33 thoughts on “Stubby

  1. is it just me or did it take a second glance before you realised that there was no longer a scrotum? i think i just got distracted with the fact that so much of his dick is gone

  2. I like it.

    I would like to meet your female friend who did that.

    Where I can see others pictures of this mod?

  3. Someone should have told him that it will not grow back. What good is it in an olive jar? Shame

  4. that is too weird…something is really wrong with you mentally if you allow that to be done to you….what good is it now?

  5. If you you don’t have such (maso-)desires you can’t understand the motivation for such crazy but hot acts. I believe he can milk and shot up with the stumb. It will be unpossible for intercours.
    It could be – if you will place some implants around the new tip, than you could make a pussy happy too with this rubbling points, i believe!
    The cuttings had to be very hot performances by a wifes hands, Yeahhh!!!!??

  6. Perfect. now r the balls removed or not. i want mine removed and a bit smaller penis. but this one is great.

  7. you are all right. I should know. It’s me. Jessica was right. They are overrated. Jack6, you are very right too, except for the wife part. And yes, it was and is a very large trophy that caused many a maiden pain due to size.

  8. Stubby, how many inches can you get when hard? 1-1/2″? 2″? Do you have any pics of you jerking your stub and cumming?

  9. It was 8 inches precut. It is exactly 2 inches now. Balls are removed as well (by a doc). And no, no pics for ziggy but the stub will shoot higher than before due to less resistance. At least that’s my theory.

  10. And one oher answer for ziggy, yes I did my lady friend again after that and one time with a friend of hers too. Said they had more fun than if they’d been penetrated. I don’t know. That’s what they said.

  11. Stubby, one more question – did you do your lady friend before…or after…having your balls removed? Or…both before and after? btw, she must be either a urologist or a veterinarian to do such a good job on your cock, leaving your pee-hole in the perfect location for use at most urinals. I wonder what is going through your mind, and her mind, as you have sex? She must think “Gee, it’s great having sex with the guy who’s cock I cut off!”. Any you must think “Wow! I’m having sex with the girl who cut off my cock, and left me with just this little stump!”. For both of you, delicious thoughts. Also, it must be a fairly tall olive jar to hold the remains of your cock.

  12. Delicious thoughts indeed. Oddly enough, it swelled in the jar due to soaking up the liquid I guess, because it’s about the size it would be when hard. We’ve taken it out of the jar and played with it, tossed it around and such. Kinda fun. Weird seeing it laying on the table. Then it goes back to the jar for safe keeping.

  13. Stubby – your theory with higher shoot is right , thats my experience too! By my cock splitting i have only a complete cockstub of around 2 inches. When i milk with both hands and pull the halfcocks strong apart, than the shot goes much longer and higher than before, a good meter and more. The pressure is larger – i think too – because less resistance. Sometimes my wife is crying, if she is helping lovely during doing it, and the shot sprays through the whole bathroom!
    But tell about your girlfriend, who had so professionally removed the cock length and sewed so wonderfull! What an exciting view!!! Gratulations! She is a specialist!

  14. Cant elaborate J62
    WOW I love the look and the functionlality,,,,, I best be careful a penectomy seems on the cards.!!!

    Love it great look

  15. It is my fantasy to be under the care of a master race of alpha females who love me dearly, but have realized that my less savory habits have to be corrected. I am drugged, taken to the vet, and, under an aesthetic…………

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