I heart Komando

OK, these are actually posts I’d planned for yesterday, so if I can squeeze in some more time to type, expect another batch later today or if not certainly tomorrow.

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned here before what a big fan I am of Komando‘s modifications… I just love these big facial cuts she had done by Manny in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

15 thoughts on “I heart Komando

  1. Shannon you realy like our Argentinian folk you should come visit sometimes we will all be waiting arms wide open… Both Komando and La Negra have awsome body mods… I handt seen the scarfications on the face they are awsome!!

  2. Well I just spent a decent amount of time browsing through the scarification pages, and I want to say that you people amaze me. Though I dont think I could go through it (though I do have a tatoo) I think its extreamly facinating. Sorry you have to take occasional ridicule ( in the later pages i came across some comments that were more disturbing then the pictures they were describing).

    Take care all!

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