Saline Breast Inflation

Pierre Black from Montreal sends in these shots of a temporary breast enlargement he did using a saline drip. These are pretty safe to do in sterile environments (as this was), but I just wanted to add (since there’s been lots of risks discussion lately) that with saline injections sterile technique is exceedingly important because if you make a mistake and drag the wrong microbes in, you bypass many of the body’s defense mechanisms and give them a very hospitable place to breed.

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  1. Thanks, Shannon for the nod to safe play. None of my commentaries on risk is ever to condemn the practice but in the interest of informed decision making. Rituals, mods and play are all healthy behaviors if done sensibly and with the implications taken into account.

    This, btw, is one fine looking temporary enlargement.

  2. Quick question about this sort of thing, when you say “temporary” where exactly does the saline go? Is it naturally absorbed into the body or drained out?

    Ive been looking at huge nutsacks and wot have you on Modblog for a long time and always wondered lol.

  3. kinda like air bubbles from suspending? do they have a skishy feeling under the skin once they start to mellow down kinda like “rice crispies” with air?(god i hate those)

  4. would this be kinda like air bubbles from suspending? do they have a skishy feeling under the skin once they start to mellow down kinda like “rice crispies” with air?(god i hate those)

  5. shouldn’t be like air bubbles unless you actually injected air. it should feel pretty even after some initial skishiness. The saline would distribute evenly through the “third space” (area between the cells) until it’s absorbed into the bloodstream.

  6. I’ve looked in medical journals and haven’t found (maybe I’m not looking hard enough) risks regarding saline pumping and a rise in blood pressure (from the saline) – does anyone know?

    I like the picture; I’m just hoping that someone reading will have a link to an article I can read.

  7. I don’t find anything in the literature but my assumption would be that if your kidneys are working ok you should be able to dump the fluid with it being a big issue. Mind you this isn’t a recommendation to do this, but for an otherwise healthy person, blood pressure isn’t the big risk.

  8. This looks fine, but how big can they get & would this work on the belly too? Just wondering…

  9. How long do the boobs last? Does it last hours or days? I am going to a halloween party and would really like to look my “breast”

  10. There used to be a yahoo group about breast infusion. It was deleted when groups got strict and people started to “tattle-tale” about non conformal groups. 🙁
    If anyone knows of another site or group (free) that supports breast infusion, i’d love to join again!!!!
    I loved watching the ladies submit willingly to having their breasts filled to capacity with saline via needle injection or by drop infusion.. Very erotic to watch and hear!
    Thanks in advance!!!

  11. saline will be absorbed so slow that your BP will not be affec5ted unless you have reanal inpairment. does anyone know execly what tissue is being use? adipose tissue for the s/c injection?

  12. if you search for saline infosion kits on google you will prolly find several distributors…trouble is getting them to ship it to your country…I’m currently looking to get some saline and am having huge trouble finding a source to buy it from in the Montreal area… any ideas???

  13. If someone could please give a list of supplies, and a step by step, there is a video a saved from the internet that covers this, but not a list of instructions. i will post pics from my adventures.

    I think at least:
    1. One bag of sterile saline, medical grade.
    2. Sterile IV tubing
    3. Sterile medical grade needles (what gauge?)
    4. Knowing where to get such supplies.
    5. A very understanding and sexy wife / girlfriend

    6. Instructions… someone who has done the same thing successfully telling you the way through it.
    (ie: where and how far to insert needles, where to set the saline drip level at, when to stop)

  14. Hi Hoot,

    I’ve been doing this for a few years, i’d be happy to help you, if you like. can email me at kinkychick1922 at gmail dot com.


  15. i have done several saline infusions to my breasts and also to my scrotum with pleasing results. no side effects. it is temporary last about 24 hours in the breasts and a little longer in the scrotum. have injected by iv drip aprox 750 cc in each breast and 1000 cc in my scrotum.

  16. Have done this myself as well, 1000ml into each breast, with terrific results, but it does not last long. Looks tremendous for a couple hours, though at first it is VERY firm. As it absorbs into the body, it gets softer. It is usually all gone in about 5 hours, at least by my own experience. Sterility is paramount. Use only new, factory wrapped products, and saline, and ALWAYS clean the area. Aseptic technique is ABSOLUTELY required. I inject it about 3 inches directly above the nipple, with the needle entering at a very flat aspect, about 1 inch below the skin, by pinching and then inserting the needle. Actually, if I were standing, the needle would be pointing right at the floor. I use an 18 ga needle with a 10 drop per minute infusion set, from a 1000ml bag for each breast. I find it does not drip very fast, so I squeeze the bags to get the flow to go more quickly. The time to infuse 1000ml is about 45 minutes. The effect is to provide a breast size of about a D cup from my formerly flat chest. It took a couple times to get the skin to stretch enough, but it now is quite easy, and the shape is amazing. It stays right where injected, and provides a well shaped breast. The pain is minimal at worst, and about non existant. I normally use Amoena self adhesive breast forms, which are wonderful, but having my OWN breasts is amazing, too bad it doesn’t last longer!!!

  17. Fred, I would love to do this and see your pictures and results. Please help to do this my email is debborahlee at y a h o o dot c o m dot b r (I´m from Brazil)


  18. One of the “Mistresses” at THE PLAYROOM in Greensboro, NC is a nurse and has done the scrotal and breast infusion for me for years. It is sterile, safe and a LOT OF FUN! It makes my otherwise flat chest look round, feminine and smooth. You’re welcome to write me and ask questions if you like.

  19. Hi! I am looking into doing this. and this is the first place that gave a thumbs up. thank you

  20. I would also be interested in trying this out, would lover to see pictures of your results Fred, as would be good to see the effect on a male to know roughly what to expect. Anyone else with pictures of this sort would also be very welcome.

  21. I would also be interested in trying this out, would love to see pictures of your results Fred, as would be good to see the effect on a male to know roughly what to expect. Anyone else with pictures of this sort would also be very welcome.

    [email protected]

  22. would love some more information, to try this, as I always thought of breast implants and this will give me an idea of what my breast would look like before I get implants

  23. would love some more information, to try this, as I always thought of breast implants and this will give me an idea of what my breast would look like before I get implants
    anyone with information can email me at [email protected]

  24. I tried it by injection with great result. 500ml at first , I look forward to do it an other time with 750 ml. I get aroused by the looks. All sterile with help of à formeren nurse.

  25. I am intersex and have natural A cups; working on making my body more obviously female. I have heard of this but have not talked to anyone who has had it done. I am very interested in hearing anyone’s experiences about what it feels like and how long it lasts.

  26. I would also be very much interested in trying this out, would love to see pictures to see what kind results may be expected. Are there anyone here in Toronto that can help? Any information is greatly appreciated. please feel free to contact me at [email protected].
    Thank you.

  27. I would be very interested to try this, very familiar with sterile injection technique. Does anyone know of a source for supplies, I am in the toronto area.


    Please email me [email protected]

  28. Has anyone considered doing this for women that have ptosis (sagging breasts), which would give them a temporary “refill” from the saline? I would be interested in seeing the results of women that have saline injections to see if they would look better with a breastlift and reduction (normal fix for ptosis) or just implants, which the saline injection would simulate.

    If anyone knows of this happening or has been done or someone interested in doing it, you can contact me here (without the underscores): b_y_h_t_o_m_i_t_at_h_o_t_m_a_i_l.c_o_m


  29. If anybody in the UK would like to try this…I have many years experience of administering these infusions..both breast and scrotal. I am a trained nurse. You can contact me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help and advise you.

  30. Saline infusions don’t last too terribly long, but you do have to remember that you are forcing a fluid into tissue – even wearing a bra over them is gonna hurt if you go up too much in size. As far as aborption, it varies from person to person and can go up or down unevenly depending on your circulation. but generally speaking 4-12 hours is about what you can expect for noticeable results. If you’re looking to try more than just a little, I’d suggest extra catheter tips (needles) or pay especially close attention to the sterility as you’ll likely need to use more than one injection point if you’re goal is even distribution per side. (it does tend to spread out a little over time, but that too can be troublesome as you want a centralized local)
    I’d have to imagine that if you went overboard there could probably be bruising of the tissues quite easily and there will be soreness in the area for a couple of days regardless. Keep in mind, even as a ‘healthy’ person, you can get lightheaded from injecting things like saline into your body or even get symptoms like indigestion. The are also tends to look reddened for some time afterward so if you’re looking for a temporary boob job, you might have to tell people you suffer from rosacea to pull it off – I wouldn’t personally want to be applying topical make-ups to an area that I’ve been trying to keep sterile!
    As the saline is absorbed, it should also be noted it is because it is being absorbed or spreading out through the surrounding tissues. Think like watching a chocolate chip melt – so you probably want to focus on the middle areas even if it at first appears ‘unnatural’ looking. Just let gravity do it’s work on the fluids – I saw one guide that suggested the use of a Y splitter with two needles (one per side) as the process of infusing by-way-of-gravity can take a while.
    What I’d be curious ti see is what, if any damages this might cause to the tissues themselves. i.e. might it effect things like nursing or other natural functions of the surrounding tissues in any way?

  31. OH, I forgot to add, even has supplies – as will most medical supply houses, veterinary supply, farm supply, and even some pet stores and pharmacies. Just don’t get ‘eye’ saline confused with IV saline – different levels of sterility and saline. Saline solutions are often used as a substrate for intravenous medications or to increase fluids.

  32. There are a lot of people here who are making assumptions as to the results.
    If you haven’t experienced this, you are almost guranteed to be wrong in your assumption.

    Multiple injections needed. NO! That is a myth.
    Inject just under the skin. NO! Another myth. You don’t want a big blister under the skin.
    It will make a big sore much like a burn.
    I inject with a #18 needle 1 1/2 inch deep.
    This then is putting the fluid in the breast tissues and filling with the saline.
    Takes about an hour or better per breast. Since I infuwe with a full liter per breast I don’t want to sit for two hours for each breast. Besides when doing them one at a time you have to jugle the amounts to get it even.
    I just hang two bags, “one each breast” and again they don’t drip at exactly the same rate so some adjustment is required.

    I’ve been using Saline for years. Can’t tell you how much I love it. Maybe I’m a sick individual but I’m what I am.
    If you purchase sterile, injectable saline it’s OK as it’s what they use in the Hosp directly into your blood stream during and after surgery.
    The added Sodiem Chloride, “salt” is carefully mixed to the same level and PH as your body so it’s nothing more than just “more water” for your body.
    Yesterday I infused my breasts, “because I like it” with 1000cc “1 Liter each.

    Made my measurement roughly DD cup size.
    As far as pain goes it’s a little uncomfortable but not what I call pain.
    I hang the saline bags at the eight foot level and sit at my desk so the injection site pressure the column height.
    Sea water in a column creates almost an exact .5 lb psi per ft of height.
    So with my supply at 4.5 ft above my chest, “the injection site” I get a pressure of approximately 2.25 psi.
    As the saline is diffusing from the site, “tip of the inserted needle” to the other tissues it requires pressure.
    The pressure can become a bit too much but I just use the lock on the tubing to temporarily stop for a couple minutes.
    It takes about two hours to infuse a liter in my breast, “hence I use two bags at the same time.” One for each breast.
    Be careful what you are doing. Be very sterile in your procedures.
    I’ve been doing this for years with absolutely no side effects and mine last for about eight hours. Even 24 hours later there is still quite a bit of size but the realy nice size is the first 5 to 8 hours. The first couple hours they are a bit extra hard and look great under clothing and not too bad in the nude but the best effect both nude and dressed is after a couple hours for the saline to difuse fully and smooth get a little softer.

  33. I have tried to email J.A. and Tracey to get more information on the procedure. Unfortunately, emails sent to both posters had delivery failures. Is there someone else experience and with a medical background out there available to contact about the details of the procedure? Or, is there a more of an educational type video/documentation on the process?

    Thank you.

  34. hi, my gf and i are realy into this, we have everything we think we need to inject her breast and make them swell, but we want some guidance from an experianced female

    any advice, photos, techniques,

    raymond_joiner at hot mail dot com

  35. Hi , I am in toronto, I was curious about it too. I was wondering where I can get all the tools I need to do it, and I never do injection myself before, is there any guidance from experienced one. I am in Toronto btw.

    Thank you in advance.

    [email protected]

  36. I have read the posts and I have sent a few emails to people who have done this procedure at other sites and have not recived a reply.

    I cannot find out where to purchase the saline. I there anyone out there that sells saline infusion kits? Is it legal to purchase such a kit in the US?

    If anyone knows where to purchase the necessary supplies please email me [email protected]

  37. I did 1/2 of the RN program. Sepsis is paramount….just make sure you are in a small(ish) room and dont have windows open, clean the room (dont vacume b4) sanitize etc… read about wound cleaning etc and follow that proceedure at least (minimum) use packaged and sealed tubing and needles/etc (sanitized) and if you know what your doing perhaps you can boil them for a second use (?) best to use new products though. The hospitals use a sanitizer with high heat…but you cant do that at home. much different.
    I am going to do this with my wife at some point, she has had 2 children and her breasts have lost allot of volume – we do not want to cut her breasts and are thinking about the new fat injections with the Stem cell added etc…process. Wanted to test this 1st…see how it might look. SHe used to be 32D now 33B/Cbut no volume on her upper chest wall and loss of volume everywhere – anyway I can see how this might be ok to try.
    Someone on another post mentioned Glucose…add 100cc and it becomes 300cc due to cellules gradiant of the glucose it aparently attracts prior to absorption…. comments?? (Obvioulsy no diabetic patients can do this….)

  38. Good question Jamie. I was wondering the same thing after doing my first two infusions without absolutely no complications in the pass 3 or 4 weeks. Would it be better to do it every week, two weeks, three weeks or a month? With minimal, and absent side effects it seems one infusion a week should be safe. But, that is my opinion and a medical professional should be consulted for the best answer.

    BTW, thank you MyBoobsAreGrowing and Fred. Your information was quite helpful in getting started. The rest of my information was acquired from some official medical videos on the Internet along with my minimal medical and biological science background. I thought about it but just did have this website, the Internet and other elements to get me to take the first step. I just happen to find a great online merchant who has all the supplies needed. I did need to purchase an IV pole, and found a sufficient good one on Amazon. Also, you can occasionally get Saline and IV administration sets for discounts.

    I did my first infusion with two 500ml bags and two IV administration sets (the only ones I had on hand). Unfortunately, the spike on the IV set pierced the side of the tube and rendered both the IV Set and bag contaminated. So, I spilt the one good setup on the 500ml bag between both sides now that I was down an IV Set. What I did was stop the flow to a 250ml on the left breast and switch out used needle with a brand new one for extra caution, followed by thorough site sterilization. 250ml was a nice small amount to start off with for the first attempt. That infusion was more uncomfortable on the first try but tolerable most of the administration time.

    The second infusion was done with a full 500ml on each breast as I didn’t screw up the setup of the supplies and equipment on this attempt. When the bags got close to emptying, it became more comfortable and could certainly feel the fullness.

    The next infusion I would like to do is placing the needle roughly 2 inches below the nipple in to the subcutaneous tissue to see how well it fills out the area below the nipple. When you do the infusion above the nipple, it builds a lot of size on the chest above the nipple. But, the area below doesn’t quite get that fullness would expect to see in a more naturally shaped breast.

    After that, I will move up to the 1000ml bags. I can’t wait as that will be a tremendous change from a flat chest. Also, like to see what difference will result inserting the needle below the nipple.

    Be Safe and Have Fun!

  39. If any one in the Minneapolis MN area has experience in this and would like to help me try it out, please email me…. g j b at y a h o o dot c o m

  40. Hey Colette, I live in the Hudson area (Wisconsin) so I’m not far from you.
    I don’t have any experience in it but was wondering if you managed to find anyone.
    Feel free to email me at [email protected]

  41. Hey Alan…Not sure if you have tried it below the nipple yet. Just wanted to let you know that’s the only way I’ve ever done it, and it works great. I use an 18ga cathether (1-1/2″), inserted at the base of of my pec pointing upwards so the tip lands just to the inside of each nipple. The inflation starts just to the sternum side of the nipples but quickly spreads to the side and down for me. By the time I infuse 500ml on each side (about an hour and a half), they are very full above and below…for me anyhow. Gravity works against me sometimes and I have to spend 15-25mins laying on my back with a pillow under my lower back to get some fullness for nice cleavage above.

  42. I’ve been trying to find a source for saline but it seems that all the vet suppliers require a perscription for it . does anyone out there know how to get it without a scrip ?

  43. Hello Alan Z ,
    Idon’t have access to Saline but do have sterile water. Got it from local vet, saline would need an explanation. You say you use as much as 500ml at a time per side. That’s got to hurt when you first put it in. I’m just starting out andnot into that much yet. My first time I settled for about 50ml per side. Even that little bit leaves me tender. Don’t have an IV set yet been using a sterile syringe. I can’t emagine 500 or 1000.

  44. Jamie, I wouldn’t recommend using sterile water. I’ve heard many people who’ve done this say not to use it.

  45. Jamie…Do not use anything but .9 or .45 IV saline. Some have used glucose/dextrose with success but it isn’t for beginners as the size you create will actually “grow” after you’re done infusing. Saline solutions match the salt content of your body fluids and tissues…don’t mess with anything else. I’m a middle aged guy and skinny….I used 500ml per side for my first time. It started to get pretty tight and uncomfortable at about 300ml. I just locked the tube for 10-15mins to allow some of the fluid to absorb/dissipate, and opened the locks and took the rest. It was a perfect amount, and continues to give me just the size I like. I may go for the 1000 someday, but I doubt it. Some guys with flat/tight chests report 250ml per side is a good amount to start with, but I bought 500′s knowing I could just stop if it got to be too much.

    You do put it all in one location, but realize that an IV drip administers much slower than a syringe. It takes me about 1-1/2 hours to take 500ml and puts me at a healthy “c” cup for my body size. I use IV catheters (1-1/2″) inserted at the base of my pec pointing upward. The tip lands just inside of the nipple. Everyones body is different and you need to experiment with length of catheter and location. Some insert above the nipple pointing down, and some through the nipple pointing up or down. Just depends of what works best for your body.

    You can get solutions, admin sets and catheters from several online medical supply companies. I strongly recommend you watch some online videos on the proper way to prepare and disinfect an IV site. I always use Tegaderm to cover the injection site and surrounding area for the duration of the infusion as well. Over the course of a 1-2 hour infusion, you do NOT want something getting on that catheter or inside you. An infection spread in an area that large and with so much fluid would be disastrous. Be safe and good luck!

  46. Hi Jamie,

    I strategically place the needle based on my knowledge of physiology and that need stays in one place until the bag is empty. So, I carefully pinch up the anti-septic treated skin to accurately and optimally insert and obtain the optimal angle.

    You must use sterile 0.9% Saline IV Bag solution or similar Sodium Chloride solution. If you are referring to Saline solution as is used for eyes and contact lens, THAT IS AN ABSOLUTELY A NO NO. DON’T DO IT. Best not to use just sterile water alone as that can throw electrolytes off.

    I have done three successful infusion to date. 6 if you want to count each breast as one. The pain actually has diminished with the use of the 500ml bags and am now ready to go up to the 1000ml bags. The last infusion that I did was to place the needle into the area from about 2-3 below the nipples. I have found for me the insertion of the needle needs to be below the nipple to be done more inline with the medial (toward center vertical line of body) edge of the areola. I seems to spread out nicely from there. Insertion to much laterally can cause fluid to nearly build up next to the armpit. Not the result you want. On this third infusion I experienced much less discomfort than the two infusion before. If you want more specifics where to get your sterile and safe IV supplies you can email me at Alan_z_1(at)hot mail dot com.

    Be Sure you follow the procedure steps exactly and don’t deter from them.


  47. I just infused myself for the first time and got great results. I went in about two inches above the nipple and let the saline flow wide open. The drip rate is pretty quick but ebbs and flows depending on movement and how low you sit. Initially the area nearest the infusion site was sore, but as the saline dispersed it felt better. I also massaged the beast a little. I used an 18g 1 1/2 and two 1000 ml bags. The right flowed slightly faster than the left, so occasionally I just dialed back the faster drip. At first they (the breasts) were huge D’s and were pretty hard, but they softened up nicely to C’s and felt very normal. My only complaint was the spread between the two which caused a small lack of cleavage. I may try going below and leaning forward to give the saline a chance to fill out the breast better. I had never done this before, but I am a trained health care provider, so I am knowledgeable on IV use. I used a 1000 ml bag for each breast and infused a total of 600 ml each without a problem. The only reason I didn’t use more was the want/need/desire/excitement of taking the girls for a spin. They went from great C’s to small B’s in about three hours. I went running and didn’t really have much discomfort, but had they been the big C’s, I would have opted for a sports bra.
    The worst part was the initial insertion of the first IV. That hurt like a bitch. The second wasn’t bad because of the adrenaline from the first. It’s not unbearable and it’s totally something I will do again.
    Word of note: do not use sterile water and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE ANY GLUCOSE SOLUTION. Glucose can cause major tissue damage. Also,i have a tiny bruise about the size of a hickey on my right breast. [email protected]

  48. Hey Mick,
    I ran into the same problem early on with the “uniboob” It will do that until your breast skin stretches out from a few more infusions. One way to reduce it is to use a little less solution and/or infuse closer to the nipples or even just to the outside of them. The last couple of times I infused while leaning/laying forward on and off. It does help stretch them outward a bit more, but it’s damn uncomfortable to do for an hour or more. I actually though about modifying a cheap table with holes cut out so I can lay completely on my stomach for the duration. Not sure how much it would help, but who knows. It’s all a great experiment right? 🙂
    As far as the dextrose, several people have reported using it regularly, albeit at a much higher concentration than I would would ever dare try. They are talking 20%….I was thinking about trying 5% and only 50-100ml. Do you think it could still cause tissue damage in a healthy person?

  49. The problem is that some, when given an inch, will take a mile. Just stick with 0.9 normal saline for IV injection and you’ll lessen any chance of untoward side effects. We are already using it for something that it was technically designed for and modifying our bodies in ways that they weren’t designed for, so there’s no need to risk any kind of catastrophe when you’re already out near the edge.
    Speaking of… I infused 500 into each breast tonight, but was a little too close to the surface. They smoothed out, but were a little flat spotted on top and not at a good depth to get good fullness. 500 only lasted about 2 1/2 hours before I noted a marked difference in size. By about 5 1/2 hours only a residual amount was left.
    I’m going to hold off for a while to make sure there is no side effects or bad bruising.

  50. Can anyone lead me to a source for saline and supplies? I used to go through Chase Union but they seem to be shut down. The suppliers on Amazon all want MD approval. Thanks

  51. Im a bio-male.. but I love to inflate my “girls” I have done it a half dozen times, and it is such a thrill.I have only gotten up to about 600-700. My next inflation will be in January and I am shooting for 1000+ each. I plan on wearing a modified bra – real tight with something up the middle in between to help create the cleavage. if you wear someingthing like a tight bra you need to pull extra skin up into the bra while infusing.. pull up from stomach and also arm pit… to help with expansion. I have done it a few different ways, from one injection site per breast starting on the outside top pointing down and toward the nipple . another time i used two needles per breast.. top and out side… not sure which really worked better… its quite simple as long as you are clean about the technique.. the initial injection and first minute or so kind of hurt.. but as you feel the swelling and pressure it is quite erotic…and then to hold them and cusp them is such a feminine feeling. Now if i can get them up to 1000 and then have the nipples stand out.. think i will use a breast pump too next time to try and keep the nipple pointing and not tight and flat..
    feel free to email me: asheart13 (at) Gmail d0T c0m

  52. Hi all,

    i am a Dutch saline fan, inflated my sac 3 times with almost 1liter. Inflated my ‘girls’ 1 time and that whas so exciting. It feels so good. I am going to do it more often and i would like to meet Dutch people that are into saline as well or would like to know more of it. Pics available.
    [email protected]

  53. i just finished a injection to my boobs and they look great 1000ml in each side love the results. if anyone has pics to share as i have pics to share contact me at [email protected] put in the subject line
    “saline injections”

  54. I would think you would have to keep them filled long enough to stretch the skin some. Not likely with the rate of absorbtion of the saline.

  55. I just ordered the supplies. Can’t wait for them to get here, I’ll finally get to see what I look like with boobs. If it turns out well I’ll get pictures.

  56. Hi Badhabits,

    I noticed the same thing. With the picture at the top of this forum, I got to thinking about placing the injection site below the nipple. I don’t know if that individual is a male or female. But, it does look like there is quite a bit of inflation going on below the nipple. Have to consider the person is also reclined which deforms them from the hanging vertical position. I would imagine the slight absorption might allow for that nature bulging below the nipple to occur. But, not during the infusion process while everything is tight.

    I did notice the area below my breast was inflating. The next time I will be making a slight adjustment to the needle placement location to achieve more bulging below the nipple. It might be necessary to do the saline inflation on a regular basis to get the skin to stretch and bulging below the nipple as it does naturally in a woman. Women with very small breast (about A cup size) who I have seen in a saline inflation video experienced the same thing you describe. They just don’t have the fat tissue mass to create the bulging and sagging normally seen. I have also tried to use breast suction cups with the nipple at the top edge of the cup to get the skin below the breast area to stretch. But, have not determined the effectiveness of that yet.

    Not sure if anyone here is familiar with the Siamese twins conjoined at birth along the torso. This medical case was documented on one of the educational cable networks many years ago. In order to prepare the twins’ bodies for the surgery to separate them, they infused quite a bit of saline under the skin around the chest and abdomen to stretch out the skin in order to ensure there was enough to cover and suture up the point of connection between the twins after the separation.

    The only way to get close to those results for a small breasted women and a male would be to use the removed fat from liposuction. Then, the surgeon would be very careful to injected/placed the removed fat into the breast area to simulate the shape woman’s breast. Placement would take into account gravitating over time. That is if you are looking for more permanent results and avoiding saline filled silicone implants. It is not even sure how much of the fat tissue takes hold in the new location in that type of procedure. However, you can’t deny that using your own body parts is the best thing compared to man made compounds.

    Maybe sometime in the future medical science will develop a slow absorbing body friendly safe fluid, but it would most likely be more viscous than saline fluid.

  57. I’m very interested in trying this. I’m a genetic male but was on estrogen for 10 years. I had to stop the estrogen for medical reasons, and have slightly saggy 36B breasts after having 800cc implants removed. So I’m sure I could handle 500 in each breast with no problem, although I may not go for that much the first time. I’d be interested in hearing fom anyone who can give me tips and info, such as links to videos and info, or just to share their experiences. I’d be willing to share some before and after pics, as soon as I try it and get the “after” pics. [email protected]

  58. Im wanting to try this. Bad. Lol…
    Is there anything that can be done to make results last longer? Before n after pics? How many ccs for lips? N how often can it be done? Thank u
    6013200954 @ spaces..

  59. hey all, i am really turned on by this stuff.. i did find a “regular medical ” website with some info on subcutaneous saline injection.. know if it will help.. but here is the link : ( or search for Hypodermoclysis)

    Though it is kinda ‘clinical” in a sense, its good to see the benefit/risks involved…i know i want to try to get a “quicky” boob job via saline.. 😛

    Squirrelydreams all!

  60. BTW there are quite a few medical sites out there regarding the subcutaneous injection of saline for hydration. the one i listed even includes the angle of injection, limitations, and absorbtion rate of saline..

    as far as admin iv sets and saline ( a little pricey on saline ) try Kinky Medical.. they have alot of different stuff on there

  61. found this device/needle set through some further investigation . might be worth a try.. let me know if anyone has tried these.. they are specially designed for subcutaneous ( hypodermoclysis) infusion.

    Brand name : AquaC
    website :

    i know i been posting alot.. but hey, thats what squirrels do.. they chatter… will post more if i find anything further..

  62. Looking for information on who does this, where I can get the needed materials in or around Montreal, Qc. Being a transvestite, I would love to have the feel and look of real breasts even if only for an evening. Please send information to: [email protected]

    Thank you for your time


  63. Hey guys, i’ve had two babies and well the girls don’t look like what they used to! I’ve been looking at supplies… is this what im after?? Saline 0.9% 250 ml, Sodium Chloride, IV
    Also if anyone would mind emailing me that would be awesome!!!! I’ve tried emailing some earlier but no replys or wrong addresses 🙁

    I guess im just a bit uncomfortable trying it the first time.. xx

    Any Advice/techniques, etc would be great, although thankfully there are a few listed here

    [email protected]

  64. I just tried breast infusion for the first time. I’ve done scrotal infusion twice before. I did 1L in each breast. I have to say, the results are AWESOME!!!!!! I was a 42A before and now I’m probably a C or D. Mind you I’m pretty broad shouldered.

    I uses 22g needles, on in each breast about 1″ above and to the inside of the nipple. I have to say, the infusion hurts quite a bit. Also, I found the expansion process to pull on my nipples quite a bit from the inside. I don’t know if women would have this issue. Actually, a bunch of times, I had to push in on my nipples to alleviate some of the tugging from the inflation.

    Of course, when you do this, gotta make sure everything is sterile, alcohol pads, etc. There are lots of videos on Youtube on how to do Saline IVs.

    My breasts were really, really hard during the inflation. I unplugged about 45 min ago, and they’re much softer, and jiggly now. They don’t quite sag like real breasts, but they look pretty dam close! Sort of like a flat chested girl who got big implants.

    Gotta, say, I’m blown away by this. If any of you are thinking about it, or like me have always wanted to see what is was like to have boobs, do it! I’m gonna do it again and again!!


  65. I’m a MtoF crossdresser and would love to have my breasts inflated using this saline infusion method. Is there anyone in the Los Angeles area with experience and would be willing to help me learn the method so I can do it myself. I love to have my own DD’s if only for a few hours…a real Cinderella email me at [email protected]

  66. what size needles do u use and where to get the thins i need
    BTW you look lovely

  67. In the interest of safety I would prefer someone with experience did this for me. Does anyone live in or know somewhere in New Jersey that would do this

  68. Read this stuff here with a big grain of salt.
    I really don’t think these people mean harm but the amount of ignorance here is astounding.
    I’ve been injecting myself and others for about twenty years.
    Needles: 22Ga or 18Ga
    It is easier to stop the saline from pushing right back out the hole with the 22Ga needles. However it takes a great deal of time longer than an 18Ga.
    I insert either above the nipple about half way up the breast towar the chest area. Gravity helps fill out below.
    Sometimes go in below the nipple. When below push in a 1 1/2 in needel as deep as it will go. Shooting at an angle of about 45% upward.
    This will give a good bottom fill and if you put enough saline in it will rise up to the upper side quite well.
    I can easily infuse one liter or 1000 cc. My size only diminishes by about 1/4 over night and is very natural looking.
    Of course as the tissue grows to fill the streching I now have rather large boobs all the time. About a good B cup. My wife tells me mine are larger than hers or kids me about them sagging. Well they do.
    When I started this I had no boobs.
    One lady asked if this would be a good temporary fix for sagging and floppy boobs… YES! Some of the topless performers to this almost nightly. They call them party boobs. Also some younger women just wanting to be larger make party boobs too.
    I don’t talk about this too much but you can speed things up quite a bit by first injecting NO2 Nitrosoxide into the boobs. This is rapid, has a real wierd sensation that I like and fills up in about ten seconds. Be careful how you do this though as those NO2 cartrages are under very high pressure and you need good positive control
    The NO2 now has all the tissues opened up and the saline can flow much more freely into it speeding things up very much. Also the NO2 being gas pushes into spaces that would require excess pressure with the saline and in doing so allows saline into areas it might never make it to. I infuse with saline until the over all pressure is getting more intense than I like I quit.
    Without the NO2 it’s usually just ab 1000cc.
    When I use the NO2 first then go to my max pressure it’s usually 1200cc on the right and 1400cc or better on the right. I usually balance the visual size by using more on the right side as it is my smallest anyway.
    I never use band ades or try to seal the puncture.
    I just stop the drip and wait about 10 minutes so the pressure is diminished by dispersion and rapidly remove the needle and put direct pressure on the hole. In about ten minutes of pressure I remove the presssure and if it still dribbles a little I put the pressure back for another five minutes. Usually that takes care of it.
    With an 18Ga neede if I just remove the needle directly the pressure will actually squirt the saline about two inches out into the air.
    I apply the pressure right on the site with the needel still in so that as the needle is rapidly removed raw tissue comes in contact with raw tissue so no saline is in the needle path way. This allows blood to do it’s job.
    Saline does not clot. Blood does.. Get it?
    Good luck.
    Oh in this house we are medical professionals. One specializes in Diabetes. Do not use Glucose, Dextrose etc. Use only .9% saline.
    You are risking you’re life every time use use the sugars and most probably at the best doing damage to you’re pancreas in the long run.
    It AIN’T worth it.

  69. I’m a fetish CD’er living in Pittsburgh, PA. Anyone able to give tips on how much I can expect to spend for one session of doing this? Also is anyone living in the area experienced in doing this?

    Please feel free to email me. [email protected]

  70. i am in the usa and would like to know where to purchase affordable iv saline.
    i am familiar with using a 21 gauge needle and going straight into the nipple or aerola area, leaving the needle in place in using a syringe to inject n.s. until completed. this for me is better results than placing the needle above the nipple. have not tried below. would love the self filling mode if i can make it happen. please email me at: [email protected] if you know where and how to get the iv bags and infusion sets in the usa.

  71. do you inject the saline subcutaneously (under the skin), or intramuscular (in the muscle) or under the muscle?!

  72. I am surprised no one has mentioned anything about the Sodium Chloride 0.9% IV solution shortage in this thread. It certainly looks like it slowed the postings down quite a bit. The shortage has been going on for several years now. Will it ever end? I am beginning to think the shortage is by design, much like the manipulation we see in the petroleum industry.

  73. On the subject of sterility: I went to the doctor, got a steroid injection in my shoulder due to pain. He was I a hurry and did not swab the site with alcohol or betadine and did a deep injection in the joint. Two days later my shoulder was swollen, red and hot. Went to my old surgeon and he took a sample from inside my shoulder and I spent the Easter weekend in the hospital. I had a major staph infection in side the shoulder joint that had spread up my trapezius muscle into the side of my tongue on its way to my brain. Spent five days in the hospital and another 30 days on a mobile IV antibiotic drip. We all have staph on our skin, so be careful about cleaning any injection site.

  74. Good day. I in need of advice. Was the procedure painfull and wher you satisfied with the end product and look?
    Please mail me
    prinsloo_ deon @ yahoo dot com
    Thank you

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