Big Skin Removal Scars

Torn off wings perhaps? These skin removals were done by Angel Tattoo in Moscow, Russia on Defstar.

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28 thoughts on “Big Skin Removal Scars

  1. my friend had this idea about 8 yeas ago…ill bet he’s going to be pissed he never did it now that someone else went through with it.

  2. There was a bit of wing scarring in the movie Northfolk, halo scars too, from when the humans amputated them off fallen angel. I always thought it looked neat.

  3. #3, just looked at your page; surely you have enough unusual mods to understand that “attractive” by other people’s standards is really not the point.
    If it does symbolise torn-off wings then that’s amazing.

  4. #5 it looks sore and possibly infected though. Maybe once it has healed correctly it may look ‘right’ depending on what ‘right’ is. To me though I find the image unattractive which is a perfectly valid comment.

  5. I’d say it looks large and healing, not necessarily infected though. I like the ear piercings shown too.

    That being said I hope it doesn’t keloid like our previous example. Though with his middle scar I wouldn’t expect them to.

  6. There’s a couple of areas that don’t really look ‘right’. Top of the left scar and middle area of the right one. Scar healing I have had has never really had such dark looking areas.

    Maybe it’s just the way the photo looks to me and like I said it will be nice to see it once healed but for me and for now it looks unattractive. Sorry.

    I would hope that people judging anything I did would be open and honest too.

  7. My “wings” were done at 6 sessions of removing\chemical burn\cutting and branding….))On photo they are not healed..))

  8. If they’re intended to be torn off wings that’s a fucking awesome idea.

    Even if not they’re cool, they look a little like horns to me :]

  9. 10. As for the healing areas not looking ‘right’, that is exactly what large areas of skin removal look like whilst healing. It’s perfectly normal.

  10. kind of like iam: choronzon’s wing removal scars, same idea but different way of representing it. they both look pretty hardcore.

  11. When I first saw this I instantly thought about that REM music video for Losing My Religion with the angel wings…I think it’ll look great once it’s healed all the way. Kudos man.

  12. Neat, kind of reminds me of the movie Dogma. I’m curious if the middle scar represents something as well

  13. this are big scars. like the look :)

    i just wonder,
    if the blue (biomech?) tattoo
    was ment to go further down his back?

  14. Gosh — just looking at these I’m cringing at how painful and STIFF it must feel when he moves around!

  15. Yeah…not attractive in and of itself, (and marred by that central one) but wings and everything related to them are the best thing evar! to have on your back.

  16. these are some of the most beautiful scars i’ve ever seen. they remind me of Angel from X3 when he cuts the wings of his back.

  17. They look fucking awesome. I’ve seen several examples of angels portrayed as having 3 wings like he has.

  18. I agree with randomspectator, it’s an awesome idea.
    Personally, I think they’re hot. I hope they healed well.

  19. Hmmmmm I read a book named hush hush and the details match these scars. An upside down v. Jev Cipriano was the guys name he was a fallen angel.

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