Earlier in the week we saw a brief look at one of Scorpio’s torture inventions.  As promised, today you get to see the whole machine.  Now according to him this “fucks up everything in one go”.

I’m sure you can guess what body parts go in which spot, but why guess when we’ve got pictures!  Keep on reading to see how it all comes together once the electricity is hooked up.

It’s not visible in these photos, but it’s a safe bet you can assume where the big metal ball ended up.  For more photos, including the step-by-step on how he hooked himself up, check out the Scorpio Bonus Gallery.

Monday, Bloody Monday

So, in case you guys haven’t figured it out by now, Shannon’s back!  He’s pretty much doing his own thing now, posting when he feels like it, but I’m sure if you show him some love, you’ll see quite a few posts by him.  For the regular day-to-day ModBlog posts, you’ve still got me.  While Shannon has the freedom to pick and choose his topics from his extensive background, I’ll be focusing on what’s new and exciting in the BME galleries.  And what better way to kick off a week than with a post that gets put behind a break because of nudity, and also a warning that the pictures may be triggering for some people.

So if you’re curious as to just how bloody IAM:Nixiie is, and how she got that way, keep on reading…

What started off with some play piercings on her back quickly escalated when Nixiie went right for the vein.

And of course, once that happens, you know there’s going to be a lot of blood.

And by a lot I mean A LOT.

Be sure to check out the “Blood, Blood, Blood” gallery to see the rest of the photos from this wild night.

And while it should be obvious to everyone, remember that tapping a vein like that is incredibly dangerous and can result in serious injuries or death.

Sew it up

Here’s a treat from one of the BME Hard Special Galleries.

It’s pretty obvious what it is, so I won’t bore you by making this a guess what.  Just read on to see the whole photo.

Now that’s one way of maintaining a scrotal ladder without having to deal with all that jewelry.  Thanks to Gchun for sending this in.  Be sure to check out the rest of his gallery for even more scrotum fun.  And remember, all BME Hard subscribers are able to have their own bonus gallery, just like Gchun here does.

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It’s getting hot in here

Something is in the pot, and it’s more than just the water.  Or should I say, more than just the 57ºC water (that’s 135ºF for you non-metric system types).

Oh, you know exactly what it is, keep reading to see it being cooked.

That’s one spicy meatball.

Check out the CBT gallery for more from Cbtplayhh, including what other parts went in to the pot.

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Guess what comes next

Alright, I was going to make this a normal Guess What? post, but seeing as how it’s painfully (ha!) obvious what the picture is of I thought I’d show something I don’t normally include in a hard post.  You see, most of the time a photo like this appears on ModBlog all you’ll get is that one image.  BME Hard subscribers get to see everything from start to finish, but everyone else is left wondering “well what happens when it’s done?”  Well, today, you get to find out.  So first up is the filtered SFWish photo of a nailing session from Sadistica’s hard bonus gallery.  For those that don’t know all BME Hard subscribers are welcome to publish their photos in a special bonus gallery, which is included with the subscription.

I haven’t taken the time to count, but according to the description there are a total of 150 nails in there.  To see all 150 nails, and what happens when they’re removed, keep on reading.

Now THAT is a lot of nails.  So what happens when Sadistica is done and the nails need to come out?  Well that plank of wood is actually part of a box that when angled right, allows the blood to flow downward into a steel tray.

It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, don’t attempt to do this unless you know exactly what you’re doing.  That’s a lot of blood, and something like this, if done incorrectly can lead to serious injury or death.

So there you have it.  Of course to see everything, from start to finish, head on over to the BME Hard galleries and check it out.

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Why don’t you have a seat

Dipping into the BME Hard galleries I discovered an ingenious device put together by one of our members.  BME Hard members have the option to create their own galleries, and share with other Hard members their modifications and activities.  Scorpio has been submitting images to his galleries for over 8 years, and is continually coming up with new ways to play.  This chair is just the latest in a series of contraptions that he has built himself.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the rest of this post will be behind a clickthrough.

Now it’s hard to tell from just these two photos, but the chair has a number of features. On top is a plug, and a gap for the scrotum to be lowered below the seat which then attach to a lever where it can be stretched.

The plank on the front is designed for his penis to be clamped down, as well as additional play.

In this particular session, he’s stretched his foreskin over a metal pipe.  The clamps and wires that are visible are from a tens unit which is supplying electrical stimulation.

This is only a small sampling of this particular session.  BME Hard members can check out the entire series in Scorpio’s BME gallery, as well as all the other member galleries.  If you’re interested in hard play, or just hard modifications in general, then a BME Hard subscription is the right choice for you.

While the Hard membership is a paid membership, you can still have access to the rest of the galleries with a free subscription.  In addition to being able to browse the galleries, you’re also able to submit photos, videos, and stories, which can upgrade your subscription based on what you submit.  More information on this can be found in the BME FAQ.

Wipeout has nothing on these big balls

BME Hard contributor Erebli has been around for a while.  Hard members will remember his BBQ’d penis, his pancake recipe, and his recent experimentation with superglue.

This time around, he’s going big with a saline injection.

Well, you’ll have to keep on bouncing to see just how big he gets.

Here he is partially inflated.

And then at the end, here’s how big he ended up.

One of the great things about Erebli is that he’s really positive about his art, and is always willing to answer questions either in the comments or on his website.  So feel free to ask away, and remember to be respectful.

It’s time for something a little harder

I contemplated turning this into a “guess what”, but I think that would lessen the significance of this particular modification.  It’s not very often we see a partial penectomy, so when I saw this in the queue I knew it had to be posted.


While today’s earlier photoshopping was excessive, this one is pretty much mandatory.

With a partial penectomy, there is obviously going to be some kind of sensation loss, and according to Chatdord (and google translator) he has managed to remove all sensation from the glans.  With how the tissue looks, I’m going to guess that after the cut, he used something to cauterize the wound.  He also has mentioned that he’s been filming his progress, and hopes to make a video montage of everything that he plans on doing.  So keep an eye on the BMEHard galleries to see more from Chatdord.

Thumbs up for BME Hard

Yesterday’s Guess What Game featured a modification that is not too common in the community, that being self-amputation.  A lot of comments were made, and questions asked, so as requested, here’s a look at one of Thumbamputee’s several amputations.  The images in the post below come from the BME Hard amputation gallery, and are only a small segment of the many images sent in recently.  To view all of them sign up for a BME Hard subscription today.

Due to the nature of the photos, they’re all hidden behind a break.  Just hit the read more button if you’re interested in seeing the amputation healing process.

To start with, here’s the image that kicked off the resurgence of interest in amputation, Thumbamputee’s partial thumb amputation.


Unfortunately there were no pictures of the actual procedure, nor were there any of the removed digit.  If you look closely, you will see that the thumb is wrapped below the cut, indicating that the entire thumb was wrapped prior to the cut, which I assume keeps everything in place, making for a cleaner removal.  To give you a better idea of the wrapping, here’s a shot of the removal of the top segment of his right middle finger.

Fresh Finger.

For those curious, there is a full set of pictures for the thumb, as well as the middle finger, and one of his toes.  For now, lets get back to the thumb.  Now once the part of the thumb has been removed, the next step of course is cleaning and treating the wound, followed by closing up the exposed tissue.  By the next day, here’s what the thumb looked like, sutures and all.

Day one

Obviously a lot of irritated tissue, along with fresh sutures.  Surprisingly not a tremendous amount of bruising, given the traumatic nature of the modification.  One week later, we get a look close up on how the wound is closing.

One week later

By now the sutures have been removed and you can see how the remaining flesh was pulled over the opening to seal off the end.  As dramatic as this photo may be, considering that only a week ago a segment of the thumb was completely removed, it’s looking like it is healing up well.  At two weeks though, things look a lot different.

Two weeks later

Almost all evidence of the sutures are gone, and there is only a brief hint of a scar along the top of the thumb.  Just one week after this photo was taken, comes the final result.

Healed @ 3 weeks

So three weeks after the removal, the thumb appears to be fully healed, with no trace of there even being anything above the joint.

Just to be clear, this type of modification is exceedingly dangerous.  The fact that this was performed at home alone, healing as well as it did, is a combination of luck and a lot of skill.  By no means should anyone just slice off a part of their body without doing a tremendous amount of research first.  The reasons for amputation vary per individual, to some it fulfills a sense of completion, where the offending body part needed to be excised in order to satisfy the person’s inner needs.  To others the act of amputation can be sexually motivated.  Whatever the reason, it is not something to be taken lightly, and even the slightest mistake can result in serious injury or death.

If you are interested in seeing the rest of the images sent in by Thumbamputee, but don’t have a BME Hard subscription, you can sign up at any time.