The miracle of dermablend

Personally I prefer Bronte without the makeup (and thus with her happy facial tattoos), but sometimes you have to go out and do things in disguise to use the invisible but still very real “whites” door instead of the “colored” door. Oh, and as a point of amusement, these are pictures she sent her dad in response to the “how are you going to get a job?” question.

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52 thoughts on “The miracle of dermablend

  1. Unfortunately, that’s the sort of world we live in. :/ Shame, she looks so pretty with the tattoos.

    Personally, I greatly dislike having to wear makeup… and I have a small birthmark on my face so I’m that company’s target demographic. I suspect that this would not be a good solution for me. I guess I’ll keep getting tattoos in hidden places.

  2. Eyuh, it is unfortunate that she has to cover up – but given that she does, this seems like quite an effective solution!

  3. It’s funny to see how her make-up ‘ends’ at her neck :P
    Her tattoos are so pretty, it’s a shame she has to cover them up

  4. This is very interesting, especially from an actors point of view (who has a visible tattoo that needs to be covered up for almost every show I’m in).

    I wonder where she bought it?

  5. Wow, I need to show this to a couple of my actor friends who desperately want tattoos. As a former makeup designer I promised them it’s possible to cover tattoos up, but they wanted proof. And here it is!

  6. Yes Dermabled is a wonderous thing, it does suck having to cover up your tattoos, but the way i looke at it as, i can either have no facial tattoo, or have a facial tattoo that i can show off on my days off..

    here is a pic of me with the dermablend on:

    Here is a pic of the facial tattoo:

    I could not find simular pics, but it shows what it needs to

  7. It’s sad she has to cover it. This is seriously refueling my desire for some neck tattoos.

  8. Wow, that makeup works really fucking well! I’m impressed with the fact that it doesn’t look overly heavy.

    @a.rotten.mind — I couldn’t even see your chin work (nicem by the way) in the second pic, and I was lookin!

  9. Wow, it’s too bad she has to cover them up but in a way I think it’s neat to have that option. Until the day the rest of society catches up and clues in that facial mods are ok, it’s good to know that there’s effective makeup.

  10. It’s sad she has to cover up. But in the close-minded world we live in, it happens. I know what it’s like to lose a job because of my tattoos. I’ve been turned down because of tattoos more times than I can count. And I don’t even have any on my neck or face! I work at Hot Topic at the moment, so they are ok with me showing off my work. I just wish everyone was as clued-in as they are.

  11. This stuff really works well. My tattoo artist used it for her wedding back in the day. For her mom. Too bad she regrets covering them up, though. I can’t wait until the younger generations that are more open to modification take over. Maybe then we wont have to worry about getting fired (or not hired for that matter) over our appearances.

  12. Thanks everyone for the comments. And thank you, Shannon, for including me once again on the Mod Blog.

    Unfortunately it is hard to get the color just perfect with my skin tone and in pictures you will notice where the makeup ends with my neck.

    However, my classmates commented they did not notice this in person. Perhaps the flash of the camera exaggerated this?

    Regardless, it’s always nice to wash the makeup off at the end of the day. :)

    IAM bronte_1975

  13. Her tattoos are so pretty, it’s a shame she has to cover them up, but it’s proof that you can get a job with the right amount of perserverance. This really gives me an excuse to get facial tattoos right now. Facial stars, here I come. :)

  14. maybe these photos will stop my mother from ripping me to shreds everytime i go home tattooed…(she is an artist but is still somehow very narrow minded about body mods and tells me on a regular basis that i look common- thanks mummy!)

  15. I wish that people could just accept body mods.
    I have 2 facial tattoo’s and I constantly get stared at because of them.
    I don’t care though. I got them because they make me happy….

    btw, she looks super happy in the first picture.

  16. Bronte is one of the most beautifull persons I know ……We talk regularry and I hope to meet her soon in real. She is sweet, sensitive and romantic ……. Her facial work is extreme beautifull …. it`s a shame people don`t understand the beauty of tattoos ……hope for her she will get much more tattoos soon ……

  17. Wow, dermablend seems really effective. I wonder how well it covers darker or thicker patterns though?

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  19. i once had to cover up this guy’s tattoo for a play and it took FOREVER to make it look like real skin.

  20. Why is everyone saying they feel sorry for her having to put make-up on over her facial tattoos?

    Do you say the same thing for people without facial tattoos who put on their make-up for work?

    Not much of a difference to me. Both are “cover ups”.

  21. I have a tattoo on my back. And I was in a show where I wore a wifebeater, and half my tattoo stuck up above the neckline. Although the combination of Dermablend and Ben Nye took some time, you still could barely notice it ten feet away, much less as an audience member looking at the stage. My tattoo is blackwork as well.

  22. #46 — because tattoos are something the person who has them wants and is usually proud of, but must hide in certain situations, whereas people without facial tattoos typically wear makeup to cover things about their faces that they are unhappy with.

  23. I heart her tattoos. They just add to her already beautiful face.

    Yes, it sucks that we live in a society where she should have to cover up her gorgeous facial tattoos, as people fear what they cannot understand.

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  25. I also use Dermablend at times to hide my ink in certain situations. The stuff is amazing!! Her tats are very nice; too bad she has to cover them.

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