than Zombie Walken but it’s an awesome idea.

  4. this one was done really badly… that girl from miami ink does much much better jobs on actual faces… i mean look at the dots used for the moustache, just not that good im afraid.

  5. *singing*
    In the velvet darkness of the blackest night…there is a guiding star. No matter what or who you are….

    There’s a light…over at the Walkenstein place.
    There’s a light…burning in the fireplace.
    There’s a light, light…
    In the darkness of everybody’s life.

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