21 thoughts on “All I can offer you is death.

  1. WOW there is something about that tattoo. I think it is one of the coolest ideas I have seen in a while.

  2. thats some pretty nice detail for a palm…

    like someone else mentioned.. its too bad that all that detail is going to be lost sooner or later… hopefully her healing is well done and uneventful..

  3. I love it!
    I’m interested to see what it looks like in 6 months. Palms can hold up on certain people, hopefully these ones will!

  4. its only one thing to say: copy! but not the original, claro.. este brilliante y bueno idea!!!! love it!!!! thanx for givin me * us ( something NEW!

  5. My Father Is Garnet… And The Guy Who Got This Well Its Not The Greatest But Still Intact And Detail Is Still Pretty Much There… I Was There When He Got It Done Was Pretty Sweet

  6. cool idea at least…but thats about it. @Nicole, your capitalization is the Most Obnoxious Thing I Have Ever Seen.

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