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  1. Shannon.. i have a question.. i am very interested in play piercing..How does one go about getting this done.. I know BME shop sells the needles.. but who is supposed to do it.. a professional piercer, right? So would i just make an appointment with my fave reputable piercing shop and ask them to do a play piercing session? If you could let me knoe, that would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

  2. modified_tm: Play piercing is something done most often far from the leering eyes of the law or for that matter public play in general. I doubt you’ll find a local piercer willing to indulge you. You’d have more luck checking out the local BDSM scene and finding an experienced player. Experience and hygiene are key to having a safe, happy play piercing with minimal risk of problems afterwards. Enjoy.

  3. moddoctor: thank you for that info..i guess i didnt realize this would be so much a “dark area” of the law.. i know a few people in my area into the bdsm scene, so i will see if they know of anyone..
    i don’t think i could pierce myself.. i have no real clue about skin depth and layers ect..
    yes safetly is definetely key! thank you all for your input..

    quick second question.. anyone know what areas to “play” pierce would be the best to start with.. i already have an eyebrow and navel piercing, and i had to sadly retire my double nostril piering, so i know the general feeling of the piercing and it is quite exhilarating.. any certain areas that are known to be more intense and pleasurable?

    thanks again for all the info!

  4. Gorgeous photo… I want to find someone to play pierce me round here! I don’t know anyone in the BDSM scene… some internet searching may be in order I thinK!

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