“puncture envy, needled veggy”

The full picture series (which will be in next image update) is labelled and ordered, “Introducing… Entering… Observing… Planting… Stretching… Thinking… Feeling… Resting… Closing…” I guess that’s as concise a way as any to describe the play piercing experience!

6 thoughts on ““puncture envy, needled veggy”

  1. Puncture envy indeed. It’s strange now needles and tattoos turn me on but I hopped up and down like a total knob this morning when I sliced my finger cutting a bagel.

  2. Thos pictures are amazing – I love the first one, it looks… words fail me.

    vicious – I adore needles when they’re in the hands of my tattooist – but giving blood and getting injections makes me squeal like a little girl, haha.

    My dentist thinks I’m amazingly odd – I refuse to take novacain (meaning he works without it – ouch) yet… I have 4 oral piercings!

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