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My number one concern with these (apparently) hardware problems is user data (primarily this means forum data; images are on a different server that’s working perfectly). I’ve confirmed that as safe, and it’s currently creating a fresh backup. Tomorrow morning I’ll be going in and more aggressively testing the components of the machine to try and figure out why it’s shutting down seemingly at random [insert Windows joke here].

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that other than the extreme annoyance of not being able to access the system, there’s nothing to worry about and I anticipate being back online within 48 hours (if not less).

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  1. lilfunky1 – I don’t believe I will ever willingly create an active account on MySpace. I used to have one account just to spy on people a while ago, but I think that one died.

  2. I am suffering from withdrawal. We all know you do everything you can to get us back online *hugs*

  3. At least other parts of BME are still working 🙂

    But I hope it doesnt take 48 hours.

    I am an iam junkie to

  4. In the event of destruction of forums…MORE STICKERS!!!!! 😉

    *curls up in fetal position* cold…s-s-s-s-so very c-c-c-c-cold!

  5. As always your efforts are fully appricated Shannon…. now about that windows joke: its quite disappointing that Windows goes down more than my ex?!? Boom boom 😉

  6. Oh and in the spirit of other threads: OMG is that RAID 1 WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE USE THAT?!? I’m a super pro white hat hacker yeah and I wouldn’t touch anything but RAID 5, and even then I’d have to attach a couple of fireballs. Not only that but I can see fingerprints on the screen, so that can’t be a sterile server room. Do you know how bad it is to bring all that dust in with you, cloggs up the fan then you get a hard drive slerosis and bang before you know it you have to inject PCillin stat! Man I wouldn’t trust you near my body….err computer ;oD

    (Please note this is a JOKE!!!)

  7. damn…..its my new computer day and the only thing i really wanted to do was cruise around IAM all day…. kinda depressed about it….not gonna lie. Ill forgive you someday. just make sure next modblog post is a real juicy one!

  8. I’m pretty peeved….here I was all set to waste my day, and I actually had to find semi-productive things to do.
    I’m very resentful, you know.
    I’m basically stuck editing art files and reading BookSlut.

  9. good luck, I hope the battle goes well tomorrow morning.

    I won’t be home all day until 10pm so I’m going to need to resist temptation to check too see if it’s back up while I’m at work.

  10. when you’re done reading all the back material in modblog, sign up on stumbleupon.com – it’s an awesome site.
    good luck shannon & crew – and thanks!

  11. Oh, what would we do without Shannon?
    Thank you for all your hard work and efforts. I don’t think that one can be said enough…

    Perhaps this is a sign that instead of slacking off till all hours of the morning, I should get some sleep for work tomorrow….hmmmm….

  12. WOAH! somethin tells me lexi isnt just huffin an empty bag… i know how u silly canucks do.

    and i too am an iam slut. i was about to post a picture of me and the enigma. also AndrewS as going to try and set him up with an IAM today with some pictures and stuff… sadly… well weall know whats going on *pout*

    … iam went down when i was trying to upload that picture too… *sniffle*

  13. The worst bit about IAM going down is that when it comes back, and you return to it after some amount of hours, you expect loads of IMs. But sadly, there are no new ones, because no-one was there to send them. And no updates to snoop around


    How did we all get this addicted???

  14. I didn’t think to check here until just now.. I’m rather relieved to know it wasn’t My computer that was acting stubbornly.
    Truly, IAM is down so little for the vast amount that it offers us and processes every day, it is still the best online community I have found. We are lucky to have such dedicated minds working on it.

    …but knowing all that didn’t keep me from checking my link every few hours!

  15. Shannon,
    not sure if anyone has suggested this before, but you know how on IAM and BME a little icon appears to the left in the address bar when the url is typed in? It would be awesome if MODBLOG could have a little icon too!

  16. Random Hardware Failures suck the big time!Hope you get this thing running soon 🙂 … cheers

  17. CreativeNonFiction – QOD is on the same server as IAM, hence why it’s down 🙂

    (Well, I assume it is seeing as it’s always down when IAM is)

  18. *this is offtopic, but I feel you should know that.*

    i just asked the german Google for “modblog” and “modblog+bmezine” and the german Google told me the following:

    “A URL that otherwise would have appeared in response to your search, was not displayed because that URL was reported as illegal by a German regulatory body.”

    unbelieveable, isn’t it?

  19. Sucks I had to find better things to do.. BUT.. Thanks to MaidenDisaster I found something!. That sketch swap thing rocks! Sooo many funny pictures. I’ve been entertained for hours.

    Good luck Shannon.

  20. Hey Shannon, thanks for the update. I hope you get everything worked out, thanks for working so hard.

  21. Why ess IAM no back up? Yu Stoopid ape american Buschy send troops to keel it! Canadia is close on border of the america country, no shuld be playing with small penis when i cut!

    Viva la france!

  22. “It’s been almost 48 hours.. amagawd.”

    Uhm.. is it me.. orrrr.. has it not even been 24 yet….

    : D

    Don’t worry everyone I’m sure Shannon’s got it covered. Computers are just such… finnicky things sometimes.

  23. Since the QOD is also down, I’ll answer questions here:
    yes. sometimes. of course. not unless you are allergic. Once you turn 18. 10% works. Anal.

    that should cover it.

  24. No IAM is making me do my work….slowly….maybe this is a good thing

    and Vertigo I am pretty sure your right it hasnt even been 24 hours yet!

  25. okay so when everyone recovers from their withdrawal we can thank shannon by visiting his wishlist!

    with iam being down, i actually got a lot of homework done 🙁

  26. lol i know, but it feeeeeeeeeeeels like forever.

    you can do it shannon, kick him in hairy balls.

  27. junkie or not but- i have friends to catch up with!!!

    thanx Shannon & i’m sure u’re working ur ass off to get us back up-

  28. Looking at the positive side of this, our house is getting cleaner by the minute while IAM is down.
    Thanks for the hard work Shannon,

  29. oh noooooooo i cant wait any longer…… im an IAM junkie too :{
    but thank you for all the hard work, Shannon. i hope you can do it asap!

  30. Our Harddrive in RAID-Unit,
    hallowed be your name,
    your filetransmit come,
    your data be acurate,
    on RAID as in single use.
    Give us today our daily IAM.
    Forgive us our dirty uploads
    as we forgive those who do not tolerate us.
    Save us from the censorship
    and deliver us from conformity.

    For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours
    now and for ever.


  31. Give us today our daily IAM.
    Forgive us our dirty uploads
    as we forgive those who do not tolerate us.
    Save us from the censorship
    and deliver us from conformity.

    LOVE IT.

  32. Yeah I might need permission (chmod o=rx prayer.INKstar) to use that at least once a day please 🙂

  33. It feels like its been forever, but INKstar, you definitely made my day. I don’t know how many times ive said that prayer in my life haha but you made it entertaining

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