Simple Stars

It has been suggested by folks commenting here that I use little tattoos like this as a thinly veiled excuse to post scantily clad girls and guys. This entry and I suppose to a lesser extent a couple other entries from today are here to infuriate those people, and engorge the rest. Now, I’m not saying my accusers aren’t correct and that I don’t have onanistic voyeuristic motivations, but from my own personal fetishes, even a tiny little tattoo makes a person immensely more aesthetically appealing… Not that my feelings are even vaguely relevant to someone else or what tattoo they should get!!!

11 thoughts on “Simple Stars

  1. Her naval is there, it’s just hard to see because of the bright light.

    And I don’t see anything wrong with posting pictures like this…even small modifications count as mods, and they make a person inherently more interesting in my mind (and this girl would be fairly interesting without the stars)

  2. I think when folks get the idea of “modified” they think you have to be inked from head to toe with a hole in every possible location –

    not so.

    Lovely picture of a lightly modified female 🙂

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