Now that’s intense.

Update: Since people are asking, the “why” answer is because the navel is very sensitive and many people greatly enjoy this type of navel play (BME/HARD has a lot of navel play pictures). The “how” answer is because it’s a skewer, not a beveled needle, so when it pierces tissue it spreads more than cutting, and pushes things out of the way before penetrating them. If you want to find more information on this in a fakir context, try a search for “Mirin Dajo”.


110 thoughts on “Daaaaaaay-um

  1. Mmmmm — I can’t help it, my brain just screams – “why?!” Though I suppose that’s my own question to deal with.

    No disrespect to the brave intended — but is this body modification?
    And by the same extension — can anyone who is penetrated then consider themselves modified?

  2. I’m no one to judge other people’s mods or rituals, but I was wondering what the medical implications of such a puncture might be? Like, are perforated intestines actually not as bad of a problem as I’m assuming they are?

  3. Sorry if this seems stupid, but that must be extremely dangerous…

    That skewer looks long enough to hit a few organs.

  4. Daaaaay-um!
    I want to meet this person, I want to understand how he does it. It looks so intense… it just looks.. wow…

    Whether it’s body mod or not – I think it is. In the same way that suspenion is.

  5. Wow, thats the first thing ive ever seen on here that made me feel like I was going to pass out… Good job man!

  6. And for the “why”, the navel is incredibly sensitive for many people — navel torture play is quite common, and a small percentage of people enjoy it immensely.

  7. That reminds me of a lyposuction procedure I saw on TV when I was really young. They stuck the sucking metal straw thing through her belly button too.

  8. It reminds me of the old wives tale about piercing your belly button and your stomach knotting around the bar – I guess the doctors would be right if they were all done like that heh.

  9. sdfhylkhflkhsadlkjsakjf.

    it’s been a long long looong time since anything i’ve seen on here has totally got me all squeamish. *clutches stomach and dies*

  10. Note the scar running down his stomach. One of my co-workers recently had to have some canerous material removed from his bowel and he has a VERY similar scar.

    Perhaps this person had to have some organs (re?)moved and thus was able to perform what we see in the picture.

    Very cool either way, I always wondered what that may feel like… it hurts me a lil just to poke inside of my navel. ^_^

  11. i was also thinking that or something similar – that like maybe there was a healed fistula there to begin with, from a surgery or something. THAT would be a modification 🙂

  12. Manada, i would consider this more ritual, a bit like suspension or cheek skewering, not exactly modification but it all kind of ties in together.

    That being said OOOW
    I would really like to know how they did that without hurting any organs. Thats pretty amazing really. Looks pretty cool but I would not do it myself, i can barely clean my navel without squicking!

  13. It is possible that he has had some or all of his large intestine removed, as in IBS.

    I can’t help but notice the creasing under his pecs, however. It seems like he may be distending his stomach or somesuch? I know I’ve seen people do very strange things with their abdomens.

  14. not very many things make me squeemish- this doesn’t either. mad props to this guy, that’s extremely impressive, definitly made me do a double take.

  15. let me revert back to my childhood for a second: gagagagagagagagagagagaga
    that’s about all i could say when i saw that picture, oddly enough.
    it’s certainly strange that more people get “sickened” out by something that involves no blood or gore.
    but then again, this is bmezine: anything is possible 😉

  16. I’m just curious how one avoids peritonitis (from punctured intestines) when performing such a procedure? Interesting!

  17. Sickened nothing. Let’s be serious about this. If he doesn’t pierce an organ he’s at risk of peritonitis, a potentially fatal infeciton. Penetrating the abdomen is a “big deal” and even doing so in a surgical setting requires serious considerations of sterility and the like. Further considering the underlying structures is important here. The navel is often above the level of the bifurcation of the abdomal aorta which means that back there somewhere is the largest vessel in the body which if penetrated would result in a pretty rapid death from internal bleeding. Relatively speaking, any of these complications is uncool.

    That said, dude. Enjoy your thing, I just have serious reservations coming from the medical side.

  18. wouldn’t the fact that he’s a big dude play into it also? granted, i don’t know much about anatomy, but it looks like he’s got plenty of squish to skewer before he actually gets to anything important. skinny dude like me might not be so successful…

  19. Nice.

    I’m betting the person has Crohn’s and has had small bowel removal with some fistula development as a result which would at least facilitate such a feat.

    Buuut, looks fairly well built for a Crohn’s person…maybe something else…

    I can imagine that feeling pretty interesting in a good way though, all possible complications aside.

  20. So, let me see if I’ve got this down; the skewer is about seven inches long, give or take, and it’s penetrating about five, maybe six inches into his abdomen. IIRC, there is an impermeable membrane between the abdominal muscles and the intestines. Does the skewer actually piece through this membrane?
    And if the skewer isn’t really sharp, how does he get it to penetrate the skin and muscle in the first place? I would think that would take a lot of force, and if you slip when forcing something like that, it’s, Hello!, Perforated intestine!

  21. how funny is it that i spent more time looking at the scar on his stomach rather than the skewer in his navel? guess it’s because i have a very similar scar, from back in the days when they didn’t do scope surgery to rip out your gall bladder.

    made me shiver a bit too, but hey, to each their own. i hope he at least enjoys it.

  22. WOW. Just…wow! That’s amazing, the fellow who did that must be very brave. I wouldn’t be able to do it.

  23. I don’t know what exactly what, or how thick whatever barrier between the bellybutton and organs are (I wonder how hard he had to push)…although I do remember reading in Modern Primitives a story of how someone died getting the inside of their bellybutton tattooed the tradition Samoan way, guts on the outside and everything…does anyone know what I’m talking about? Random, but it this made me think of that. Also, I can only imagine the putrid smell emanating from that bellybutton during the healing process, EW!

  24. Finally something here made my stomache turn! 😉 I personally can’t stand it when someone put’s a finger in there, so let alone this..!

  25. Is it the same idea as when the Sideshow acts hammer nails into their nostrils? is there a cavity there or something?

  26. from my understanding (my being stabbed, and a few friends having the same experience) puncturing the abdomen is not that big a deal, rupurting organs, and in particular, the intestines is…
    and i’m amazed that people get this bugged by this… a girl sticking a finger in there does quite the opposite for me…

  27. The first thing I thought when I saw this was “what about bacteria”. I see no use of betadine, no gloves, nothing. And its done with a barbeque skewer no less…..ermm. No thanks!

  28. Out of all the things I have seen on modblog… THIS bothers me the most. Only because it makes me want to die just thinking about anything poking my belly button. That is also a quite impressive belly… hehe.

  29. One of my favorite things about the bme community was how accepting they were of all forms of body modification. I take the stand that it is his body and he should be allowed to do with it what he wants. I think it’s unfair to anyone who contributes to bme to be judged harshly through a forum setting. I had long thought that this was a supportive community, but over the last several days I’ve been wondering about that. Granted, we are all allowed our own opinions, but why would you want to be a part of a site that you know contains images and information to things you strongly disagree with.

    I guess that’s just my two cents.

  30. oh goodness! ive never felt so squeamish as this with modblog. usually even the harder stuff is fine by me. didnt help i was having a bacon buttie for breakie! haha. the picture left me a pit puzzled however.

  31. Sam, although I agree with you about some of the posts over the last few days, I don’t think most of the posts about this picture are like that.
    Granted a lot of people (including me) have said they find it squeamish, their navel is sensitive, or they wouldn’t do it themselves, but I don’t really think those are rude comments. We can accept something without actually wanting to do it ourselves. I think most people that made comments about organs (like me again) are genuinely curious. Although I guess I can only speak for myself.

  32. Obsidian-
    It wasn’t necessarily directed towards this set of pictures. I was just speaking out in general about some other things that have been posted by what I’m guessing are mostly non regular bme community members regarding other contributions. Like I said, I was just giving my two cents.

  33. “he’s got plenty of squish to skewer” 😀
    I’ll accept that it’s not photoshopped, it just looks it; no blood, no reddened skin… weird.
    Also, OW.
    Damn it, that’s the only thing on here that’s ever really freaked me out.

  34. If anyone as much as touches my belly button, I vomit on reflex :/

    I’ve also had a couple of infections there in the past…so the thought of pushing something in there and through to the body cavity makes my eye twitch…

    Further to gally99 (post #50), I’ve also been on the receiving end of something sharp and pointy in the belly…

    …And that’s my excuse for still having a fat belly – it’s my all-natural anti-stab vest 😉


  35. we need more info here this looks insane!he prolly hit some things…also, the distension of his tummy might be because he is dead? hmm.. prolly not just saying…how would you do something like that?

  36. You think *that’s* bad, a girl I knew freaked out whenever anyone touched her knees. Or their knees. Or had bare knees. That is a completely alien mindset to me, lost in translation from one mind to the next, but I can understand why someone who knew what they were doing would try that skewer thing.

  37. wow, that’s amazing.

    i’m really curious about what it goes through, as Nyarlathotep mentioned an impermeable layer that is there? there are some layers of tissue that are quite strong that can be opened easily with blunt forceps in the line in the centre, and close and heal very quickly and easily. but i really don’t know enough about human anatomy and surgery to say anything for sure.

    i’m also really curious as to how it feels, how they feel afterwards and the next day, if it has any affects on organs and tissue. i would guess a bit of soreness, but since it is a small skewer, i can’t imagine much if any bleeding really.

    shannon: can the guy in the photo be contacted at all or is he willing to say anything more about it, how it worked, etc?

  38. Whoever clumped “cancer removal” to his scar … way wrong. The amount of surgeries that open like that are inumerable. However… I’d be willing to bet he has ascities, and probably had something to do with his liver during that scar surgery.

    If he’s got ascities, he’s probly only piercing into a pocket of fluid… so no big deal. His stomach is just way too round, and his chest way flat.. its a classic sign.

  39. fantasien – I have a few interviews with people who do this type of play in the new book… Hopefully by mentioning it more often I’ll finish it more quickly 😉

  40. I’m not too computer savy, but the address in post 16 won’t play in WMP. I would really love to see this. HELP!?

  41. Leavethepoliticstomadmen :

    Ascites is not located underneath the skin, it’s in the peritoneal cavity, which is under all those muscles and other types of tissue, so he’d have to penetrate all of that to get to the fluid. I think those are interesting pictures, but I know that the medical risks are far too great, so I would’t recomend it.

  42. thanks for this shannon. it reminds me of the stories of jack shwartz and mirin dajo combined. It takes years of training to achieve stuff like this.

    “Something in all of us is vastly connected to the Eternal, and my vote is to identify with that essence as much as possible through these coming changes. My humanity and materialism are not what I fight to defend. Rather, I exist to remember the good in all things–including that which may point a gun at me – or those I love.”

    So please, stop being so judgemental people!

  43. yvo – Thanks. I’ll have to try it tonight on my computer. This work computer doesn’t have Winamp or Real Player.

  44. Modblog lately is starting to become rather…..well, hilarious.
    So, this guy can push a skewer several inches into his abdomen. I’ve been hanging out around here for a while(although certainly not as long as some), and I’ve seen plenty of things that you would *think* people would die from, but they don’t. The human body is a lot more forgiving in some situations than you’d think-as well as people misunderstanding that just because something is horrifically painful, does not neccesarily mean you’re going to die from it.
    It’s interesting to see everyone’s comments justifying why this guy is able to do this, without dying. Fluid, surgeries, bowel removals, Crohn’s Disease…..
    Fakirs and sideshow performers have been doing stuff like this for ages. I personally don’t know how they do it (mostly because I don’t care), but I imagine the man in the photos is not currently dead from doing what he is doing in the photos.
    As for ‘navel torture play’ being relatively common, well, if you’re going home and shoving skewers into your abdomen, through your navel, you’re not going and telling people at church about it. Hence, people come here.
    I really don’t know why everyone gets so angry about this. I’m also starting to suspect Shannon of purposely putting up photos that will provoke people to an angry reaction-or photos he suspects will get a strong reaction either way. Not that I blame him-I wouldn’t be able to help myself at this point, either.
    I read this commentary and came away with this opinion: Most people are not wolves. Most people LIKE to be told what to do, even(and in some cases, especially!) with their own bodies, because it makes them feel safe. Most people want to be told what they can and cannot do with their bodies, whether directly by laws and governments, or indirectly, by societal standards and norms.
    And anyhow, it makes me laugh that this creeps people out worse than that guy putting cigarettes out in his pee-hole. I mean, I’m one of those “don’t touch my bellybutton!!!” people, but this doesn’t bother me…It’s not like it’s MY navel.
    I just hope IAM gets fixed soon, so my life will once again have meaning…..and I hope maybe ModBlog will go back to being a Body Modification Blog instead of a Home for Internet Trolls.

  45. Agreed SnailLuv. That is why I just don’t post at all I don’t think it’s my place to judge and comment on what other people have done to themselves.
    I hate when people comment on my modifications in public!!!

  46. Wow! That’s pretty crazy. I wish I had audio on this computer. Although I’m sure the visual is more than enough to get the point across. Amazing-the human body is.

  47. mitch: audio wouldn’t help. It was in Dutch, so you didn’t miss anything… Well… the conversation was pretty interesting… the interviewed guy was his helper who pierced him in the movie and he just wrote a book about him…

  48. Hmm I’m guessing this is the discussion forum for Shannon’s commentary, so here goes:

    While I agree entirely with everything that is said, the difficulty is that laws evolve far slower than sociological trends, which is natural since the latter define the former! Neither can we deny nor ignore the impact of organised religion on the formation of both social ethics and morals. In the west this is predominantly a Jeudo-Christian influence and hence, for example, its concepts of the sanctity of life pervade medical ethics. IIRC some doctrines go so far as to deny possession of self in favour of possession by god (but not in a The Exorcist sense!).

    For some reason though, regardless of “religious” bias, some peoples personal philosophies make no accommodation for our liberal individualism! As my favourite philosopher Kant said:

    “Enlightenment is when a person leaves behind a state of “Unmündigkeit” ( or “immaturity and dependence”) for which he himself was responsible. “Unmündigkeit” is the inability to use one’s own intellect without the direction of another. One is responsible for this immaturity and dependence, if its cause is not a lack of intelligence or education, but a lack of determination and courage to think without the direction of another. Sapere aude! Dare to know!”

  49. christ, how does that not pierce the spinal cord?

    imagine showing off to a few friends and inducing a little paralysis… how embarrassing would that be..

  50. @Comment 92:

    That guy’s obviously a bit more than seven-ish inches thick. Besides, the spinal cord is protected by the vertebra it passes through. In order for that guy to hit his spinal cord, he’d have to either get really lucky and land right between two vertebra (but still have to go through tendons and other spinal column fun), or actually drive the skewer through the bone. Oh, and he’d need a much longer skewer, or a much shallower body cavity.

  51. i honestly think bme and iam members should be the only people that are allowed to leave comments, because it seems that the people causing crap and bieng judgemental are the non members for the most part.

    as for the skewering? i think that all the people that are bitching about the health issues need to get a grip. do you honestly think this man doesnt know the risk thats involved? i mean this is serious play and i for one think that if he is even going to attempt to do something on this level, then i think that hes smart enough to get his info first. its obvious to even the most idiotic person that this could cause some serious damage. just think about it.

    if this guy isnt being sterile or safe enough to your liking, GET OVER IT. its his life, his body, and he has every humanly right in the world to do whatever the hell he wants to with it.

  52. In response to the posts about ModBlog getting unpleasant at times (which I would agree with), I would like to point out in my own defense that while I wouldn’t do that, he’s more than welcome to. If anyone gets hurt, it’s going to be himself, so it should be his right. For me though, the risks would outweigh the pleasure that he derives from it. Besides, I’m not really all that down with pain; I’ll accept pain as the price for mods, but I don’t like pain for the sake of pain and the endorphin rush.
    Still, it’s his body, and it should be his right to do with it as he pleases, regardless of whether I would make the same choices. What’s right for me may not be right for him and vice versa. As long as he doesn’t harm other people (without their consent, anyways), it’s none of my business. I was just trying to point out what seemed to me like large, potentially life-threatening dangers. I apologize if I may have inadvertantly offended.

  53. I didn’t know that naval play was “common” so to come along and see someone with a skewer in his naval made me go “Wow.” But the good impressive wow, not the wow-what-a-fuckhead wow.

  54. From comment 83: “I’ve seen plenty of things that you would *think* people would die from, but they don’t. The human body is a lot more forgiving in some situations than you’d think”

    It makes me think of this horrific story that was in the newspaper the other day. A couple were arguing heatedly, and the husband threw his wife out of their hotel window. She landed on a spike and was literally skewered halfway down.

    She’s in critical condition but she survived. So, relating the two together, I’d say a BBQ skewer won’t do much damage and probably won’t kill him (personal opinion – feel free to prove me wrong).

  55. Wow. Other than the fingernail removals, I haven’t seen much on BME lately turns my stomach. This picture, however, succeeded admirably.

  56. this made me kinda squemish although i’d swear i’ve seen this before…my navel is super sensitive so if i even attempted something like that i’d be doubled over in pain.

  57. I’m quite curious about a suggestion that was made further up: that he’s pushing his stomach out or blowing it out voluntarily. Just because I’m one of those people who can puff their stomach out at will.

    Don’t know if that would make any difference to the how far/where you could push a skewer in though…

  58. This has been a circus sideshow pseudo-myth for as long as I or anyone who’s material I’ve, read, listened to or viewed has been paying attention.

    I’ve found a few books that showed a guy doing this with swords. It’s theoretically possible.

    I’ve seen quite a few fakers too.

    My opionion is that it’s the latter.

    And holy shit….
    Nyarlathotep? As in John? The guy I toured Alaska with? Where the fuck are you man?

  59. this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen someond do in my life. It’s a great way to kill yourself with a peritoneal infection, or perhaps puncture your inferior vena cava or abdominal aorta.

  60. Have always thought about doing this. What do I need to do? Safety precautions? What does it feel like?

  61. Great performance ! I’m used to do compareable things. I like the sexual arousal coming up when having needles/skewers/screws moving inside the abdominal cavity. Intersted persons are invited to contact me ([email protected]).

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