Eddie Pour La Vie

I’ve mentioned quite a few times how much I like Lionel from Out of Step Tattoo in France’s work (previous entries: 1, 2, 3, 4). This dog-and-crossbones tattoo is no exception!

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21 thoughts on “Eddie Pour La Vie

  1. “is that a joke? I’m honestly curious, I just don’t see the skill. ”

    It’s not supposed to be realistic. That’s the way the client wanted the tattoo to look, and it takes skill to recreate an image in any style.

  2. I looked at his other work and I suppose it’s great if you like that style, I just really think it looks the art work of a second grader. And it’s not just this piece, it’s all of his work.

  3. If there are people out there who are convinced they want this type of art on them forever, who’s to argue with the end result, I guess its more the motivation that is questionable. I mean, if they wanted a photorealistic tattoo and this is what they got then I would start asking questions.

  4. I guess the new french tattoo school isn’t that popular out of France then… It’s a real fad about getting childish tattoos, numbers and letters, with a cartoonish feel and stange lines going to nowhere.
    You should also check http://www.yourmeatismine.com, gallery of Yann blackTattoo, known as the invegstigator of this trend.

    I like this one anyway, but I prefer the kind of solid black work they do sometimes. Merci de poster quelques français!

  5. Yay for Lionel! :) I hope he’ll return to The Netherlands and can do a bit of service on my tattoo soon.

  6. I love this type of syle(on other people) Its so simple, fresh and unique. And who said that a great looking tattoo has to be a fine lined complicated, reallistic portrait to be great. It takes just as much skill to get the placement and little bit of shading just right so that it doesnt look like anything but a mess. I think its clever and cute.

  7. I really just don’t understand this and I don’t exactly like it. But hey, if it is art, it’s not for everyone and if it is for everyone, it is not art.

  8. I fucking love Lionel, his work is so unlike the traditional idea of ‘tattoo’ art, and I love how much it looks like it could be a pencil drawing or a doodle on paper :]

  9. I don’t like the style myself, I must say. said that, at the end of the day, each to their own and if the owner likes it then tis all good with me! =)

    although I really do like the abstract arm tattoo :P

  10. I can only agree with shannnon, Lionels style is faboulous.I ve got one tattoo by him myself and it was nive meeting him!

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