"I guess it is possible after all"

I’ve been working on software today, so there hasn’t been time to write, but I wanted to show you this — Pauly Unstoppable reaches 1 1/2″ nostrils! Biggest stretched nostrils I’ve seen yet. It’s pretty intense… you can see the inside of his head!

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96 thoughts on “"I guess it is possible after all"

  1. wow! now that is really impressive! must of taken years to get them that size!

    from the pic his ears look stretched to like 3 inches or summin!

    and love the look of the cuts on his cheeks!!

  2. that’s fucking bad ass.

    must be easier to breath. but i sure hope he doesn’t have allergies. He no longer has any protection from that.

    and i’d be interested to know how he deals with colds and such.

  3. I guess that will leave a mark when grows up. Whats next? I guess he has alot of time on his hands.

  4. that is crazy looking! im wondering if it creates any complications since so much of his inner nose is exposed.

    kudos for having the courage to do something so radically different.

  5. Wow Pauly! Congratulations on your patience and determination!

    I adore his complimentary stretched septum – it adds a certain je ne sais quoi!

  6. I’m just a little curious, what is it like where he works? I mean, what do people say? They’re pretty awesome though, I couldn’t obtain the courage to do something like that, so more power to him. :)

  7. I’m curious about colds and allergies myself. Like…..what about sneezing?? And boogies??

  8. My friend came over: OMG! You’ll never believe it!
    I saw picture of a guy with holeas big as my ears in his nostril!!!
    Yep, that’s Pauly People!
    (that was a funny moment)

  9. A septum spike through that noise would be totally awesome.

    In fact, I think Kaos needs to start making silicone septum spikes. They’d be all wobbly and awesome.

  10. i hope he lives in some pretty hot place. Those holes are probably not really comfortable when temperature drops belw zero..

  11. i want him to come to my school when they do anatomy of the upper respiratory tract, you could see all of it!!

  12. I was curious about the getting sick bit too.

    I wonder what it looks like if he takes them out?

  13. amazing…just amazing..

    the most remarkable thing is that th skin is very strong still…i mean is not thinning as much as it should… its incredible…

    go pauly!! =D

  14. he lives in indianapolis.

    and nobody noticed the gnarly sweet temporary tattoo on his forehead?

    goddamn i love that kid.

  15. I think it’s awesome!

    But… doesn’t this cause health problems? Because bacterias do have easy entrance like that :O

  16. my girlfriend said she saw him at the local shop a couple days ago I wish I would have been there to see those nostrils…fucking gorgeous I love pics of him from the front so you can see what changes (aside from super large holes) have taken place to the structure of his nose awesome job it takes alot of patience to get lobes stretched that big I can’t even imagine the shit he went through for his nostrils

  17. A fly landed on my screen right inside his nostrils and I found that amusing, so I thought I would share this piece of interesting information

  18. Wow. I will be more than impressed if my ears ever reach that size.

    I have so much respect for this guy. Must have gone through some pain to achieve this, but he SO pulls it off :]

  19. Jesus Joseph and Mary Motherfucking Marmalade! That…that is something else. A bit disgusting, very intrigueing. And enough to hold my attention rapt. *Cheers*

  20. Are there any health concerns with having open nasal cavities such as this? Less protection from airborne particles and the like? It looks fantastic, and that thought just popped into my head.

  21. Wow…he really is unstoppable. I think it looks very interesting, but the thought of how dry the inside of his nose must get is distracting me. I hope he slathers on vaseline of something. Awesome job though, stretching takes so much patience.

  22. Im not so concerned for colds/flus mainly because they are minor enough issues. However I would be more worried if his nostrils snapped :( it would be terrible.
    They are very cool though, something never done to this scale before.

  23. Something about the combination of his name with the multiple stretches he’s done gives me a mental image of a head consisting of nothing but holes…
    I have to wonder how far you could go, pushing as much of the skin out the way as possible. Multiple lips and cheeks, earlobes and cartilage, tragus removals…septum and nostril stretches and more.

    Imagine if our tech got a little better and we could stretch eyebrow piercings, and pierce and stretch the skin along the jawline. Or eyelids. You could pierce everything and make your head into a fucking sculpture.

    More than Pauly has done already, that is.

  24. Mmm — as someone who suffers a myriad of ear, nose & throat issues I’d be mostly concerned about being increasingly susceptable to infections as well.

    Not to mention getting things like dirt & dust in the nasel cavity.

  25. just to anwser a quick question

    i have no problems with my sinus be it colds or infections or dust getting inside

    i useally dont wear tunnels

    but breathing is also not changed at all, if anything sometimes i do breath better, as long as proper jewelry is worn

  26. I’m glad I drew him when I did. His nose has a completely different shape now.
    Not that I’m opposed to the current shape. :)

  27. id love to see some pictures of the inside of his nose; just to look up and see how it looks inside his head…
    i give major props to him for the pain/pleasure and the time and patience it took to do something like that.
    congrats to Pauly.

  28. That’s so impresive! I would be interested in doing that (on a much smaller scale of course) except that it would be very difficult to swim underwater which I love to do… :(

  29. I know i LOOKS like its going inside his head… but i hope everyone knows that it doesn’t actually have a straight line to his brain.. lol Sinuses… aaah sinuses.

    There are alot of people out there living with not much of a nose due to accidents, birth defects or cancers or tumors, and really… the WHOLE sinus track starts from the nostril and ends at the throat and near the ears.. so having a hole there won’t change much.. he still has the protective layers and mechanisms of his sinuses, and his body WILL adapt to the holes… to maintain proper homeostasis, it will probably grow more of the tiny hairs lining the sinuses to catch bacteria/dust/dirt before it gets in too far… same concept as to what happens in the nose.. for him it just happens higher!

    LOL i find it funny that my first thought, as a nurse, was how great of a patient he would be to install an NG tube. It would be so easy.. lol just pop it in the sinus cavity.. its got that much less to travel and that much less twists and turns. lol

  30. i’ve always wondered what happens when he gets a cold…
    i tried asking him once, but he didn’t answer.

  31. With Pauly, I personally think his mods look like they belong there. They look like they’re suppose to be a part of his face. Way to go Pauly!

  32. the determination and perseverance is incredible to acheive this size

    i really want to see him sneeze, i just cant get it out of my head…

  33. would it be possible to see a picture without the tunnels if this is how he useally wears them?
    really nice cuttings too!

  34. what i’m curious about it how he manages to stretch so quickly with what looks like no complications. if i could stretch my earlobes as quickly as he appears to be stretching his nostrils, i’d be a happy camper.

  35. yea, from what I’ve seen and heard from his bulletins he stretches his nose relatively quick. I’ve observed his stretching process since he was at 1inch, either time flies by or pauly is going pretty quick.

  36. i dont stretch as fast as it seems

    i do go faster then i would recommend anyone doing though

    my nostrils just want to be big

    but i dont update things in real time, i will be at a size for awhile before i post a bulletin or entry that i have made it to that size so it just seems that i am going to a new size every couple days or so, i am really not

    i also stretch up and down alot so they loosen pretty quick when i am restretching them so it seems faster

    but yes its only taken me about 2 years to get to 1 1/2

  37. so cool :)
    The holes look like they make it easy for him to clean the inside of his nose. I hate it when my nostrils are clogged. I try to breathe and it just makes a noise. But I don’t think I would ever be able to stretch my nostril piercing, it’s too sensitive.

  38. Usually I am pretty open minded, because your body – you do what you want….but…damn. Personally, not attractive but I don’t think it really distracts from his being an attractive looking guy.

    I guess it’d take some getting used to, but it’s definitely a feat not many can say they’ve accomplished.

  39. Hmmm. I guess this is an expression of “individualism”? This kind of thing screams “Look at me!!, I’m different!”. Too bad this can’t be accomplished by actions or talents rather than superficial, overt visuals. Sad.

  40. I don’t think there is anything “superficial” about the dedication it take to modify your body in the way Pauly Unstoppable has. To top it off there is no hiding it, it is his face. Getting a mohawk, or dressing crazy is superficial, you can take it off when you are done pretending. Stretching your nostrils, ears and labret to the point of no return AND tattooing AND scarring your face is a commitment, it is for life.

  41. wow, that’s just awesome. I’m also quite jealous of him because I’m one of those people can’t wear kaos eyelets as they adhered to my lobes and ripped the skin off of them.

  42. Pauly is talented, and isnt superficial at all. Thats like saying people shouldnt wear what they prefer because you wont know their talents or whats in their minds. It doesnt make a difference what his mods are anymore than what he wears except for showing he is doing what he wants with his body, not what you want him to. just because someone isnt you doesnt mean theyre superficial, he’s just who he wants to be, get used to it.

  43. I asked him yesterday when he pierced his nostrils and he told me that was 2 years ago, and he stretched them quickly and easily.

  44. Awesome.
    Yeah, must respect to him.

    Shiit, yeah, I wish I could get my lobes that big. Theyre stubborn. :-(

    xoxo. AXU.

  45. Personally I think it would look better with solid plugs made out of something natural, but the fact hes even managed this is amazing. Bravo!

  46. I have to say that these are far beyond what I’d consider “to my tastes” howeve, the time, effort and determination he must have gone to, deserves so much respect.

    And even the day to day living with that sort of mod, very out there and “in your face” so must take some real personality to carry that off. Well done. I’m even left wondeing “Will he stop at 1 1/2″ “

  47. i just realized why pauly has been doin this…hes tryin to find the lego peice he stuck up his nose as a kid…almost there buddy

    in all seriousness pauly is a pioneer in body mods…hes taking it further than any1 else has b 4 and u have to respect that…i think they look amazing too

  48. Has this guy got mental problems? Why the hell would you want to do that to yourself?

    Gorgeous? Do any of you actually have eyes?

  49. Pauly,

    Fantastic!!! I know it’s not a contest, but you are aproaching the worlds largest nostrils… As we have discussed before, only a few Apatani have nostrils this big and only a very few have ever had nostrils bigger (about 2 inches tops).

    Your nostrils look great… I ‘d love to see what they look like with both plugs removed… I’m sure that would be a thing of beauty!

    I’ve noticed that you have pierced you lower lip very low, leaving lots of healthy “lip loop” for great stretching possibilities. Are you considering a larger lip plug… maybe even a lip disk… or maybe even TWO?! You would look GREAT!!!

    As far as an upper lip disk is concerned, you may have to wear a disk that is concave on the top or is simply a large rimmed ring to accomodate your nostril plugs.

    A five to six inch lower lip disk complimented by a three to four inch upper lip disk would be stunning. As far as I know, no one in the west has ever attempted tribal mods such as these.

    Keep up the great work as you redefine beauty in the western world!

    Tribal Groups

  50. yowza. thats just nutty. i wonder what its like when he gets a cold. I bet you could poke his brain through those holes.

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  52. I got this vision of him when he has a cold, with 2 corks plugging up the holes to avoid spraying everyone lol:)

  53. Hey! OMFG!
    That is pretty weird, but welldone man on the dedication.
    What is your occupation?
    Peace man

  54. Pauly! You should totally put a magnifying glass in that hole so we can see the finest details of your inner nose. I really love noses! yep!

  55. I dont like it sorry people.. i appreciate normal appearances with very minor modifications,… like a simple nose stud or nose ring is plenty good to me,.. i just dont understand the rest of the world and why they do this .. but to each his own, if it makes u happy, more power 2 u

  56. Jesus christ.
    i am very impressed.
    do these shrink back at all like ears?
    or do they act like cartilage piercings.

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