Inbev Beer Tattoos

This guy sure likes Juliper and Leffe (for edgers and Bud Lite drinkers, these are popular Belgian beers)! Tattoos by Tanne at Body Design in Gent, Belgium.

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23 thoughts on “Inbev Beer Tattoos

  1. His tattoo says ‘Jupiler’ not Juliper… Surely someone else noticed that?

    Well I suppose he can say it’s pretty unique?


  2. True beer belly indeed. I know its off topic but I just got done reading about the band Weezer sueing Miller (MGD). G4 (the tech tv station.. nerd tv.) reported on it and basically told Weezer off.

    The report

  3. Indeed “Jupiler” is right! I’m Belgian and I prefer this beer too. The other beer “Leffe” contains more alcohol and is not bad either especially the dark Leffe. MMMM… Beer.

  4. “Juliper and Leffe”, “Paulaner Munchen” for France are somethin’ like water for horses… Think different, think not Pepsi, but think 1664, Stella Artois or Kronembourg (France) (Sorry it’s also water for donkey)
    for my part Guiness (Eire) or Chimay blue label (Belgian) are ones of the best beer I’ve drink.
    But When I’m thirsty I love San Miguel (Spain), Carlsberg (Danish), Tuborg (France) , or Heineken (Nederlands) because they are light & fresh


  5. Speaking of beer, during the FIFA World Cup in Germany I found a brand called Desperado that was lager and tequila. Nice, but could only take two bottles before it got too sweet.

  6. Hahaha I’ve seen that guy at multiple conventions in The Netherlands and Belgium. Guess they had a reason for only showing his belly huh ;)

  7. I like the tattoo, reminds me of the miller tatto posted a while ago.
    Im living in france at the moment, beer here is terrible (speaking from an irishmans point of view), better start drinking the wine i think.
    I have seen desperados here, only girls drink them seemingly. By the way i cant stand guinness! If you like beer the only country for it is Germany. Erdinger – lovely lovely beer. 2 types. Light and dark. Personally i prefer the light one. Very malty. Anywho il stop babbling and leave you with a great recipe.
    Fat Frog:
    1 bottle Smirnoff Ice
    1 bottle Bacardi Breezer Orange
    1 bottle WKD (pronounced wicked) Original Vodka Blue

    Get 2 pint glasses, pour one half of Smirnoff Ice into one pint glass and the rest in the other glass, then do the same with the orange breezer, then followed by the Blue WKD. Mix, and the drink should turn green. Add ice if you want, and if you are feeling tough throw in a yagermesiter or shot of your fancy, the stuff is rocket fuel. After 2 though it goes stale in your mouth. Be warned and enjoy ;)

  8. paulaner salvator is the best bock i’ve tasted so far. as far as belgian beers go, corsendonk (abby pale i think?) is the tastiest one i’ve tried. my most like porter and all time favorite beer is black butte porter from deschutes in oregon. as far as stouts go, i really enjoy sam smith’s oatmeal stout. also, there’s a small brewery in livingston, mt, that had an oatmeal stout that was just as, if not more, delicious than sam smith’s. i really wish i could remember the name of it. highland from asheville, nc, makes an awesome oatmeal porter too.

  9. dude desperados own. i didn’t know they weren’t common though..or are they common and Chris had just never seen them before?

    i had them in france for the first time. so good.

  10. Where in france were you? im in lyon for the year. Never seen em before this though. Duvel i was drinking a few nights ago, 8.5% beer, dont know what that is in proof or whatever americans use but i think its just double the %.

  11. Sorry Wilburt I live in pau ! It’s far away pau is between biarritz and toulouse
    I’m sorry money is not here…
    If you want o see go & see mism

  12. Hehehe.
    Well, I’ve never been a huge fan of beer, but this is an awsome, uh…., belly piece.

  13. It is Jupiler and not juliper.
    Belgian beer is the best!!!
    You should really try it once. And if u don’t like, than you got no taste for real beer!.
    “Jupiler Jupiler Jupiler, that’s my beer for that I care”


  14. Gulden Draak:10.5%
    Duvel: 8.5%
    Westmalle Trippel: 9.5%
    Delirium tremens: 8.5%
    StBernardus: 10.5%

    And this is only the warming up…

    These are “strong” Belgian beers. No way you can find beers like these somewhere else. If you can, try them, but don’t drink too many because you get drunk rather quick.

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