"Katie’s Revenge"

You can read the full story here, but the short version is this child molester killed a ten year old (“Katie”), and while imprisoned, relatives of hers got their hands on him and tattooed some of their pain onto his head. Not that it should be enjoyable, but he’s definitely not going to be enjoying his time in jail. The sad part is that now if he’s killed in prison, his family could have a winning lawsuit against Katie’s family. (Thanks to Tolley for the tip.)

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76 thoughts on “"Katie’s Revenge"

  1. It seems kind of impossible to get a tattoo on someone when they don’t want one, but I hope its true. This is fucking great, its just a shame he can get it removed by laser whenever he gets out.

  2. i genuinely hope that he never gets the chance, i have no sympathy whatsoever for somebody that would kill a kid

  3. ditto to the marker comment.

    plus if I was one of the family members and had the inclination to do this I think I’d want “pedophile” or “rapist” or something on the guys forehead, just my 2 cents.

  4. it’s too bad the words will rot away when he dies… he should have it carved into his skull.

    just MY two cents.

  5. Call me callous, but there’re ways of just plain eliminating the problem of a pedophile. Prison justice is a bitch.

  6. I think that all convicted pedophiles should have a “scarlet letter” of sorts. I’d hate to see them miss out on the beatings and rapes they deserve.

  7. “…just a beating and some marker”, still! shit, that’s ALL they did to him? Damn shame. Probably speaking for most when I say I woulda loved to see more. Nothing worse than pedos. NOTHING!

  8. Here’s the thing. I think that probably child killers- rapists – molesters should be handled differently, and probably more harshly by our justice system. If we want them in some way branded or marked, well, we can debate that where that debate belongs: in civil society.

    It’s the job of the legislatures, courts, elected officials, civil tradition, and the body of case law to decide the nature of punishment meted out for any given crime. The way the people have a voice in governance is through those civil procedures, not through random acts of vendetta and revenge.

    We live in a civilized society, not some Mad Max Wild West fantasy where the Punisher goes in guns a blazing and enforces frontier justice. It is simply wrong, legally, ethically and morally for a family member to, in a premeditated fashion, try to add onto the punishment which the good people of the state of Indiana (certainly not a hotbed of bleeding heart liberalism) felt was the appropriate state action in this case.

    It’s fun and glibly simplistic to vent and say you support all forms of troture and execution, but that is not what the people decided was appropriate punishment. If you don’t like it, go lobby your government and get the laws changed to allow a slow, torturous death. If recent developments in the US Congress are any indication, you probably have a good shot at getting it passed, but in the meantime, personal vendettas are more appropriate to third world juntas and old style organized crime than in a civilized, modern democratic nation.

    It’s just fuckin’ wrong.

  9. Wow, that’s harsh..
    i would have gone with some additional text though..
    “please feel free to cut his balls off for us. thanks, katies family”

  10. I read some of the articles about it on the link posted, and it sounds like it’s real since several traditional media outlets wrote about it. They aren’t sure if it was anyone in the family ( a cousin is in jail) or just other inmates, but either way they must have knocked him out first to get it that even looking. I don’t know how I feel about it though…

  11. I’m all for tougher laws on child molesters and child killers. The justice system is far from perfect. I don’t advocate the death penalty, just because on some occasions the wrong person gets convicted and I don’t know if revenge ever really helps anyone heal. Still, I don’t have any sympathy for child molesters and child killers. I don’t believe any of the guilty ever get “cured” or rehabilitated. How many times have the courts released a sex offender because he’s “served his time” even when it’s known the person is a high risk to re-offend. How are people supposed to protect their children? They should keep the offenders in prison, I don’t care if the other inmates deal with them, just don’t let them back out on the street.

  12. Wow, the bloodlust. I agree he did a horrible thing, all murderers, rapists…etc… have, but really, should we do violent things to people who have done violent things to show that doing violent things is wrong?

    I have family that has been hurt by people, and though the first thought may be retribution, I wouldn’t say that’s the thought you should follow through on.

  13. What the hell is wrong with some of you? The man molested and murdered a 10 year old child. Justice was not served by the courts and he deserves whatever retribution he gets, and I mean anything. Hopefully this piece of shit will get his throat opened for him after his balls have been stuffed down it.

  14. just because someone did whatever to a kid doesnt mean its ok to knock them out and tattoo it across their face.

    and you know whoever did it wont get punished as harshly as someone who did the exact same thing to a regular person. just because the guy who they did it to was a peado doesnt make it any more ok. even if he did deserve it

  15. Aye, let’s brand all child molesters so everyone can beat them up. Probably best to mark out serial murderers as well, they need a good slapping. And one off killers at that. The finest way to protest against the taking of a life is naturally to kill someone else. While we’re at it, let’s also tag everyone who’s been done for assault. And homosexuals. And foreigners. Maybe we could use a six pointed star.

    You don’t like the way the courts operate, you do something about the courts and the laws, not go around thinking you can supersede their rulings in the meantime.

  16. I am really, really shocked at how people have responded to this. I don’t understand how you can justify the death penalty ever, it is just another negative act and there are no intrinsic ‘right’ or ‘wrongs’ they’re all totally relative.
    I have in the past studied psychology, and am still an avid reader on the subject- especially dangerous personality disorders. paedophiles are actually the most helpful people, in terms of co operating with psychologists, in the prison system. by the time a paedophile reaches the stage of acting on his/her urges they have generally convinced themselves that the child wants them to do it.
    yes, we all have choices, and yes what happened to that girl is absoloutly abhorrent, but try thinking about it from HIS point of view for a second because HE is a person too, instead of just branding him as a ‘monster’ or ‘evil’.
    imagine how horrific it would be to find yourself sexually attracted to children, and trying to deal with that, supress it. hating yourself.
    I believe that paedophiles are sick, and condemning the sick in the way that most of the people in this are advocating is just. ignorant.
    we can’t try and prevent these kind of things unless we better understand them, and having some kind of knee jerk ‘evil’ reaction isn’t going to help.

    i just want to point out that i in NO way advocate his actions, and that i do think it is horrific, and i empathise with the girl’s family. it is a horrible, horrible thing to have happened, but it also isn’t as simplistic as people would like to think.

  17. It’s fine to look at things from a political point of view if you’re not involved personally. I’ve had personal experience in this arena, and I am not able to seperate myself from it.

    I’m an extremely liberal person, but when it comes to adults forcing themselves on children, I hope they live forever in absolute torment and pain. Nothing is too harsh for them, and I don’t believe any physical or mental torture will ever be enough to square things.

    That said, I also wouldn’t want to hang around and watch. All I can say about this particular case is that that guy got off fucking lightly.

  18. “A Department of Correction spokesperson says Stockelman did receive the tattoo while serving time at Wabash Valley.” It’s not marker.

  19. I’m really shocked by how many people are advocating mercy for this man.

    “just because someone did whatever to a kid doesnt mean its ok to knock them out and tattoo it across their face”

    Whatever? He raped and killed her. Whatever.

    “Aye, let’s brand all child molesters so everyone can beat them up”

    Perfect. With a great big P in the middle of their foreheads.

    “While we’re at it, let’s also tag everyone who’s been done for assault. And homosexuals. And foreigners”

    What? You think because I’d like to see this pedo die, I’d also like to see homosexuals and foreigners branded in some way too? Come on! We’re talking about someone who preys on children and SHOULD be tagged. Maybe he’ll never be able to get close to another child if he’s wearing his crime on his forehead.

    “but try thinking about it from HIS point of view for a second because HE is a person too, instead of just branding him as a ‘monster’ or ‘evil’”

    He’s a rabid animal who should be put down. I’m so bloody sick of our society defending people like this because they “can’t help themselves” or “they had a horrible childhood” or any of the other hundred excuses people come up with. If an adult finds themselves sexually attracted to children they should ACT like an adult and get help. Once they take that first step of physically touching a child they forfeit their right to any kind of mercy imo.

    “It’s fun and glibly simplistic to vent and say you support all forms of troture and execution, but that is not what the people decided was appropriate punishment. If you don’t like it, go lobby your government and get the laws changed to allow a slow, torturous death”

    I don’t feel fun or glib about this. I DON’T like it and I DO lobby my government. Children need to be protected, not the scum who uses them for his own deviant pleasure.

    I think if this happened to some of you personally or the person you loved most in the world you’d quickly change your tune. God forbid it ever does.

  20. If my mother, father, boyfriend, best friends, next door neighbours and dog were all rounded up and killed by one man, the very best tribute I could pay to them would be to not give in to my base, violent urges like the man who killed them did.

  21. I agree with Christine.

    I saw on the dutch news that a woman who’s kid was been molested by a pedophile, she followed him around Holland, and everytime he got a new place, she would ring the doorbell at EVERY house in the neighbourhood to inform them that he was a pedophile. He is pressing charges against her, but i’ll doubt if he’ll win.

  22. Why assume that this has not happened to those of us who are arguing against torture and mutiliation? How do you know I haven’t been molested in my life?

    The reason I think this should be handled by society in a calm manner is BECAUSE I am the survivor of some fairly major early childhood abuse. And back when I was a kid, in the early 70′s, there wasn’t much in the way of mandatory reporting laws. My parents just took my brother and me to a different ER every time we would need medical attention. The nurses, I guess would gossip or look askance, but no one knew exactly what to do about it. No one felt it was their place.

    Why? Because at the time it was considered something private. Something the family should deal with on their own. “Don’t get involved.” “A man’s house is his castle.” “It’s none of my business.” “Somebody closer to the family will deal with it.”

    Today, because as a matter of law we no longer believe that justice and retribution should be decided and dispensed by randomly angry relatives and friends, our society has a much higher rate of reporting abuse.

    I would give anything to have had a sane, calm, level headed third party step into my family and put a stop to what I went through. If, say, an uncle or a cousin had simply beat the tar out of my father or tattooed “child abuser” on his forehead, that would not have helped me in any way whatsoever. In fact, it probably would have only reinforced the generational cycle of violence in my family. A cycle I have only broken by setting my anger aside and learning some degree of forgiveness, if not forgetting.

    If you want people to behave like wild animals violently preying on one another, then behave like an animal. If you want people to behave civilly, then behave civilly. Be the change you want to see in the world.

  23. Nosimplehighway, I did assume those arguing against were not victims and for that I apologize. Obviously you’ve learned to deal with your anger and become a better person for it.

    As for your dad being tattooed not helping you in any way and needing a sane third party in your life then, you’re absolutely right. Your calm words shame me.

    I completely go off my rocker when the topic of pedophiles come up because I truly believe that these people are evil. I don’t think I will ever change my mind about that.

    I’m glad you’ve found peace in your life.

  24. This is wrong. We have the justice system because violent personal revenge is not a morally acceptable way of governing society.

    We already do brand these people for life. Ever heard of the sex offender registry?

  25. I think this speaks for any person who dares to take out their disgusting evil on an innocent child

    Usually, I’d say that this man is already branded a rapist, that being in prison is punishment enough. But being abused as a child myself, and still having every horrible meory of it come back every fucking day is more than I can bear. I think it’s a good way for him to wake up every day and to see that reminder, as it’s as permanent as the memories of the child’s abuse and every day of torment the family of this child in particular, Katie, go through becaus etheir daughter was killed because of this sick bastard’s cruelty

    Abusing a child sexually is unspeakable evil as it is, but killing her is just sick beyond my belief. As someone who has to go through the memories every day of what happened to her, what Katie went through is worse. My attacker got off because I was too afraid to fight back, and I just didn’t understand just how serious it was. If I was able I’d tell each and every person he knows that he abused more than one child while we were in his care

    I don’t feel any sympathy for this bastard – it sevres him the fuck right. He got off lightly for what he did to Katie, and that makes me so angry

  26. Like Nosimplehiway and Ribibe say, the problems caused by this sort of abuse are far, far larger than the abuser.

    The fact that you could brand the bastard, cut his balls off, kill him and his family and cats and bury them in a shallow grave not only reduces you to a similar level, it doesn’t eliminate the problem. It still happened and the sufferer still has to deal with it.

    The point I was trying to make earlier also covers the fact that once you start allowing individual people to make decisions like that, there’s nothing to stop anyone taking that sort of revenge. There are people who sincerely believe that gays are no better than child molesters, and would gladly administer the same shit to them on a first come first served basis. There’s just no way to draw the line.

    Hence the bloody justice system, people, which is dealing with this sort of thing better than in hiway’s day.

  27. Well
    Maybe all molesters should have a tatto on the head so we will know who they are !!!
    or kill them hmmmmm if you molest a kid you forfit your life

  28. Why don’t we start comparing repressive government policies to isolated incidents of murderous kid-fuckers getting their asses kicked?

  29. I hope someone eventually goes back over it to make sure the ink sticks…there have been lots of good points made about this and yes pedophiles (that have’nt acted out) should get counciling (like drug addicts) but this fuck raped and killed a 10 year old girl! she had ten short years to live untill this fucking sleazy piece of shit came along and put her through hell before taking her life! for someone to say that this man deserves mercy is so fucking insane it blows my mind. Stop wasting taxpayers money to keep this fuck alive in jail and put a bullet in his head.

  30. While I’m not advocating what he did, his actions were informed by his interaction with society – as all ours are. To single him out even further is a little avoidant of a deeper issue.

    His choices were negative in their effect on others around him, particularly the little girl, but now he has had other people’s choices effect him negatively as well.

    There are better ways to deal with such heinous acts against life.

    Not to mention that I think all people can learn to be in society in more positive ways, and having such a mark eliminates that possibility for him in the future (yeah he could have it removed, but until then – if at all).

  31. I wonder if, if this man was ever killed, beaten, or tortured to death by fellow inmates, would he then become a martyr or folk hero of sorts with people getting his portrait tattooed on them just to piss other people off.

  32. All the arguements about state approved torture are irrelavent. The state didn’t do this to him, the other prisoners did. Even in prison there is some sort of moral code, and in this case the line is drawn at child molestation and murder.

  33. I figure – why bother to waste the time and energy to tattoo/brand to molesters of this fucked up world that we live in and just take those people and shoot them in the back of the head!

    Yeah, I can see it from both sides (sucks to be labeled) but I could still give a shit about this “man” and what would happen to him while in jail. It makes me think twice about having kids. Cause believe me, if ANYONE ever touched my step-son in a sexual way while he was under age – I would not think twice and dragging the son of a bitch down to the cop station and beating that person to within an inch of their live and made sure that I was arrested for it.

    I live in Canada where we are all suppose to be nice and say sorry for everything that happens even when we had nothing to do with it. But my thoughts about men/women that decide that underage boys/girls are sexual “fair game” is fucking sick.

    Yeah, you could help those people that think that a 12 year old is “begging” for sex because they bat their eyes, but do you think that will really help? I don’t even agree with allowing these people out of jail and back into the real world AND I don’t agree with “cutting their balls off” because this sickness is not contained is the guys nutsack. It’s in his head!!! You could cut off his entire penis but that still leaves him with a sick mind and hands that are able to penetrate a child OR to hold something to aid with the penetration.

    The thoughts of harm and the sickness lives within the brain – so shoot him/her there! Fuck the tattoo!

  34. ChopperMark hit the nail on the head.

    And no, I have absolutely no sympathy for this guy. I hate to say it, but what those prisoners did to him really wasn’t all that harsh. Yes, it was a violation of his person, but I can think of MUCH worse ones… It’s not like they castrated him or removed some other body part. He isn’t physically incapable of taking care of his own hygiene/feeding himself because of their actions (a shame, really, except for the fact that the taxpayer would have to foot the bill for his needs…).

    Oh, and I quite like Super Muffin’s last comment. Go ahead, call me one of those base, violent animal bastards. I promise you, I’ll sleep very well tonight.

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  36. “Revenge” is an interesting word choice. I thought a jilted lover had done it before reading the article.

    I mean, if they really wanted to get the point across, they should have written/tattooed “Rapist” or “Murderer.”

    I guess Christine basically said the same thing already…

  37. i think in a civil society we’f either find something constructive to do with these people,or we’d kill them because keeping someone in jail for years and years,and then releasing them isn’t exactly going to change anything(within them especially).my cousin was in jail for 15 yrs for a crime and came out and now 2 years later he’s back in there with a 20 year sentence.

  38. I’ve had some shitty things happen to me in my life, but I don’t feel that revenge will make me feel any better about what happened. It doesn’t change that fact that something did happen. All it does is create more pain. Maybe that’s the social worker in me, but I don’t see what it solves. Most of these people have serious psychological problems, so why not treat the problem instead of the symptom. Fucking up their face doesn’t really do anyone any good, and it certainly won’t bring back the little girl.

  39. To all those who are arguing for fair treatment of the rapist because “HE is a person too” : I believe he gave up his rights as a human being the minute he was found guilty.
    Also, i just thought everyone should see this quote:

    ‘Terry Gray, a Collman family friend told Eyewitness News, “… In the early interviews they have with him when he was in prison, when he first got there, it was kind of like a vacation to him, wasn’t too bad at all. So I’d say he probably has a change of heart about that now.”‘

  40. Shooting him would be far too easy! I think he deserves what he got and alot more, got no sympathy for him or any other bastards like him. Totally with kitchee on this one.

  41. Yeah, I don’t know too much about the legal system in the US, but here you rape and murder a child… then get 3 years in a prison with a choice of flavoured water every hour. In principle I don’t agree with vigilante justice, but in cases like this it’s necessary.
    There is a BIG difference between finding children sexually attractive and committing a sexual act with one. Most men do feel like that towards a child at some point; and all of them that deserve to live are totally disgusted with themselves, and could not even imagine hurting an innocent child that badly.
    In a justice system that releases and re-releases people like this man, I can really see no choice but to mark them in a similar fashion.

  42. Well, I’ve seen the light now. Lets pay for his tattoo removal, so when he gets out his next victim will have no idea what he has in store for them.

    Serious sex offenders can’t be rehabilitated and tax payers shouldn’t have to pay to clothe and feed them. Call me an insensitive animal. At least I don’t kill children.

  43. To the people who said this doesn’t fix anything, or bring the little girl back, you are right, but since hes got this tattoo and its been on the news everyones going to know who he is when he gets out, thats going to make it a hell of alot harder to do this to another little girl or boy. So you never know, this could have saved someone, if its a real tattoo of course.

  44. To the number 41 respondent. You are an obvious democrat who wants society to claim an amount of responsibility for someone’s actions. True enough, if he has mental issues then his FAMILY should have taken care of him, NOT society. The idea that I somehow need to offer-up ANYTHING to “help” this guy seems ludicrous to me.

    Good for those inmates who found this creative, expressive way of handling this guy. They didn’t kill him – as some here have said they should have – but they chose simply to expose him in a way that might protect other’s following his release; God forbid.

    Seems our liberal court system can’t take care of these issues so I guess a few reformed individual’s on the “inside” provided their time and effort to perform thier part in abating any further abusive actions by this guy.

    God Bless America – and know that responsibility is ours, this guy was not found to be insane. He is guilty – PERIOD!!


  45. i can’t believe some people have mercy with this guy.

    no matter if it brings back the little girl or not – he should be punished for the rest of his miserable life.

    to all those (sexually) abused people here: i’m sorry, if you were too weak to revenge yourself or that there was nobody that did this for you… or at least someone that took care.

    of course there should be laws, but can’t you imagine how bad it must be to lose the most beloved person in your life?!

    i know that it is sometimes hard to love yourself or care about your own body or soul the way you do for others.. but really, don’t you think this little innoncent child should have been saved? even if you haven’t been?

    i’m sorry that you don’t feel the urge to hurt pedos or murderer. i do. that has nothing to do with being an animal or an aggressive person. it’s just fair. yes, i really said fair.

    i think you should have the right to hurt this person like they’ve hurt you or your relatives in cases like this.

    “While we’re at it, let’s also tag everyone who’s been done for assault. And homosexuals. And foreignersâ€?

    sorry, but that isn’t the same. in absolutely none way. homosexuals don’t rape boys and lesbians don’t rape girls. but pedos and murderer ruin other persons lifes. can’t you see the difference? there can be drawn a line.

  46. I understand your anger, but a couple of things really bother me about your post Sara.

    I find it a tad offensive to suggest anybody who has been abused is “too weak to revenge” themselves if they don’t act on vigilante urges. NO victim of sexual abuse brings on the abuse themselves, and no victim should be blamed for the shortcomings of the justice system if the courts fail them. I’d rather encourage victims to have the strength to face the abuse and overcome it.

    The second thing that bothers me is the phrase “you should have the right to hurt this person like they’ve hurt you or your relatives” The problem with promoting this idea of vengeance is that the victim doesn’t always go on to hurt the person who hurt them. If they can’t get the help they need, If they choose to lash out, they may pick someone weaker, someone they can overpower like a child for example and the abuse becomes a cycle.

    I want to see an end to abuse as a cycle. Sorry if that sounds like pacifist bullshit. If people only targeted the the ones who actually hurt them, I can’t say for sure if I’d be 100% against it.

  47. hey anonymous,

    i don’t see any other opinions in your post than mine. of course, the cycle of all this abusing shit should be broken.

    it’s okay, when victims just want to get over all the cruel things that happened in their lives and don’t want to revenge themselves.

    i don’t think everyone that doesn’t have the urge to act their pain out against the criminal is “too weak”, sorry if didn’t pointed that out too well.

    and i’d never blame victims for the shortcomings of the justice, never. i think the society shouldn’t look away when crimes happen, though the most people do look away constantly. (okay, i don’t know if i would do the “right” things in such a situation, thank god i’ve never had to decide yet. nobody is the perfect person, mistakes just happen. but i think when children get to the hospital all beaten up the nurses should do something about it.. other than just vet the obvious wounds and say it’s the problem of “society” and not theirs.)

    of course the victims should get help. i don’t say “beat the fucker that did this to you and then get over it yourself”. and of course people who feel attracted to little kids should get help as well before they even touch them. but as soon as they abuse children they’re not worth to lead a comfortable life anmore.

  48. That’s fair. Sorry Sara, your post was the last one I read and some of your choice of wording puzzled me a bit. I just wanted clarification. I agree with everything you said in post 59.

  49. Sara, I’m a bit stunned at what you said about people being abused being too weak to fight back

    Do you realise that there’s a lot of children who can’t fight back because they were frightened, or didn’t realise just how serious it is? If your abuser is still around after he attacked you (and mine was) what do you think would happen if they told and there was no way anybody could prove it? It would have continued, ofen getting worse because the child dared to fight back

    As for saying that we feel we can’t hurt who hurt us, erm, yes we can. If I see my attacker again I can’t tell what I’d do. It’s been over a decade now and my family still don’t know it happened – they knew of some of the other things this man did – but not what happened to me

    I wish that I could give my attacker a hard merciless blow for every time I’ve though about it. I wish I’d spoken up about it, but that’s the choice I’ve made and regardless of how I feel about it, that’s what I’ve got to live with

    I don’t condone to death penalty, and as sick as this evil man is, doing this won’t bring Katie back. Nothing will. But I think he should suffer the rest of his life in jail and that’s obviousl what’s going to happen

    It’s not as if i’s that obvious. Unless somebody know shim and what he did, they’re just going to think upon encountering him for the first time: ‘Oh, he’s just some knobhead with a girl’s name tattooed on his forehead….’

    But I back up what I say: it serves him right. Karma came back to kick his ass hard on that one, like it always does to sickos like him

    I’ve read your post responding to Anonymous, thank you for clearing it up, just need to be careful about clarity in a debate of something serious like this :)

  50. Someone mentioned that the Sex Offender Registry is a form of branding people for these crimes, and in a way I agree with that. However many people don’t even know about the registry and many of those people have children. I think that when someone commits a crime like this it should be very publicly known. It should not be left to chance that people encountering a sex offender will have seen the registry and know that the person is not safe to have around their children. I don’t think that tattoos are the right way to go about it, but I think its a lot better than the system we have now. This tattoo may use the word revenge, but I don’t think the revenge is the violent one you are all speaking of. I think the revenge is his knowing that everyone he encounters for the rest of his life will know what he has done and he will truely have to live with the consequences of his crime, much moreso than if he had just spent some time in prison.

  51. he deserves it. i dont support drug offences that much but depends on how the trafficker forces a kid into hard drugs that im against but pedophiles. imagine you were the victim. he had no mercy on a young kid he deserves more punishment. they should give him mercy either

  52. Reading all about this has made me very upset, and I wish I’d just had the strength to fight back, to show two thoroughly selfish parents someting else was wrong. I was so consumed by a horrendous man like that I couldn’t. They still to his day don’t know what happened to me by my nonce of a teacher, and I can’t tell them because they just don’t believe me, because I was determined to act normal and pretend nothing was wrong – I pretended so well that they wouldnt believe me now, and asides from on the net, I just cannot share the pain and misery caused

    I hope no other child has to go through this, and had I just told somebody what was happening the bastard who abused me wouldnt still be walking the streets

    I hope this nonce gets a good reminder of what he did by looking at the mirror every day. I have become a sad, bitter and angry person, and although I blame myself for not being strong and fighting back, I also blame the man who stole my innocence, happiness and childhood away from me, much like this bastard stole Katie’s childhood and innocence, and ultimately her life.

    It took me a while to get up the urge to post so candidly, but I feel in my heart that if you do things like this, you are evil and men who are just as evil in a different way will make you pay for it

    I hope this son of a bitch feels some kind of remorse someday and understand the true pain he’s caused this girl’s family, and I hope this tattoo helps that. It serves him right – he bloody asked for that!

  53. Iv’e seen something silimilar in a movie once and all I could think was “EXACTLY.”
    If I could I’d catch every rapist/molester/whatever and just carve the words into his forehead, no tattoo, just a big ass scar that reads “RAPIST”, to make him as ugly on the outside as a girl who was raped feels on the inside.


  55. no arguments about the gravity of the crime – but there is no punishment for what this man did. there is no redress. it is entirely irrevocable, entirely unfixable. tattooing it on his forehead will not make him feel guilty – only aggrieved. guilt has to come from some other place. he may never feel it. he may never understand. he may always be able to justify it to himself.
    tattoing it on his forehead might help you express moral outrage but it doesnt achieve anything. all we can do as a community is protect ourselves and prevent him from being able to do this to another child. sad but true. lock him away, or put him down. ..neither is a very good option but all we have.
    if only someone could come up with a way of helping these people before they commit crimes… but is it hardwired.. or learned behaviour????

  56. i think they could have done alot worse. how is the murder of your ten year old daughter put right just by scribbling something on the blokes head?

  57. Hey! I know what’s fun! How about your daughter gets fucked and murdered by some sick fuck and not only is the America justice system so messed up that a monster like this could go unpunished or only jailed for 10 years, but like Shannon said, his freakin’ family could sue for the tat!

    EVEN BETTER some doctor is removing the tat for FREE. No, this isn’t a Mad Max world, but it is one of Man. And, less we forget, man is an animal. There are certain primal instincts which man is training himself to ignore. Why? Because he thinks it makes himself “better”. If someone ever touched my daughter, just touched her, there isn’t much a cop could do to keep me from him. Let them arrest me. I’ll get out, just like the real criminals do. Everyone in America (and I am an American) is so hung up on POLITICAL CORRECTNESS that we forget how henious the crime really is.

    No death penalty? Yeah, that little girl experieced “No Death Penalty” and I am sure she would be real proud of people standing up for that mans right to live. Yes, we all die sometime, Cupcake. I get it, but it was not that little girls time to go. I beileve that if you intentionally forfiet someone else’s right to life, you forfiet your own. Try explaining Judical process and Right to Live to a recently bereaved parent.

    Besides, Are you going to be the one that has to live next to this guy when he’s out?

  58. I have a registered child molester living down the street from me and one day (while back) he started hanging out around my house when he knew no one was home but me. Then I started finding beer cans and food wrappers in the far corner of my backyard. Then he started talking to me, commenting on how well endowed my chest was and how I should come hang out sometime. Then he started knocking on my door at all hours of the night. Pretty soon, my FAMILY that I live with started finding broken chips off our outside doors, like someone had tried to break in. At the time I was 19 years old. This man had a little girls braclet on his wrist everytime he came up to me to “flirt”. I called the cops but they said there was nothing I could do until he actually did something illegal.

    I wouldn’t tattoo the mother fucker. I’d kill him.

  59. i’m surprised more of this isn’t publicized… things like this happen more often than what the public know about… i work in the system and have seen some shit first hand that has yet to be made public… hopefully his family sees nothing out of what happened… financially i mean…

  60. I hope this is for real and that the girl’s family get away with it, as a survivor of child abuse I believe these people should be punished permanantly, by life imprisonment with no reprieve, I wouldn’t agree with the death penalty, they should live and suffer the consequences.
    Abusers are the worst scum.

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