20 thoughts on “Conch Removal

  1. as someone who has large conch piercings (3/4″) i can say that with no jewelry in i can notice quite a bit of hearing loss. id assume this person would wear jewelry in his when its healed.

  2. ive got no hearing loss, kids, i would even say that i can hear better ! i would say that occasionaly i get confused about the direction that sounds are coming from , but i am geting used to it . i apologise for how dry my skin loks in that picture. HOWIE (www.lunacobra.net) did the procedure and had a ‘very special’ time with my other ear too, which the eagle eye’d can read of on my page, but in time photos of that will make the proverbial ‘ OMFG WTF BBQ one one 1 !! ‘ spill from mouths. i have nothing but respect for howie, pay him to hurt you – i command it 🙂

  3. I just gaped in wonderment when I saw this and the anti-tragus removal – it’s the only more extreme mod that has, as yet, made me go “I WANT” rather than just “cool for him/her”. I’ve always wanted holes in my ears that actually go with the line of my anatomy… while it’s put on hold for a while, any information on the healing and risks would be much appreciated!!

  4. That looks great. It actually looks natural from the front, like ears were designed to look like that

  5. I wonder have you had the chance to wear jewelry in it yet? It looks absolutley amazing although it does look like wearing jewelry might be somewhat uncomfortable.

  6. I have always wanted my inner conch removed but it has been hard to find people in Australia to do it… he’s a lucky guy

  7. I don’t understand why someone would want this done. I was looking up the purpose of the procedure and found this thread but I still am wondering why lol

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