The grossest picture I’ll ever post?

This horrific ear cheese build up is from a customer of James Wisiewski at Body Electric in Hollywood, CA that really needs to pay a little more attention to cleanliness. Seriously, this is the most vomit-inducing picture I think I’ve posted. So gross.

EDIT/UPDATE: Highly recommended see also: Nasty, nasty clients

231 thoughts on “The grossest picture I’ll ever post?

  1. Really, ew… That’s Insane! The person who wore this really should consult someone about Hygiene… Damn!..

  2. that is, without a doubt the grossest picture you’ve ever posted… as in, i completly lost my appetite and have an urge the go clean my plugs until they sparkle, but excellent job on grossing everyone out ^-^

  3. shannon… when i first started reading bme and eventually modblog a few months back, pictures with blood in them and pierced dicks used to REALLY creep me out… but not i can look at any picture or video you post without feeling remotley squeemish… untill today that is!! you have restored my faith in bme’s ability to shock me!

    HAHAHAHAHA, i really need to get an IAM set-up, but i have no credit card 🙁

  4. I literally dry heaved. As in like, my stomach made that urky flipping noise and everything.
    Just thinking about it again made me flap my hands.

  5. Um… What the hell?! How can you not notice that crap?! I think of everything on MobBlog, this freaks me out the most. I guess I just have hygeine issues.

  6. eeeeeeeww!

    i actually stoped eating…that is so gross

    i can imagine the smell…. i meen how the hell did people stay next to thsi guy ;/


  7. I refuse to believe that someone can be that vile and disgusting. His poor ears!! 🙁

  8. eeewh I was just cleaning and oiling my plugs as I saw that!

    How could they not notice the smell,and the leakage….it must have been dripping down their neck!

  9. You know how right before you puke, your eyes and mouth water…yeah, I’m there right now. That is fucking gross.

  10. everybody within a 10 meter radius must have been saying “what is that stink?!” he/she must have been one of “those guys” who wont even take their plugs out without having a piercer there to help them.

  11. I dont get it. I didnt move the slightest bit. It did nothing for me. Whats everyone so iffy about?

  12. 40 / Von Bourbon – I’ll hazard a guess at 3/4″, assuming the length is around the 15mm mark. From that, I’m thinking there’s about as much ear cheese on that as you’d get porridge sticking if you dipped the tip of your thumb in a bowl of it. I really really hope someone reads this as they’re eating porridge now 🙂

    I can only imagine they put this in as stretching jewellery – in a fresh stretch it could be a bit of a bitch to get out with those flares, and fresh stretches seem to gunk up more.

    Whatever, it’s all hypothetical, I just want to know how long it took!!

  13. I think that just regular shower wouldhave clean a good part of that. So I hope it was a homeless earplug.

    And I noticed it was easier for me to see a guy cutting his ball off with an axe than seeing something like that… I can almost smell it! GROSS!

  14. I can’t the grimace off my face..
    that is truly the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.
    I need to go vomit now.

  15. I wonder if James STILL has the smell floating around his shop?

    I remember a time I had a girl come in with pretty excessive ear cheese, nothing as bad as what’s shown though…But the smell she omitted from her ears, I nearly passed out.

    I don’t know how he managed to deal with this type of client AND take a picture of the jewelry…


  16. Um. Whoa. I can imagine not being totally religious about cleaning, but ye gods, what in the hell is that?

  17. The piercer who removed this must have been wearing an entire jar of Vaporub under his nose to be able to stomach this… (seriously, this better be a Halloween prank!) My faith in the human race took a major blow when I saw this. …I really question the sanity of the people around this guy though!

  18. I just threw up. I’ve been feeling sick all morning, but this put me over the edge. I clean my plugs several times a day. I thought mine smelled funny. But I would die if I had to be near someone with plugs like these. Seriously disgusting.

  19. I can watch people cutting their nuts off and eating them with salsa, but this is TERRIBLE.

  20. dude.. i never even got a smidget of ear cheese on any plugs.. so that just makes me want to vomit.. i mean youd think when they take it out some of it would slide off or that you would see it while the plug was in lol

  21. i think i’m in that category of people who have the urge to know just what this smells like.

    one of those smells that are so horrid that you have to keep smelling them, I’d imagine.

    regardless, its pretty freakin gross.

  22. Let me guess: the preson with this jewelery had an infection or alergic reaction of some sort?
    Then it ain’t *that* strange for the jewelery to get that nasty pretty fast. But if wearer didn’t have any of the above, well than he just need a shower I guess.

  23. i really wish i hadnt seen that. ive just eaten.
    i thought my tunnels were bad after a couple of days. there is only one word for that RANK!!

  24. That’s possibly the first and only picture thats been posted on ModBlog that’s completely grossed me out *shudders*

  25. sucks to say.. but being a piercer, you see WAY WORSE than this… next time it happens i’ll take a picture….

  26. I was okay until I heard a commercial for crackers and cheese, and then started imagining someone chowing down on that. . .

  27. I work landscaping and clean my plugs every other or every three days.

    The dust makes my ears weep sometimes, and I thought it gets pretty gross. I don’t think I have ever seen them that bad.

  28. Good Lord!

    Now, I’ve gone a day or two without taking my plugs out to clean them… and even that smell grosses me out… but can you imagine what this must be like!?

    Really, Im going to hop in the shower right now.. ughh.

  29. Oh god! *gags* That is just awful. How the hell can anyone let that happen? :S I clean my plugs everyday…oh gawd I think I’m gonna dry heave again!

  30. Dear me. I thought I had bad ear cheese, but at least I clean my tunnels everyday. That’s just beyond disgusting. How can anyone let their ears get that bad?

  31. hahahahahahahahaha. I’m not gonna lie, I just wash my ears when they start smelling, and more than one I have wiped the cheese off and put it on my co-workers if they fart or wipe boogers on me (we are VERY professional), but it’s never gotten that bad. I don’t see how it could, like, physically where did it all go…and that’s probably just the tip of the iceburg of what was really there.

  32. Wow, I once went up about 5mm in a week on my left lobe [yeah too quick I know, I didn’t know any better] because it wasn’t causing any pain…until a few days later and my lobe swelled up twice the size. Didn’t take the tunnel out for about a week and that was NOTHING compared to THIS!

    I get paranoid about my lobes and clean my tunnels in the shower every night. My ears feel all icky if I don’t, and how that guy could let his ears get like that is far beyond me :/

  33. I actually threw up in my mouth.
    Then I read the comments.
    And some of them made me throw up in my mouth again.
    Grilled cheese?
    Seriously guys.

  34. wooooooowwww

    c’mon! some of that would have to wash away in the shower! ughhh that’s horrific!

    i bet the smell knocked them out!

  35. seriously… imagine being that person’s romantic partner and going for what you thought was an innocent bit of ear-nibbling, maybe a little “click your vertical labret on the tunnels” fun…

    and then licked THAT.

  36. how long do you think that took for the amount of build up thats there.
    that is so gross.
    i really wish i could smell it.
    man. if that were an experiment i wouldnt be able to do it..that person definatly smelt it when they slept..or showerd….mannnn

  37. i was just leaving the house to visit my boy and i thought id take a quick glance at modblog…..

    huge mistake!

  38. this actually didn’t really affect me. after cleaning wounds that go down to the bone dripping with pus and cleaning shit (literally) up all day at the hospital, it takes alot to get me.

  39. i know with my ears,after only a few days(2-3 days that is) they start to itch and stink even with my plugs so how do you not notice that?! or did who notice and just not care?

  40. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I had hte pleasure of upsizing a pa in a similar state of neglect, over a year after i peierced it. It had not been cleaned from the day it was pierced. like the ear cheese, GROSS

  41. ewww.. I had a similar client who hadn’t removed his tunnel for a year and a half. I drowned in Technicare, gave him a tissue and made him clean it himself. I also got him to do the same with his ear before I went anywhere near it!!

  42. I had to come back and see this picture again. This is so gross I had to feed my eyes with this. Although I wasn’t half grossed out as many here, it’s still horribly delicious to look at. TMI forum worthy 😀

  43. oh god, that is just sick
    i was gonna use some cheese for my salad but i dont think i will for next few days.


    Although it doesn’t sicken me, I’m just curious. At 20mm, I wash my lobes and jeweleryevery morning in the shower.

    Sometimes (if it’s been a particularly sweaty-bollocks day…), I’ll have a TINY amount of dried sweat/skin on my eyelets…Even then, it comes right off.


  45. add me to the “I just ate and now I want to throw up” club. That is just disgusting. I’ll take the hatchet to the nuts video anyday over this! I can’t imagine the smell…how can you let your plugs get that nasty? GROSS! And to make it worse, I had mozzerella! MELTED CHEESE! EW!

  46. that would have smelt really really bad , now could that person leave it to get so bad !

  47. Jesus sweet christ!!! what sick fucker let thier ear get that fucking nasty I mean even showering would help clear a little of the cheese off but that shit is caked on…I totally agree with some of the other comments…I can now stomach seeing people split open to the fatty tissue and guys sounding foot long screwdrivers but this shit is just fucked

  48. Right. So right. I almost gagged. I thought seeing a customer’s plaque-riddled barbell was gross, this truly takes the cake. Though…this really puts me out of the mood for any cake. :p

  49. It’s disgusting… only because I don’t know why the hell you wouldn’t notice that much of funk… Seriously, this person must have been comatose for this to happen.

  50. Wow…I just started stretching my ears again and am dreaming of nice big pretty plugs. This is my nightmare. I think this inspires another “The Customer Is Always…” series.

  51. I just plain don’t understand how that amount of build-up can happen. I mean, showering/bathing would do it. Did this person never TOUCH his/her plugs. The smallest amount of tugging or turning would’ve sent gobs of this viscous goo falling shoulder-ward. I’m amazed that most of the substance was still on the jewelry after it was removed. I can’t imagine how much was left in the person’s ear. It really speaks volumes about some people’s hygeine.

  52. I wonder why so many posters assumed this customer to be a guy. Not one assumed it to be a girl.

    I don’t think it was clarified anywhere.

    Hmmm… if you really want to be grossed out, go watch some “scat” movies from Germany! There are few things more revolting than watching people crap in each others’ mouths…

  53. Oh no! That smell would have been so gross. If that was removed in a shop and I walked into the lobby… vomit! My friend likes the smell of the skin and oil that builds up around his higher gauged peircings… I can’t stand the smell and usually clean mine once every day-or-so. BUT THIS IS SICK!?! u_u;

  54. Wow, I have a very strong stomach, nothing here or on the main bme site has ever made me gag, I helped gut a deer carcass last week and that didn’t make me gag, I have pet goats and chickens and they don’t smell too sweet, however this managed to make me gag. Good job Shannon.

  55. i kind of really wish i could have been there to see the guy or girl with these ears….

  56. According to Wizzer’s site, they were replaced with some 1/2″ plugs, so unless they stretched up that day, they are 1/2″

    and once again. ew.

  57. Hell yeah….that is freakin’ nasty…I just wonder how long it took o build that much stink…and how it is possible not to feel your lobe itching and stinking….

  58. What the hell… you must’ve been able smell him from a mile. I can just imagine the noise when he took it out…. ‘shcloop!”

  59. Okay, aside from being really disgusting, wasn’t that uncomfortable? I know if I get the slightest bit of cheese on my plugs, my ears start to itch. A few times in the summer they’ve gotten a bit nasty and it made my ears HURT. Funk like that can actually cause your flesh to rot… how did they manage to let it get that bad? Ugh.

  60. Oh my God. This is actually so weird because just today I was wondering “How cheesey can a plug get if you stop washing it?” Apparently very. Man, that’s so weird.

  61. *yacks in a bag and gives it to whom so ever has such a cheesy cheesy piece of body jewellery*

  62. Just a bit more info, the jewelry pictured is 1/2“ diameter and a good majority of the cheese that was there, remained on the lobe. So this is just a sample for ya.
    I pretended like I was cleaning up the jewelry and took a quick couple of photos.
    Any yes, I did gag, and even swished my mouth with Tech2000 before putting on my facemask to remove them.

  63. If that particular client was able to let his/her lobes get that dirty, how is it that he/she even knew to do something about it? I mean, how did that person know there was a problem? They’re obviously not concerned enough with the cleanliness of their piercings let alone taking initiative and cleaning them.

  64. I can’t seem to stop coming back to this picture.
    It haunts my dreams.
    All that funk, I am revulsed by it, and yet I can’t look away…

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the woman that this came from was probably sportin’ some gnarly hippy dreads to boot. It just seems to make more sense that way.

  65. how the fuck is that even possible
    doesnt that shit itch man?
    i mean if i dont clean mine like every few days it drives me insane!!

  66. That. Is. Gross.
    That makes me wonder if I should clean my ears MORE than five times a week.

  67. Jeez.

    A) This person should switch to organics… at least they wouldn’t be quite as bad then… I mean, if they insist on not cleaning their plugs.

    B) I really want to smell it. Bad.

    C) What are you guys doing eating AND looking at modblog? I mean… it’s modblog.

  68. that’s seriously not that bad. it’s gross enough, but it’s not as bad as some of the things i’ve seen on the old website, or more frequently here :]

  69. OK, this example is really bad, but it didn’t make me want to gag or anything.

    The real scary thing is that I actually quite like the smell as they are gunking up a little….. Obviously I’m a ‘special’ sort of person! 🙂

  70. …so incredibly, indescribably foul

    …yet I can’t look away.

    …and I kinda wanna smell it.

    [PS:-don’t EVEN! I’d bet dollars-to-donuts that 90% of YOU ALL do as well!]

  71. Holy….that is gnarley in the worst way.
    In a way I wonder how that guy/girl must have stunk..
    But I’m glad I don’t know.
    Nachos and Cheese to enjoy with a movie
    Is now officially history until I can stop gagging!


  72. I bet you can smell it from the second you enter the room. How long must that of been in? Bleugh.

  73. They should scrape that off onto some bread and hold bets to see how much people would pay to see someone eat it.

    obviously the person who did would have to have no sense of smell/taste…


  74. When I saw this I had whis weird thought run through my head…

    That thought was… What would it be like to lick that?

  75. That is just unbelievably nasty! When my ears were stretched, I cleaned my plugs once, sometimes twice per day because I couldn’t stand having any buildup!

  76. omg i just vomitted in my mouth. ewwwwwww. take your fucking plugs out once in a while…or shower. ewwwwwwwww. i can smell his ears from here

  77. I’ve never smelled ear cheese, and that’s just a photo, so meh. Doesn’t really do much to me. I don’t know if that makes me a freak after reading the comments. I seem to be one of the rare exceptions 😛 And I’m not a hunter nor do I work in a hospital cleaning wounds and shit. I get why they’d be a little less sick at this haha.

  78. SILICONE PLUGS WILL DO THAT TO YA FUCKAZ!!! haha whoeva the fuck did that shit is fuckin retarded u dont stretch with silicone haha

  79. haha I puked and it went up my nose cause I laughed…. agh… it really burns actually

  80. How can you let your guages get that bad? do you like not wash yourself. thts jus rediculous.

  81. This is NASTY. I have read about the smell of ear smeg. So one day when I popped out my plugs to clean them I decided to take a sniff. It was vile. So I can only imagine how much worse these smelled. I don’t clean my ears daily, but damn! How the hell can anyone let their ears get that smegy.

  82. christ on a cracker. i can’t go two days without cleaning my ears and plugs, simply because everytime i turn my head i get a faint whiff of cheese and i wretch. how could something get to this point?!

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