21 thoughts on ““Steve’s Real Face Emerges”

  1. I wish I’d run into this guy on a bad day. His face would make the day good instantly 🙂

    Very nice how theres a lot of colors into it, without them clashing…eh…it looks in harmony because of the colors instead of despite…eh…screw this. It looks great 🙂

  2. Well I guess that answers the question: “How will all those tattoos and piercings look when you get old?”

    ( The answer is “Fucking awesome!”)

  3. In a way this reminds me of iam:MetalHeart’s tattoos (I’m not sure if he has a current page; it’s changed a couple times) which I also like a great deal.

  4. i like how it matches his shirt. (i dont think i can ever get color tattoos on my face because i dont think i can make a commitment to just one color scheme. just black for me!)

  5. I think this is the first non-tribal facial tattoo I’ve seen. It’s definitely the first colour non-tribal one.

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