Implant Removal After 3 Years

I’ve mentioned before that one of the problems with semi-permanent procedures like implants is that you have the possibility of somewhat intense (especially if they’re DIY or otherwise professionally unassisted) corrective procedures years after the fact. These leg implants on Serpents, a series of 1″ Teflon half domes, were potentially implanted at the wrong depth. Either way, at three years in they were bruised, and finally seriously infected. Removal was required, with the procedure being a quick cut down to the implant, physical removal, and then sutured closure with a drain. There are more pictures and details in tonight’s BME/extreme update.

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9 thoughts on “Implant Removal After 3 Years

  1. Just like with Breast Implants after ten years, those fun bags need to be switched out.

    And most definately the corrective/removal procedure of implants is DEFINATELY intense…I can so back that up…worst feeling I’ve felt…EVER!

  2. I think that it’s been four years (?) since my sternum implants. (aside: Thank you again! I love them, and Reva does too!) The only adverse effect that I’ve experienced so far is about 1/4″ of migration. Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s the skill of the person doing the cutting, maybe it’s placement… Some people seem to keep them for a good long time with no issues, other people seem to have problems. I don’t get it.

  3. i had my transdermal removed last week. i was really lucky, it wasnt infected and it was done with a labret post so removal was very easy. stitches suck though

  4. is a labret post the best thing to use for a transdermal? thought there was special jewellery for it.
    yeah bad buzz on the removals (from previous posters also)
    im so keen on getting an implant done

  5. ouch! it must be so awful and sad to feel that your implant is stuck in an angry pocket of infection :(

    and no, labret studs are not the right jewellery for transdermals.

  6. I hope mine never do that….I feel for the guy. I’d be shattered if mine were removed because they had to be not because I wanted to.

    And yeah of course theres specific jewellery for transdermals. But other types have been done, such as labret studs. Don’t know how well they’ll heal though. Not much of a base to anchor under the skin.
    I say go with what works, there’s jewellery spefically for transdermals for a reason I guess

  7. Trust me. It sucked. I’ve since lost two more on that leg. One began a process much like the one pictured, the last one started hurting two weeks ago, and by the end of the day was causing pins and needles down my leg radiating from the implant site…

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