Dermal Anchor Eyes

These dermal anchor mermaid eyes are pretty funny… Because of their temporary nature versus the permanent nature of a tattoo, I’m not sure that I’d choose this combination of piercing/implant with tattooing, but I’ll bet it causes lots of double takes. These were done by Jef Saunders at Rockstar Body Piercing in Providence, RI on iam:VioletLips.

14 thoughts on “Dermal Anchor Eyes

  1. how hard are those to get out, as opposed to subdermal implants? i was wonder what the chance of damage occuring to a tattoo was, both on implant and extract. i’m thinking about doing somthing like this my self cause it alwasy turns out so damn cool looking 🙂

    btw, anyone know where you can order these online, or would i need to get some from some one who does the implants. i’d like to try to implant my own.

  2. weird, because i thought the idea sounded a little different, but i love how it came out.

  3. It makes her look posessed. Plus, I’m just sketch about the dermal anchors thing since my experience went so badly.

  4. They were done a bit crooked, they never set right, I had to get them scalpeled out of my face, and the jewelry the guy who supposedly invented it used was all sorts of jagged and nasty. Fun times. Hoepfully the jewelry and the technique has improved now…

  5. this is a photo of me, and i did eventually have to take the jewlery out because one of them rejected. however its been about a month and i have litttle to no scarring and i would happily get it done again.

  6. I just got two dermal implants put into my arm yesterday to add some bling to an old tattoo!!! The outcome is just what I wanted. 🙂 I love them and will be getting quite a few more. And I even have a tattoo design in the works that will incorporate many implants throughout the tattoo. My piercer did a fantastic job and has a lot of experience with this new procedure. I cant wait to get more done. I submitted a photo to the site so be sure to look for it here. Peace to all who love the art of body modification and tattooing!!!

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